#22: Hiding Plastic Surgery From Your Spouse?

This week we have Ciara and Scott Shedlock who have traveled all the way from Ridgecrest CA. to Beverly Hills to seek out Dr. Barrett and staff. Ciara’s dedicated spouse Scott, had searched the planet for the perfect plastic surgeon. Hear about their journey in connecting with Dr. Barrett and about their deal: she gets body work and he gets a motorcycle.

On this episode of The Natural Plastic Surgeon…

Scott Shedlock: I think you are probably the best plastic surgeon in probably the entire world.

Ciara Shedlock: Sure. Yes.

Dr. Barrett: Wow. Wow. Thank you. That's incredible compliment.

Scott Shedlock: Absolutely no one else that we would have went with.

You are listening to The Natural Plastic Surgeon Podcast. I'm Dr. Daniel Barrett, Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon located right here in Beverly Hills. I specialize in cosmetic surgery of the face, nose, breast and body. This podcast is dedicated to those deciding if plastic surgery is right for them and revealing all the latest beauty secrets. Let’s get started.


Dr. Barrett: Everyone, it’s Dr. Barrett. We're here at The Natural Plastic Surgeon Podcast and I've got two exciting guests for you guys today. I've got Scott and I've got Ciara. Ciara just had surgery.

Ciara Shedlock: Yes.

Dr. Barrett: One week ago.

Ciara Shedlock: Yep.

Dr. Barrett: And you look fantastic for the amount of work that we did.

Ciara Shedlock: Thanks.

Dr. Barrett: So, it’s, I, I don't even know where to start with the podcast because it's, it’s going to be, it's going to be chock full of information about the procedure that you had. And why don't you tell...go ahead and, and well, before that, let's, let's, let's dive in a little bit. So you're one week out. We're going to dive into your surgery in just a second. You and your husband are here with us today. And you guys came all the way from Ridgecrest, which is 183 miles away.

Ciara Shedlock: Yes.

Dr. Barrett: Okay. And, Scott, you're the one that found me. Right?

Scott Shedlock: Yes.

Dr. Barrett: Okay. And you guys have, you’ve been married for four years. You have three children. Two girls, and a two-year-old son. And great, beautiful family. I met your children just outside there and who, was it, who was it that did the, the somersault out there?

Ciara Shedlock: The backflip?

Dr. Barrett: The backflip? Yeah, Ava.

Ciara Shedlock: Ava.

Dr. Barrett: Ava. I was, like, how often you get to see a backflip when you’re in your office. So that was pretty cool. Saw that. But Ciara, tell us, tell us what's, let's just dive in. What surgery did you have?


Ciara Shedlock: I had liposuction. Abdomen, hips, flanks and fat transfer to the breasts.

Dr. Barrett: Don't forget about your arms.

Ciara Shedlock: Oh, yeah, yeah. That was a big one too.

Dr. Barrett: ‘Cause those are already looking really good. We just did a, we just did a post-op check. Arms are starting to look pretty.good.

Ciara. They look smaller and they're still swollen.


Dr. Barrett: Which is rare. Normally, normally things start to look worse at week one. Because everything swells up. And I’ve got people that are, like, Dr. Barrett, are you sure you did liposuction? Because I got all this swelling. And I'm, like, yes, I did. And that's why I took pictures of the fat, which we can actually...we’ll, you know what we'll do, is we'll put this in the video. In the show notes. So that we'll do a clip of the fat that we took out for the operation.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, I didn’t see it.

Dr. Barrett: Oh, you didn’t see it?

Ciara Shedlock: No.

Dr. Barrett: Oh, we took off four and a half liters.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah. Wow.

Dr. Barrett: So imagine two, two liters.

Scott Shedlock: Right.

Dr. Barrett: And then a little half-liter, okay? So that's pretty tremendous. That’s a lot, like, our actual limit that we do for outpatient surgery center is about five liters. All right, so the breakdown for you, I don't know if you remember, but we did about 1500 off your abdomen. 1200 off of each side.

Ciara Shedlock: Yes.

Dr. Barrett: 325 off of each arm.

Ciara Shedlock: That's fantastic.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Ciara Shedlock: I, I recorded it. So...

Dr. Barrett: You did.

Ciara Shedlock: I watched it yest...It was exciting.

Dr. Barrett: Good. I would...no, all right, so...

Scott Shedlock: I did not watch it.

Dr. Barrett: You didn't watch it.

Scott Shedlock: I did not.

Dr. Barrett: So all right, tell me really quick. What, what was that like watching your own surgery? Because we did, you allowed us to do a little social media on that and a little bit of a live story. And we're actually putting together a beautiful video about your whole transformation. Tell us what was that like to look at that video of you getting the operation right here in this room?


Ciara Shedlock: I find it fascinating. I watch all of your videos. Because it's, it's amazing what you, what you can do. The only part that I found was a little rough was you injecting the breast.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Ciara Shedlock: That, that was a little rough. But other than that, I, I loved it.

