Arm Lift

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that eliminates loose and excess skin from the upper arms, reshaping them for a contoured, youthful arm shape. Whether from age, genetics, or weight fluctuation, this procedure effectively reverses the appearance of sagging arms or “bat wings” to create a sculpted contour.

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Pre and Post Operative Instructions

An arm lift is an excellent option for removing excess skin and fat from the upper arm area. It is helpful to achieve a stable weight before undergoing this procedure, as weight gain or loss can alter its results. Liposuction may be performed during the procedure if fatty tissue is also present.

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will provide a comprehensive exam and discuss your goals to understand if this procedure is correct for you.


Before surgery

A patient care concierge will guide you through the entire consultation process, which can be attended in person or virtually. During the consultation, your surgeon will learn about your goals, answer any questions, and perform an examination to create a personalized surgical plan. You will then be matched with a surgical coordinator who will walk you through each step of the preoperative process.

Stop smoking
Fill prescriptions
Stop medications & supplements that exacerbate bleeding
Plan time away from work, childcare & pet care for recovery
Find a family member or friend to bring you home & assist you after surgery

During surgery

Arm lift procedure options will vary depending on your specific needs and goals. Typical procedure options include:

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Arm Lift

Traditional Arm Lift: An incision is made underneath the arm from the armpit to the elbow. Loose skin and excess tissue are removed to create a naturally smooth contour. To minimize tension and scarring, the incision is closed with a meticulous five-layer suturing technique.

Mini Arm Lift: This technique is restricted to patients who have minimal skin to be removed. A small incision is made underneath the arm to remove loose skin and excess tissue

.Liposuction and Radiofrequency Skin Tightening: Liposuction is a less invasive surgical procedure that removes stubborn fat deposits from the underside of the upper arm that has not been reduced through exercise efforts. Liposuction eliminates fat cells in the area using a narrow tube called a cannula and gentle suction action. Liposuction can be used alone or simultaneously with the procedures above to optimize your final look. It can also be used with radiofrequency skin-tightening devices such as Venus Legacy to help tighten the skin after the fat is removed.

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Surgery duration
2 hours

After surgery

Patients typically experience soreness, swelling, and bruising following an arm lift. After the initial healing period, compression garments will be provided to encourage healing and healthy blood flow in the area. Rest and recovery are crucial to healing, and most patients return to work within about two weeks.

Your surgeon will provide specific instructions for optimal post-operative care, including an advanced scar management protocol after the initial healing period. Your surgical team is always available and will closely monitor your recovery in the weeks and months following surgery.

Immediate Recovery Period
2 weeks
Final Results
6 months