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Areola & Nipple Reduction Surgery for A Better Breast Appearance

Do you have image insecurities from huge areolas or nipples that give you anxiety and cause you to be overly critical of your body? Full…

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How Can I Get Natural Looking Breast Enhancement?

Even if you’ve spent years longing for a fuller bust, the idea of having breast implants can be daunting. We’ve all seen it: that too-perky…

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Episode 17: I Trust Life: A Survivor Story

Join us this week as Dr. Barrett speaks with Alessandra, Director of Operations at Barrett Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. Alessandra shares her very personal…

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Episode 16: Urgent Care For Breasts: It’s a Thing! The Latest on Breast Cancer

Tune in this week as Dr. Barrett speaks with Dr. Janie Grumley M.D., a surgical breast oncologist who has expertise in treating patients with breast…

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What Are My Options After a Breast Explant (AKA Breast Implant Removal)?

Breast implants are one of the most spectacular and sought-after creations of modern cosmetic science. But, they’re also not designed to last forever. Whether you’ve…

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What Is the Ideal Age to Get A Breast Reduction?

The back pain is becoming unbearable, bra shopping is a living nightmare, and exercise means having to wear two bras minimum – you’re over it,…

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Episode 8: Is Breast Implant Illness Real?

Is Breast Implant Illness Real? Learn the Facts and Myths Regarding BIAI and BIA-ALCL You are listening to the Natural Plastic Surgeon Podcast. I’m Dr….

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60% of Men Suffer From Gynecomastia. Are You One of Them?

“Man boobs” is a more common condition than you think. Effective treatment options include Dr. Barrett’s scar-free male breast reduction surgery.

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The Patient’s Guide to Breast Augmentation

One of Dr. Barrett’s patients shares her comprehensive recovery tips, based on her breast augmentation journey.

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