Dr. Barrett: Well, you know, that's key. Because it, it's hard to get into that fibrous breast tissue. You know, the breast is, like, it's, you've got to, kind of, expand it a little way and get that blunt canula in, all, every little nook and cranny. Because we transferred 650 and, I think, 750.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: I've actually got your whole operative note right here. So yeah, we did, in you're right breast 750 and in your left breast 650, because you had a little bit of asymmetry. And when we looked in exam just now they actually look pretty even. I think that, that, that worked out really well.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, they do.

Dr. Barrett: And it's interesting the procedure that you got. But before we dive into that, I want to, kind of, back it up. And, and because we have Scott here, and I want to, like, it's interesting how you found me and I want to, I want you to share this story.


Scott Shedlock: Well, it all started. Well, she's been talking about getting this done for probably, I want to say two years now, probably since Sterling was born, maybe even before. But she wanted, she wanted to get, you know, larger breasts because of the two kids prior. You know, third, the third pregnancy they were they didn't get large. But after she stopped breastfeeding Sterling, they, they were gone.

Dr. Barrett: The factory closed down.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: Yes. So she was, she was pretty not happy with her body. Not happy with her breast size. And one day I was, like, you know, because I told her I wanted to get a motorcycle. And she said, when am I getting my boobs? And I said okay.

Ciara Shedlock: You get your motorcycle and I’ll get...

Dr. Barrett: Did you get a motorcycle?

Scott Shedlock: Not yet.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: January, January is the plan for that.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: But...

Dr. Barrett: Don't scare me.

Scott Shedlock: I started Googling and, you know, best plastic surgery and, and really you came up with maybe three or four other plastic surgeons in, in Beverly Hills. I started looking at each doctor and their reviews on Yelp. And you had the best reviews and you also had the most honest clients, I believe. After reading everyone's reviews, I...

Dr. Barrett: You read all those reviews? There's, like, 320 reviews.

Scott Shedlock: I, I didn't read every single one of them, but I read about 20 to 30 reviews.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: I saw a couple bad ones in there. But, you can't make everyone happy.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: But, I just texted her and I said, look at Dr. Barrett, I think he's perfect. And she's like, yes, perfect. Really? Are you serious? She didn't believe me when I first told her that she could do it. You know? I was, like, absolutely. You know, we, we can afford it now.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: You know, we did do the financing, which is, you know, worked out perfect. But as far as finding you, there wasn't anybody else in my mind that, that I thought would be perfect for her. So...


Dr. Barrett: So how'd it, what happened? So you're, like, sitting at home, you’re like, hey, honey, I got this idea? Or, or were you guys talking about getting the surgery done, and then you're, like, I'm gonna, you know what, I'm going to go, I'm going to go out there looking.

Ciara Shedlock: He, he just, he went after it.

Scott Shedlock: I started looking before I even talked to her about it.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: Okay. Yeah because I got this whole backstory that you know, you, you had, kind of, lost confidence in your body after the breastfeeding and after the children.

Ciara Shedlock: Well, and I lost 40 pounds.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Ciara Shedlock: And I was exercising with a personal trainer, and just not seeing the results I really wanted. And having Hashimoto’s, I originally wanted to get implants and then I saw another podcast of yours. And I thought, well, maybe not such a good idea. And I decided, yeah, let's, let’s go for the fat transfer.


Dr. Barrett: Yeah. So I mean, so keep in mind, I do do a lot of implant surgery.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, you do.

Dr. Barrett: And I probably do more fat grafting, though, than most plastic surgeons in this area. And I, I think it depends on what you're trying to do. And it depends on the person. I think the, the, you were the perfect candidate for fat...you know, where, you know, I do lots of implants. Someone who doesn't have, someone who has autoimmune disease, I get a little worried with using implants. And I, and I’m gonna heads up, we, we talked about that in that podcast we’ll, we’ll link to that in the show notes what episode that is. If you have a history of autoimmune issues, implants may not be a good choice, right? Because it could trigger some things. I, I have plenty of people implants work great for. But for you, it probably wasn't the best idea. So it's interesting how you, kind of, figured that out on your own.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, well, thanks to you.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah, and then the podcast. But, I mean, you couldn't have been a, a better candidate. You know, implants are great, because, you know, for example, this one I have in my hand is 350 cc's. 10 years from now, it's 350 cc's. It's a very, very defined volume. It's very predictable. Fat, on the other hand, is slightly unpredictable, right? It, it, you know, what we transferred, what you have right now, in, in three months? It's going to change, right? We're going to lose that. So we're going to keep our fingers crossed to get the best result.

Ciara Shedlock: Right.

