Published on September 16th, 2019

mommy makeover patient

mommy makeover patientIn a world of growing body positivity, it’s amazing to see women of all shapes and sizes flaunting what they’ve got: baring less-than-flat tummies, showing off stretch marks and giving no *bleep*s about the lack of a thigh gap. These women seem to exude natural confidence and self-love in a way that inspires and empowers so many others to feel proud of their bodies, regardless of what beauty standards may be en vogue.

On the other hand, not all of us are wired this way. Sometimes that little voice in your head that pops up when you look in the mirror — you know, the one that says, “Should you really be wearing that after having children?” — refuses to go away, no matter how many #mommypositive posts you read. And as a strong, independent woman, this little voice is infuriating. Your head says you’re a beautiful, sexy goddess, but your heart wishes you could get rid of that excess belly skin, fix your diastasis recti and get your perky breasts back. You know plastic surgery is an option — but in your efforts to defeat this pesky self-doubt and own your post-baby body, you might come up with a million excuses to avoid it. It’s unnecessary. It could be risky. It’s selfish to want to spend that time and money on yourself, especially now that you have a family.

At Barrett Plastic Surgery, we have met with hundreds of women who have felt this way about their body and their desire to have a mommy makeover. We are not here to tell you that you need cosmetic surgery to be happy or healthy, but we are here to tell you that it’s okay to want plastic surgery to feel more confident and comfortable after pregnancy.

We’ll say it one more time for the people in the back: IT’S OKAY TO WANT PLASTIC SURGERY.

It’s not selfish to want to look in the mirror and love what you see. It’s also not selfish to want to correct pregnancy-related concerns like diastasis recti or excess skin, which can limit your lifestyle and exercise habits. Taking care of your own health, wellness and happiness helps you to be at your best as an individual, as a woman and as a mother. And, if plastic surgery is the right way for you to prioritize yourself, we are here to support you. We want you to feel empowered to choose plastic surgery if you want it, without feeling selfish, embarrassed or worried about your decision. This post covers a few of the top things we want you and every woman considering plastic surgery to know, so you can leave behind the stigmas and stereotypes to make the choice you want for yourself.

Your Body, Your Rules

Mothers in particular are often caught in a place where they see media messages about feminine beauty, experience social pressure to be strong and confident and feel a parental responsibility to set their own wants aside for their family. It’s easy to get discouraged, confused or frustrated at this crossroads, and even easier to feel bad about yourself when you can’t fit into all of these molds at once.

But a key part of body positivity is agency. In other words, when it’s your body and your reflection in the mirror, you’re allowed to choose what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. You don’t have to look like a swimsuit model to be beautiful, but you can also decide for yourself if you would prefer to have a flatter stomach or fuller breasts. Do what makes you feel confident — whether that’s wearing your favorite wrap dress for the third time in a week or pursuing cosmetic surgery. And don’t be afraid to practice self-love by putting yourself first: parents are people, too, and deserve to spend time and energy on themselves.

Diet and Exercise Don’t Always Cut It

So many celebrities and social media personalities seem to shed their baby bumps in a matter of weeks, somehow maintaining a pre-pregnancy figure with no scarring or stretching in sight. They tout workout regimens and slimming detoxes, sending a message that with a little hard work, anyone can get the post-baby body they want. https://gph.is/1KXu8kJ For many mothers, though, it’s not as easy as hitting the gym a little harder. Often, unwanted changes in women’s bodies after pregnancy are caused by more complex issues than extra body fat. Stretched or separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) may be resulting in that stomach pooch that refuses to budge, while loose skin on the stomach or breasts causes sagging and drooping. These issues will not respond to diet and exercise efforts, which is frustrating and discouraging and causes many women to simply give up on achieving a body that makes them feel good.

Mommy makeovers include procedures specifically designed to address such concerns: a breast lift or augmentation to remove stretched skin and restore breast volume, or a tummy tuck to treat diastasis recti and loose skin around the navel. Plastic surgery is not cheating or taking the easy way out — it may be the best or only way to restore your body and help you feel motivated to stay healthy and confident.

Plastic Surgery Doesn’t Make You “Fake”

“Plastic” can bring to mind artificiality, but it comes from a Greek word that originally described things which can be shaped or molded. Plastic surgery allows us to mold and shape each patient’s body so they can look and feel the way they want. It does not change your basic body type and does not need to drastically alter your appearance. It is meant to enhance the body that you already have and sculpt a natural physique that makes you feel more confident in your own skin. There is certainly nothing fake or artificial about feeling your best.

What’s more, plastic surgery has benefits that extend beyond the merely cosmetic. Feeling happy with your appearance has a positive impact on other areas of your life and on those around you. Confident people are more likely to lead healthy lifestyles and report higher happiness and sociability levels. Choosing a mommy makeover isn’t about vanity or selfishness; the way you feel about your appearance runs deeper than that, and you should never feel wrong for wanting to love yourself inside and out.

Women who have had children deserve to feel beautiful and confident, and sometimes the best or only way to get there is with surgery like a mommy makeover to address your concerns and shape your body the way you want. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Barrett and his team can answer your questions about mommy makeovers and help you learn more about what to expect, what procedures you will have, what the cost will be and how your results may appear. We are ready to welcome you without judgment or pressure — contact us at (310) 598-2648 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation at our offices in Beverly Hills, California.

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