Cyst Removal

Cyst removal is a minimally invasive procedure that removes abnormal sacs called cysts and their contents. Although cysts are typically benign, they can cause significant pain or cosmetic concerns for many. 

What Are Cysts?

A cyst is an abnormal sac that appears on the body that can be filled with air, fluid, skin cells, pus, or bacteria. Most cysts are benign, but a health professional should check them since some are cancerous. They can appear anywhere on the body and vary dramatically in size. Barrett Plastic Surgery frequently sees patients with skin cysts or pockets that have developed due to clogged pores or hair follicles. 

Barrett Plastic Surgery treats a variety of cysts, including: 

Skin Cyst: Cysts that have developed due to clogged pores or hair follicles

Epidermoid Cyst: Cysts that consist of a buildup of keratin underneath the skin's surface. The cysts can appear on various body areas, including the face, neck, head, or back. If the cyst becomes infected, it can become red and painful.

Sebaceous Cyst: Cysts filled with sebaceous fluid, an oily substance responsible for keeping the skin lubricated. Sebaceous cysts occur inside a pore or hair follicle on the back, face, and scalp. They can grow quite large, causing pain and pressure.

Ganglion Cyst: These fluid-filled sacs frequently appear around joints of the hand, wrist, feet, or ankle. Some ganglion cysts can be attributed to injury or overuse, but in many cases, the cause is not known. Although harmless, these cysts can become large enough to be disfiguring and even interfere with function in some cases.


Before the surgery

You will be matched with a concierge who will guide you through your entire consultation process. You will attend a consultation with your surgeon in person or virtually, who will learn your goals, answer any questions, and perform an examination to create your surgical plan.

Preoperative preparation may include
Stop smoking
Fill prescriptions
Stop taking medications and supplements that exacerbate bleeding
Plan time away from work, childcare, and pet care for recovery.
Find a family member or friend to bring you home and assist you after surgery.

During the surgery

One small incision will be made to remove the cyst sac and its contents. A sample will be sent to the lab for further assessment if necessary. Once the cyst is completely removed, the incision will be sutured using a layering technique that minimizes tension and scarring. 

Surgery duration
30 minutes - 1 hour

After the surgery

This minimally invasive procedure requires minor recovery. Your surgeon will provide detailed postoperative instructions and scar management protocol. Results are permanent, as lipomas rarely return when entirely removed.

None - 1 day
Healing Time
1-2 weeks
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