Temporal Hollowing Correction

Temporal Hollowing Correction


The temples will eventually lose their youthful roundness and shape, creating “hollowed out” depressions between the cheek and brow. This “hollowing” consequence results from any number of factors, including time, age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain then loss, menopause, and gravity. To counteract these various symptoms, patients can seek temporal hollowing correction. The best course of treatment to minimize this skin pigmentation involves injecting dermal fillers into the affected areas or treatment via laser peeling. Injectable dermal fillers are one of Dr. Barrett’s most popular options because it is a minimally invasive procedure with limited pain. Using filler injections, such as the poly-l-lactic acid Sculptra, or the calcium hydroxyapatite Radiesse, can soften skin creases, revive shallow contours, and stimulate collagen growth in recessed scars to minimize their appearance.

Temporal Hollowing Correction


The most ideal candidates for a non-surgical temporal hollowing correction are those who suffer from:

  • Deep facial lines and wrinkles
  • Sunken temporal features
  • Acne scars and lesions
  • Loose and/or sagging facial skin
  • Not allergic to dermal fillers such as Sculptra or Radiesse (Note: you should not use fillers if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding or you have a history of severe allergies, particularly to numbing medications like Lidocaine)

Temporal Hollowing Correction

Results and Recovery

Many patients will find that this procedure is not nearly as painful as expected. Dr. Barrett takes numerous precautions to make your experience as painless as possible including numbing cream, ice packs, and numbing injection medicine. Most people claim that a shot in the arm hurts worse than nose injections performed by Dr. Barrett.

Post-surgery, the nose may become swollen temporarily, sometimes up to one week, with accompanying bruising. Swelling can often be confused for a bad result, so we recommend patients wait a week to let the swelling subside. In cases of excessive swelling, Juvederm can be dissolved within minutes with a dissolving agent.

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