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Rosalyn is a Patient Coordinator for Dr. Barrett. As such, she oversees patient care at every level. Serving as a liaison between patients and the doctor, her role is to answer all procedural and surgery-related questions in order to help patients have the best possible experience and overall results. Rosalyn recognizes that plastic surgery is a big decision and prides herself on assisting patients to understand the entire process better to better understand the entire process.

Rosalyn has been in customer service since 2005 and working with Dr. Barrett since 2013. She genuinely loves what she does for a living, and it is in part through her blood, sweat, and tears that Barrett Plastic Surgery is the practice it is today. She has attended the industry’s leading conferences to learn about implementing new, innovative strategies for the company. Her passion for customer care is the motivation behind her desire to become one of the industry’s leading consultants in plastic surgery.

Rosalyn welcomed a baby girl in May of 2018. She is thrilled to start a family and excited about her new role as a mom. She also loves to travel, play tennis, and live a healthy lifestyle. A fun fact about Rosalyn is that she is 6’1”—so if you ever need help changing a light bulb, she is your girl!

My favorite surgical procedure is hands down the Mommy Makeover. This procedure truly restores a woman’s body back what it once was prior to having children while creating curves that might not have been there previously. I love the overall confidence that it brings to women when they see the final results. The excitement that I see in our patients with this procedure is unlike any other.

My favorite skincare treatment is the CO2 fractionated laser. It’s one I often do. I struggled with acne for a long time when I was younger, and the CO2 laser helped completely resurface my skin and ice pick acne scars! I also love Botox. I’m not a fan of too much filler, so the laser is a great way to provide me with a youthful face without too much filling!


Rachel is a Patient Coordinator for Dr. Barrett. As a surgery specialist, she works with patients every step of the way—from the first phone call until surgery is completed. She prides herself on making sure every detail is communicated and has helped many patients travel thousands of miles for their Mommy Makeover procedures.

Rachel has a long background in customer service. In her time with Dr. Barrett, she has learned every detail of his procedures and his practice. Her enthusiasm for her work and sincere concern for each and every patient is what drives her to become an industry leader in patient care and consulting.

Although she grew up in many different cities, Rachel is a California girl. When she’s not at the office, you can find her in Venice with her boyfriend and puppy enjoying the sunshine. She also loves to laugh and explore all of LA’s fantastic restaurants.

My favorite surgical procedure is the Mommy Makeover. It truly is a head to toe transformation, and utterly life-changing.

My favorite skincare treatment is CO2 laser resurfacing. I love this non-surgical rejuvenation procedure that’s so effective at addressing severe signs of sun damage, aging, acne, and scars. The results are always incredible.


Samantha is one of our Front Desk Coordinators at Barrett Plastic Surgery. Originally from Las Vegas, Samantha has spent the last five years working in luxury Salons and Spas on the East Coast. Eager to get back to the sunshine, Samantha is excited to be in sunny Los Angeles where she can enjoy living an active lifestyle. She is the smiling face and happy voice that greets patients to our practice, and building relationships with our patients and watching their amazing transformations is what she loves most about her role. Outside of work, Samanatha loves playing the guitar and is very passionate about nutrition and strongly believes that what you put in your body has the greatest effect on how you look and feel. A fun fact about Samantha is that her favorite way to decompress after a long work week is finding a comedy show to attend!


Amanda is Dr. Barrett’s Director of Nursing for Ivy Surgical Center. She was not only involved in the conception and build-out of Ivy Surgical center, but she is also a mainstay in daily surgical procedures as a circulating nurse.

Amanda has been in the plastic surgery field since 2016 and has worked closely with Dr. Barrett since 2017. She has a Registered Nursing degree from Santa Monica College and will complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the summer of 2019. She is passionate about patient care and has incredible attention to detail, lending her a natural ability to interface with clients. She believes her authentic compassion contributes significantly to the overall positive experience Dr. Barrett’s patients enjoy.

Amanda loves animals and has a beloved dog. She enjoys hiking on the weekends and traveling—especially to Europe and Israel—two of her favorite destinations.

My favorite surgical procedure is breast reduction. This procedure transforms women’s lives. Not only do their breasts look amazing, but they also can wear the clothing that they want and have an active lifestyle that would have otherwise caused them discomfort and pain. Seeing how happy our breast reduction surgery patients are post-surgery always brightens my day and puts a smile on my face.

My favorite skincare product is the 10% Vitamin C Self-Activating serum from ZO Skin Health. This product has a smooth and easy to apply texture that I love. This product has brightened my skin and transformed my complexion.



Nadia is one of Barrett Plastic Surgery’s medical assistants. Here job is to work with patients in and out of the clinic and operating room to help them achieve all of their desired goals. Nadia attended University of California San Diego for undergrad. Having previously worked in pediatrics and dermatology Nadia’s passion for medicine and health keeps her excited and passionate about her work. She hopes to continue her medical career as a future PA. 

Her favorite part about working at BPS is witnessing the patient’s journey through consults, surgery, post-ops and final results. Being able to get to know the patients on a first name basis and watching their transformation through to the final post op day is by far one of her favorite takeaways from serving as one of Dr. Barrett’s Medical Assistants.


Emilia is a Nurse Injector for Dr. Barrett, known for her keen eye for esthetic details, delicate application, and delivering natural results!

Receiving her RN/BSN in 2016 from Washington State University, Emilia is passionate about helping patients unleash their full potential and feel confident in their own skin. Emilia’s favorite surgical procedure is a breast augmentation— she loves seeing the final transformation and joy that it brings patients who can finally feel confident and happy in their own body. 

When not helping patients enhance their beauty, Emilia can be found running, traveling for leisure, trying out new restaurants, and hanging out with her kids. She met her husband on a trip to Los Angeles during nursing school, which eventually led her to Beverly Hills, CA.


Kelley is a Medical Aesthetician and ZO Skincare expert for Dr. Barrett. With ten years of esthetic experience, Kelley brings a wealth of knowledge to addressing patients skincare concerns such as acne, pigmentation, acute skin damage, and aging. Additionally, she performs all of the non-invasive procedures at the practice including Microneedling, Dermablading, Venus skin tightening, and medical-grade facials and peels.

Having been a skincare enthusiast since the age of six, Kelley loves helping patients feel confident and beautiful in their skin! She is passionate about quality product ingredients and skincare that gives results, and is a raving fan of the ZO Skincare line! She loves educating patients on products and treatment regimens that will help to repair and maintain a healthy skin barrier because she feels everyone deserves to have glowing, radiant skin!

Originally from Texas, Kelley moved to Los Angeles at a young age with her family, and enjoys spending her free time outdoors and at the beach, soaking in the sunshine!

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