Male Chest Reduction

An increased or enlarged amount of breast tissue in men, known as male gynecomastia, is a widespread condition, affecting nearly 60% of males at some point in their lives. Fortunately, a male chest reduction can create a flat, masculine chest for an instant confidence boost.

Is Male Chest Reduction right for you ?

Male Procedures

Male gynecomastia typically appears during puberty as a result of hormonal imbalances, but can also be caused by some medications or diseases.

While gynecomastia does not typically indicate a severe medical issue, it is important to have an assessment by a physician to determine its cause and appropriate treatment.

When it becomes clear that diet and exercise are not creating your desired chest, male chest reduction may be an excellent solution. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will perform an exam and understand your goals to determine if this procedure is correct for you. 

Scarless Male Chest Reduction

As a plastic surgeon with a personal history of gynecomastia, Dr. Barrett has always been passionate about providing exceptional results for men with this condition. Throughout his career, he has developed a proprietary approach that dramatically reduces the visible scarring often associated with male breast reduction. Dr. Barrett’s scarless technique is the first of its kind and remains unparalleled among minimal-scar male breast reduction procedures.

His approach utilizes a revolutionary combination of liposuction and minimally invasive endoscopy to break down and remove fat and glandular tissue gently. The tools used for the liposuction and endoscopy portions of the procedure are similar in shape and size and are inserted into the chest area through the same tiny incision. Then, once the tissues are removed, Dr. Barrett uses a cautery coagulation technique that tightens the skin and underlying tissues for a smooth, flat result. The coagulation also causes the small incision to contract, close and heal without sutures, thereby eliminating visible scarring.

Scarless male breast reduction with Dr. Barrett provides an entirely natural-looking result as the chest area displays no visible signs of surgical alteration once healed. The small, carefully placed incision also improves recovery and reduces the chance of complications like infection, dehiscence, or suture separation.


Before surgery

A patient care concierge will guide you through the entire consultation process, which can be attended in person or virtually. During the consultation, your surgeon will learn about your goals, answer any questions, and perform an examination to create a personalized surgical plan. You will then be matched with a surgical coordinator who will walk you through each step of the preoperative process.

Stop smoking
Fill prescriptions
Stop medications & supplements that exacerbate bleeding
Plan time away from work, childcare & pet care for recovery.
Find a family member or friend to bring you home & assist you after surgery

During surgery

Two techniques may be used to perform a male chest reduction:

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Male Chest Reduction

Liposuction: When the breast enlargement is not severe, and the skin has retained much of its firmness and elasticity, liposuction may be sufficient in producing the desired results. Barrett Plastic Surgery uses the revolutionary S.A.F.E. liposuction technique for this purpose, which consists of three basic steps:

- Separating the fat cells from the other breast tissue for easier removal
- Aspirating or removing the fat cells from the body
- Leaving a thin layer of fat underneath the dermis (fat equalization) to create a smoother, more natural result

Surgical Chest Reduction: A small incision may be needed if liposuction does not remove all of the glandular tissue. Your surgeon will likely recommend traditional surgical breast reduction if more glandular tissue is combined with a significant amount of loose skin. This procedure excises excess skin and removes the extra glandular tissue to produce a smoother contour. While the surgery requires a longer recovery process than liposuction, the results can be dramatic and last a lifetime.

Barrett Plastic Surgery uses the revolutionary S.A.F.E liposuction technique, which stands for separation, aspiration, and fat equalization. The separation phase occurs when the vibrating cannula loosens and separates the fat cells from the rest of the tissue. Aspiration refers to the removal of fat cells from the body using suction incorporated into the cannula. The fat equalization phase requires the surgeon to leave a thin layer of fat just underneath the dermis to create a smoother contour and reduce the risk of dimpling on the skin's outer surface.

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Surgery duration

After surgery

Recovery will vary depending on the specifics of the procedure performed, as surgical chest reduction requires a longer recovery time than liposuction. Swelling and soreness are to be expected for the first few days following a chest reduction.

Your surgeon will provide specific instructions for optimal post-operative care, including an advanced scar management protocol after the initial healing period. Your surgical team is always available and will closely monitor your recovery in the weeks and months following surgery.

Initial Healing Period
Final Results
6 months
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