Massive Weight Loss Surgery

Massive Weight Loss Surgery


Weight loss is no small achievement, particularly when the amount of weight dropped is substantial. Many individuals who have recently reached their target number on the scale are unable to enjoy their physical accomplishments because they are burdened with the physical discomfort and unsightly appearance of sagging skin. Fortunately, you don’t have to accept those loose folds and extra dermal weight as an unavoidable side effect of weight loss. Surgery can be used to remove that excess skin and create the smoother, more contoured appearance you hope to achieve.

From Dr. Barrett

“Massive weight loss patients are incredible individuals who have accomplished substantial weight loss goals. Many times such weight loss was achieved with gastric bypass or diet and exercise alone. Regardless of the weight loss method, the surgery to correct the excess skin poses significant problems. Nutritional deficiencies need to be addressed, as well as the unique and complex nature of safely removing the skin with minimal scarring. The largest weight loss we have encountered was a woman who lost over 600 lbs. We teamed up with another plastic surgeon to safely remove all of her excess skin in a nine-hour procedure that was televised on the TV show “The Doctors.” These are some of our most challenging yet rewarding surgeries.”

Dr. Barrett offers customized weight loss surgical solutions for his patients. During the pre-operative consultation, Dr. Barrett will take the time to learn about your precise needs and desires for your body contouring journey. The time taken ensures you enjoy a completely customized treatment with your specific concerns in mind.

What is Massive Weight Loss Surgery?

A massive weight loss procedure is a combination of specialized surgeries tailored towards your individual needs. Different body areas can be addressed in a single operation, including the lower body, midsection and breasts. The advantage is that you achieve dramatic changes to your body with a single session under anesthesia and one recovery process. Most extensive procedures take about six to seven hours to complete and typically involve a collection of extensive procedures. Dr. Barrett recommends scheduling your consultation as soon as possible so we can get an accurate idea where you would like to see improvement and the surgical plan that will meet those needs best.

Is Massive Weight Loss Surgery Right for You?

You may be an ideal candidate for massive weight loss surgery if you suffer from any combination of these symptoms:

  • Abnormally large breasts or breast that droop significantly
  • Poor self-esteem or dissatisfaction with one’s physical appearance
  • Obese with loose skin and high fat deposits
  • Considerable elasticity or looseness of chest skin despite diet and exercise efforts
  • Difficulty fitting into clothing due to excess folds of skin
  • Skin irritation due to fretting from folds of skin

Who Should Perform Your Massive Weight Loss Surgery? Massive weight loss surgery usually involves a combination of extensive surgical procedures, which means significant time under anesthesia, many incisions and an extended recovery process in some cases. To ensure a safe and successful surgery, it is critical that you select a plastic surgeon with ample experience in body contouring procedures. At the same time, it can be anxiety-provoking to undergo this type of surgery, and you want a surgeon that will provide sufficient time to answer all your questions, so you are comfortable moving forward. Dr. Barrett is known both for his expertise in even complex plastic surgery procedures and the time and attention he gives each patient. Rest assured that if you chose Dr. Barrett for your surgery, you will receive the highest level of care and the best possible outcome.

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Men and women that decide to undergo massive weight loss surgery may enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Excess skin is eradicated to create a smoother, more attractive body contour
  • No more skin irritation from loose skin rubbing against clothing or other skin
  • A more comfortable fit to clothing without excess skin to add bulk to the body
  • Removal of stubborn pockets of fat to create a sculpted look to the body
  • A higher level of satisfaction with your weight loss efforts
  • Increased self-confidence in your appearance Easier to exercise

While massive weight loss surgery offers dramatic results to the right patient, it is not the best choice for everyone. Dr. Barrett will listen to your concerns, take a full medical history and perform an examination to determine whether this procedure will be safe for you and give you the results you want. He will also tailor the surgery to your precise needs, so you get just the amount of correction you desire – no more, no less.

Options in Weight Loss Surgery

Numerous procedures might be included in your massive weight loss surgery:

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Dr. Barrett performs different techniques when he performs tummy tucks on men and women to ensure personalized results. The standard tummy tuck involves tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin around the problem area, including the belly button region. There are also mini tuck procedures that target smaller areas of skin if you do not require as much correction.

