Ring in the New Year with a New You

Published on December 6th, 2018

cosmetic treatment patient

cosmetic treatments patientGetting ready for the holidays is stressful, and with a much longer To Do list than usual, it’s all too easy to put yourself last. Prioritizing self-care is the only way to survive the traffic, the in-laws, the sweet temptations and the free-flowing libations. As you cross everyone else off your shopping list, consider gifting yourself with whatever cosmetic enhancements you’ve been dreaming about for the last six months. ‘Tis the season to take the plunge and just do it.

If weight fluctuations or pregnancy have altered your body significantly, it can be difficult to restore it to its original state—even once the pounds come off. Fortunately, body contouring can reverse the effects of weight gain and time. Dr. Barrett’s Tummy Tuck procedure produces the highest satisfaction rates because it is designed to get your body back, not to change who you are.

A woman’s breasts signify femininity, sexuality and beauty, so perhaps that’s what’s first on your wish list. When your breasts’ size and shape do not match or are too small, it can have a profound impact on your self-confidence. A Breast Augmentation can create fuller curves and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The procedure is life changing for women, and that’s why Dr. Barrett is so passionate about providing natural-looking results.

Arm Lifts are another popular choice. Loose, hanging skin can impact your morale when you look in the mirror. Surgical correction boasts dramatic, long-lasting results, restoring your satisfaction with your reflection. Dr. Barrett understands the importance of tailoring the procedure to each of his patients, ensuring they achieve a natural, beautiful outcome with minimal scarring.

Because the backside has become a point of focus recently, fuller curves are all the rage. If you don’t naturally have the shape you want, you can create it this holiday season with a Brazilian Butt Lift. The results are natural looking and long lasting, giving you the body you desire and a confidence boost at the same time.

Do you simply want a slimmer, more balanced look? Dr. Barrett has extensive experience performing Liposuction, which removes localized areas of fat from the body and achieves beautiful cosmetic results for his patients.

To sweeten the deal, we are offering a complimentary Microneedling with PRP Facial Procedure with any surgery booked between 12/1 and 1/1. Microneedling (sometimes referred to as a vampire facial) is designed to stimulate your skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen. It can be done on all skin types and can treat a variety of skin concerns such as scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation disorders and alopecia, as well as providing excellent facial rejuvenation in general.

So use your upcoming time off to come in for a procedure and be fully recovered in time to ring in the New Year. Call 310-598-2648 for a consultation and give yourself the gift you deserve this holiday season: the gift of feeling gorgeous.

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