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Breast Reduction Los Angeles

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This procedure produces smaller breasts for the patient by removing fat and glandular tissue from the breast while tightening skin allowing for a healthier proportion to the rest of the body. Women with large breasts who suffer from neck or shoulder pain, breathing problems, poor posture and / or who are unhappy with their appearance would benefit from this procedure. Breast reduction can help patients regain confidence and enjoy a renewed self-image by creating a body contour they are proud of. During your pre-operative consultation, Dr. Barrett will meet with you to discuss your specific goals and desires , as well as to inform you of the details of your chosen procedure.

Candidates for Surgery

Women with medical problems, low self-esteem, physical or social discomfort due to the size of their breasts are ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery. During this procedure women may not be pregnant or breastfeeding. For optimal satisfaction with their surgery, it is important for patients to understand the details and risks associated with this procedure, and to have realistic expectations as to expected results of their surgery.


Results of the breast reduction procedure are noticeable immediately after surgery and will continue to improve as swelling and bruising subside. Swelling, soreness and bruising for several days is common after breast reduction surgery. Scars will fade with time and can usually be concealed by a bra, bathing suit or low-cut top. Physical activity should be limited for one to two weeks. Exercise and other strenuous activity should be avoided for at least four weeks. Dr. Barrett will give you specific instructions on how to best care for yourself during the recovery period.

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