The Kylie Effect – Tips for Getting Your Lips done!

Published on June 20th, 2016

Lip augmentation in my practice has increased dramatically over the past year. This is in part due to celebrity coverage of Kylie Jenner pictured below who only recently and reluctantly admitted to getting filler for her lips. Celebrity plastic surgery has become mainstream according to the article today in the Huffington post. Overall, this is a good thing as plastic surgery is a great way to look refreshed if done right. Lets look at Kylie Jenner.

She looks great! But lets take a step back and look at what she looked like before her lip augmentation and then after.

Although she is using lip liner strategically, she clearly has more volume in her lips. Perhaps too much?

Well, this depends on the individual. Personally, I recommend to my patients to stay within the natural limits our bodies provide for us to keep things looking natural. Yes we can make lips bigger, but I prefer to do so 1cc or 1 syringe at a time to allow your lips to naturally expand. In plastic surgery, we routinely use tissue expanders to slowly expand skin to perform reconstructive procedures for burn patients or children with large birth marks.

If we expand too much or too fast, we can run into complications.

Tips for lip augmentation:

1. Go slow and be conservative – Do not do more than 1 syringe at a time.

2. Meet with a qualified physician who has a lot of experience.

3. Do you research and think about the look you are trying to achieve. Bring photos to your doctor.

4. Do not drink alcohol or take blood thinning medications such as aspirin before your lip injection.

5. Do not exercise 24 hours after your lip injection.

For more information, see www.naturallookinglips.com

-Dr. Daniel Barrett

Carly Ledbetter – Huffington Post

Celebrity plastic surgery has been a source of fascination for decades, and speculation over who might have gone under the knife has practically become a national pastime. “Have they or haven’t they?” items are staples in celebrity weeklies, complete with side-by-side photos of stars “then and now.”

While some celebs try their best to hide the work they’ve had done, or deflect with cliche excuses (“I had a deviated septum, OK?”), others — like the Kardashians — freely admit to fillers and even try out new procedures in front of the cameras.

Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow of E!’s “Botched” recently sat down with with The Huffington Post and dropped some serious truth bombs, including the one procedure every female star in Hollywood is having, the procedures celebs won’t admit to having, and the stars who are driving plastic surgery’s biggest trends.

It’s very likely that a celebrity has had some sort of cosmetic procedure.
While noting that there are plenty of stars who denounce plastic surgery and fillers, Dr. Dubrow told The Huffington Post that if a celebrity looks “preserved,” they’ve most likely had some form of cosmetic work done. “But who knows?” he admitted.

There was a time when every celebrity had practically the same face.
There was period about seven or eight years ago, according to Dr. Dubrow, when the “hot thing” was to have fat injected into one’s face. The results of this procedure left most of Hollywood looking “altered,” and he added that because of this, people were “starting to look weird.” The “new face,” he said, resulted in a homogenous look among stars.

Now, the doctors say the trend for celebrities is just to look like a better, perhaps more youthful version of themselves instead of all looking alike.

A lot of celebs aren’t having surgery, but are still having work done.
While you might hear certain celebs claiming they’ve “never gone under the knife,” Dr. Nassif explained that a lot of celebrities are doing non-invasive treatments that don’t require surgery. CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is one of those procedures. It freezes the body’s fat and requires very little recovery time. The Kardashians did it this season on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Dubrow told HuffPost that almost everyone in Hollywood is “clearly” having fillers, like Restylane and Juvéderm, injected. Khloé Kardashianrecently admitted to getting fillers while talking to him on her short-lived talk show “Kocktails with Khloé.”

These days, there’s less shame associated with cosmetic surgery. It’s becoming more common for celebrities to be more open about the procedures they’ve had done.
In terms of actually admitting to certain surgeries, both doctors agree there’s an evolution of admitting to “acceptable” procedures.

“Celebrities will [admit to] breast implants now, but they wouldn’t for a while,” Dr. Dubrow said, citing rapper Iggy Azalea’s recent carefree admission to having breast augmentation as an example. “Liposuction was verboten to admit to. Now, they will say, ‘I had a little something sucked out.’”

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 10: Iggy Azalea performs on ABC’s “Good Morning America” at Rumsey Playfield, Central Park on June 10, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

There are still some procedures and surgeries that no one will admit to undergoing.
According to Dr. Dubrow, butt augmentation is still considered too taboo for celebrities to cop to having. Attitudes toward plastic surgery are constantly changing. Similar to liposuction now, he said we’ll likely see evolution of butt augmentation becoming “acceptable” in about four years.

Almost “every single” female celebrity, “by and large,” has given her nose “a tweak.” Seriously, everyone.
“At the end of the day I think female celebrities, by and large, all mostly have had their noses done,” Dr. Dubrow told HuffPost, while Dr. Nassif nodded in agreement. “Even the ones who had cute little noses, they had a tweak. Almost every single one, including the major young one right now. I’m not gonna say names, but [they] clearly had it done.”

Kylie Jenner and her lips are setting the course for plastic surgery trends right now.
A few months before the reality star turned 18, she finally ended the speculation and admitted she had lip injections (And once she was finally was old enough to vote, Jenner got down to specifics with the New York Times, revealing that she uses Juvéderm and goes to Dr. Ourian in Beverly Hills). Now, the beauty maven can’t stop talking about it and has caused more than a few copycats.

“The biggest thing now is young girls in their early 20s and their late teens are getting lip fillers everywhere,” Nassif said, while also adding that more and more women are getting fillers in their face.

Young girls copying Jenner has led to a “disturbing” plastic surgery trend.
Before Jenner announced she’d added fillers to her beauty routine, Dr. Dubrow said the American Society of Plastic Surgery never approved doing fillers in someone so young. But after the 18-year-old’s announcement, the procedure saw a serious uptick in popularity and suddenly became less taboo — a trend the doctor described as “disturbing.”

“The American Society of Plastic Surgery is going ‘Oh, it’s OK now,” because it means dollars in our pockets,” Dr. Dubrow said. “I just think that’s uncool.”

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