The tummy tuck incision is placed low on the abdomen, so it is hidden under clothing, underwear and swimsuits after surgery. Dr. Barrett removes excess skin through this incision, as well as necessary tissue and fat to create an enhanced appearance. Incisions are closed using a layered technique that minimizes tension on the area and leads to better wound healing in most cases.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Dr. Barrett offers a unique procedure called a mastopexy, more commonly known as a “breast lift,” for patients. The goal of a lift is to re-volumize the breast with either a natural implant or fat grafting, followed by nipple repositioning and reshaping when necessary. If your breasts are disproportionately large, the reduction can also be performed at the same time as the lift. Reduction involves removing excess tissue and creating a smaller more balanced breast shape.

Dr. Barrett is one of the few breast reduction specialists that uses a vertical incision (lollipop pattern) breast reduction technique instead of an anchor scar pattern, even for more extensive lifts. Use of this technique reduces visible scarring after the surgery. Mastopexy that requires less lift may be performed with a donut incision, which encircles the areola. All incisions are closed using five precise layers to reduce tension on the incision. Dr. Barrett avoids reactive sutures, which can cause inflammation and eventual scarring.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Brachioplasty procedures can help reshape the upper arm for a more cosmetically pleasing appearance. This procedure is particularly beneficial if you have loose or excess skin that hangs from the upper arm and resembles a bat wing. Weight loss does not improve the contour of the upper arm in this case and can even exacerbate the sagging appearance.

Dr. Barrett performs surgery to reduce pockets of fat in the upper arm and tighten supportive tissue to create better muscle definition. Excess skin is removed to produce a smoother upper arm contour. To ensure a flawless appearance, he places your incisions in the inner arm towards the back to minimize post-surgical pain and scarring.

Buttock Lift (Gluteal Augmentation)

A Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL or gluteal augmentation, is meant to define and reposition the thigh and buttock areas to enhance their size and shape. Dr. Barrett achieves a signature-smooth cosmetic effect by repositioning the fat higher up the buttocks and tightening loose or excess skin around the thighs. The backside is brought into proportion with the rest of the body, and you have new curves to flaunt in your favorite jeans. A Brazilian butt lift is a two-step procedure that begins with the removal of stubborn fat from another area of the body via liposuction. The first step allows you to sculpt another area like the abdomen where deposits of fat remain while boosting the backside for a shapelier profile. Both steps are performed in a single procedure in most cases.


Dr. Barrett can achieve a slimmer, more balanced physique by adding liposuction to your massive weight loss surgery. This popular procedure removes excess skin and fat from various areas of the body.

Dr. Barrett uses special liposuction techniques that lead to beautiful cosmetic results with less pain involved. Removed fat can be used in other areas of the body like the breasts or buttocks if you choose. Dr. Barrett uses the tumescent technique for his liposuction procedures, which involves the injection of local anesthesia and fluid into the treatment area to expand and firm the fat for easier removal. He will make several small incisions along the target area to insert a small cannula that loosens the fat cells and suctions them out of the body. This minimally-invasive approach eliminates the need for stitches in most cases and leaves almost no visible scarring behind.

Weight Loss Surgery Overview

Massive weight loss surgery is performed under general anesthesia due to the extensive nature of the operation. A team approach is used often in cases of extreme weight loss. Dr. Barrett will take care to ensure incisions used for the various areas of correction will be in inconspicuous locations where visible scarring will be minimal. He will also use suturing techniques that increase your odds for healthy wound healing and less noticeable scarring. The procedure usually takes a few hours to complete, and you may go home the same day or spend a night or two in the hospital depending on the details of your surgery and your general health status.

After Your Weight Loss Surgery

Side effects after massive weight loss surgery vary, depending on the individual patient and the procedures performed. Common post-operative symptoms include tenderness, temporary numbness, swelling caused by inflammations and possible bruising around the chest region. Dr. Barrett sees all his patients weekly after surgery to monitor their recovery and answer any concerns that arise.

During the first two appointments, Dr. Barrett will remove stitches and place tape over the incisions. Once the taping period is over, you will be prescribed a patented silicone scar gel to apply twice daily for three months to support the healing process and minimize visible scarring. Dr. Barrett will provide you with additional instructions on how to best care for yourself during your recovery process, based on your condition and surgery.

Dramatic Results that Last

Massive weight loss surgery offers substantial improvements in your appearance that will be long-lasting. With the ability to customize the procedure, you will receive the precise amount of correction necessary to achieve an optimal outcome. Its time to get your body back after all of your hard work! To learn more about this surgery, contact Barrett Plastic Surgery today at 310-598-2648.

The information about massive weight loss surgery was reviewed by Dr. Daniel Barrett. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.

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