Chin Implants

The chin is not a feature you necessarily think about, but when the chin is weak or underdeveloped, it can throw the entire proportion of the face off kilter. A weak chin may add prominence to the nose or forehead, or affect the definition of the whole jawline. Fortunately, there are ways to augment the chin to create a more attractive facial profile and balance your features beautifully.

Chin enhancement surgery, usually referred to as chin augmentation or genioplasty, is typically performed to sharpen facial features and create more defined contours around the neck and jowls. While it is a practical solution when performed alone, it can also be combined with other surgeries such as rhinoplasty, a facelift or neck shaping to enhance the proportions of the face further. Dr. Barrett has performed many chin implant surgeries and will listen to your aesthetic goals before recommending the best treatment plan for you.

What are Chin Implants?

A chin implant is a biocompatible device designed to simulate the shape and size of a well-proportioned chin. Most implants are silicone, although there are some other material options as well. Dr. Barrett prefers the soft, natural feel of the silicone implant for nearly all his patients, believing it gives them the most natural results. The implant is placed underneath the skin and soft tissue, on top of the lower jaw bone to ensure the stability of the device.

Chin implants typically offer long-lasting results. As long as you continue to like your new facial profile and you don’t experience any complications after surgery, there is no reason to remove the implants at any time. Different shape options are available, which allow him to tailor your procedure to your desired outcome and the proportions of the rest of your facial features.

Is a Chin Implant Right for You?

If you would like to correct your recessed or “weak” chin to achieve better facial symmetry, chin implants surgery can help you feel more confident in your appearance. Specifically, chin implant surgery can be ideal for patients who want to:

  • Increase their facial proportions by creating a more natural ration between their chin size and their other facial features
  • Augment a weak or recessed chin to strengthen the facial profile
  • Sharpen the neck or jawline for a more defined look
  • Minimize the full or “double” chin effect often caused by a small chin bone

Chin augmentation is highly effective for the right patient, but it is not appropriate for everyone. Dr. Barrett takes time at your initial consultation to understand your concerns, listen to your aesthetic goals and evaluate both your medical history and your current health condition to determine whether chin implant surgery is the right step for you.

The Right Surgeon for Your Surgery

Facial enhancement surgery of any kind should be approached with the knowledge that even a small change to a specific feature can have a profound impact on your appearance overall. It takes an intricate understanding of facial anatomy as well as an artistic eye to create the enhancements that will produce a superior outcome. With extensive experience in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Barrett is qualified to handle your chin augmentation procedure. More importantly, he will take all the time necessary to ensure you understand the potential benefits of your procedure and you head into your operation with the confidence that you have made the right choice.

Benefits of a Chin Implant

A chin implant offers numerous benefits to the right patient:

  • Enhance the facial profile by increasing the projection of the lower face
  • Camouflage early jowl formation for a more youthful appearance
  • Increase the width of the lower face by widening the chin
  • Lengthen the face by increasing the vertical chin height
  • Diminish the appearance of dimpling often caused by a loose chin
  • Create balance, symmetry and proportion to the entire face

Chin Implant Overview Dr. Barrett will perform your chin augmentation using general or local anesthesia. The choice may depend on your preference, as well as the extent of the correction you require. If you opt to have additional procedures at the same time as your chin enhancement, you may need to have general anesthesia, so you are comfortably asleep throughout the process.

Once the anesthesia is administered, Dr. Barrett creates a small incision either underneath the chin or inside the mouth. You can rest assured the no matter which location is chosen; the residual scarring will be nearly undetectable after your procedure. Using this opening, he will place a small silicone implant around your existing chin bone to augment its size and shape, creating a more naturally attractive jawline. He will meticulously stitch the incision closed using layering techniques that promote quick healing and place a bandage over the area. Most chin surgeries take an hour or less to complete, and you will go home shortly after your procedure. However, if you have an additional procedure, operating time could increase accordingly.

After Your Chin Implant Surgery

You may be a bit sore and swollen after your surgery for a few days. Dr. Barrett will prescribe pain medication, and you may also have antibiotics to take after surgery to prevent post-operative infection. Dr. Barrett will advise you to take about two weeks after chin surgery to rest and recover. He will see you for follow-up visits during this time to ensure your healing is progressing normally. While the general rule for patients is to resume regular activity within two weeks, Dr. Barrett will provide you with a personalized recovery plan as he monitors you after your surgery.

Definition and Balance

Chin enhancement surgery can be a highly effective way to produce balance and proportion on the entire face. Whether you have chin augmentation or combine this surgery with others, you can rest assured your new facial profile will be both satisfying and long-lasting. If you want to learn more about your options in chin enhancement or find out if this surgery is right for you, contact Barrett Plastic Surgery today at 310-598-2648.

The information about chin implants was reviewed by Dr. Daniel Barrett. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.

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