Dr. Barrett: But you were a really good candidate. One, you had enough fat. That we could take to make, you know, you had enough spare parts to make it, to make it work. And then two, you had a history of breastfeeding with, with your breasts expanding and then relaxing back down. So what happens is is you, your breasts are like a sponge, right? And so they had the capacity to be much bigger, but they weren't at that time. So it's just like a factory that, kind of, closed its doors. It got all the machinery in there. It's ready, but the doors are closed. The, the workers are gone. So all we did, we brought the workers back, we opened the doors, factory’s open for business, right?

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: So that's how I look at it. And, and so if you get somebody who's completely flat-chested, never breastfed and never had children, it's like, it's like, you can't, you can't really expand the breast as much as you could. And those people, an implant is better, is a better way to go. But you were just a, kind of, the perfect setup.

Scott Shedlock: So is it almost more, like, you know, mothers would be a better candidate for fat transfer?

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. If they, if they have a history of breastfeeding and the breast growth and then, you know, the, the reduction. And that's always...it’s, I feel like it's God's, you know, sneaky plan to make you have more children, right? Because your breasts look great when you're breastfeeding, right? And you want to, kind of, keep that going. You know?

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Barrett: What, whatever you believe. But it's, it's so funny, but you know, we kind of, kind of cheated the system a little bit.

Ciara Shedlock: Yep, and I'm only six months out. I, I stopped nursing my son six months ago. So...

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Ciara Shedlock: Perfect timing.

Dr. Barrett: It is. Yeah, fantastic timing. Well, good. So, so what, what next, Scott? You were, like, you talked to her and you're, like, hey, I found this guy. He's got good Yelp reviews.


Scott Shedlock: Well, we, then we started looking at pictures of the before and after, which is really great. I, and I don't think she knew either, I didn't know that the fat transfer was something that was even possible. I honestly don't think a lot of people out there know that.

Ciara Shedlock: They don’t. I talked to a lot of people.

Scott Shedlock: ‘Cause it’s, you know, I told a couple of my buddies at work that, that this was getting done.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: And they’re, like, woah, they can do that? Wow, I didn't know they could do that. So...

Ciara Shedlock: If you’re the right candidate.

Scott Shedlock: That might be something that, that I, I was surprised that they, that technology and modern medicine can do that these days. But I don't know how long that procedure’s been even available. But if that wasn't available, we probably wouldn't, she, she probably wouldn’t have gotten this done.

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Scott Shedlock: So...because of the Hashimoto’s.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, he, he, he was adamant that like, no, absolutely not. I want you to have…

Dr. Barrett: No. Yeah, there's some implant, there's jus, I mean, even if, even if they, they went smoothly, and they look great. There's still some maintenance associated with it. You know, there's, there’s...

Scott Shedlock: Some people think there's not though.


Dr. Barrett: Oh, really? Well, there's some maintenance. I, I recommend you get ‘em swapped, if you do get ‘em, you swap ‘em out every 10 years.

Scott Shedlock: Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: You know, there, there is implant-associated risks. They could rupture. You could get capsular contracture. We do try to minimize all those things with, you know, but, at the end of the day, you got to do what's right for your body. You know?

Ciara Shedlock: Yep.

Dr. Barrett: And who doesn't like to get a little liposuction?

Ciara Shedlock: Right?

Dr. Barrett: You know? So, it’s like...oh, you know...

Ciara Shedlock: Well, it was funny, he actually, it was a fast track, like, all of a sudden, he's, like, yeah, I talked to their office and...and, okay, and then they're calling me and I'm, like, okay. Oh, this is happening!

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Ciara Shedlock: Great!

Scott Shedlock: Yeah, I think within. Within a day or two.

Ciara Shedlock: A matter of hours, like...

Scott Shedlock: I think it, within a day of, of confirming that yes, Dr. Barrett’s who we want to go with…

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: I had already applied...

Dr. Barrett: And you, you figured this, you figured this out before even making a phone call? Or you figured this out by calling us? Or when did you figure this out?

Scott Shedlock: No, it was after the phone call. We'll talked to Callie.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: And she was really helpful. And she explained how, you know, if you don't have the money, this is what you do, this will be fine.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: And after I explained to her I went straight onto CareCredit and applied.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: It was very simple.

Dr. Barrett: Awesome.

Scott Shedlock: Worked out really well. And here we are week later, after...

Ciara Shedlock: I had an appointment for the consultation that day.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Ciara Shedlock: I was like, okay.

Dr. Barrett: Wow.

Ciara Shedlock: He really wants a motorcycle.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. Oh that’s right. So now I get it. All right so...

Scott Shedlock: No ulterior motive.

Dr. Barrett: No, I know, I, I, I totally get your backstory. You, I mean, Scott, you've, you’ve really just, I mean, this is just amazing that you care so much, you know, about Ciara. And you, you did this because you want you want her to feel, you know, confident.

Scott Shedlock: Of course.


Dr. Barrett: Yeah. And, and this is why I love what I do, because I get to help with this process. You know, I get to help you in a safe way, get through this and be more confident about your body. And life's too short, in my opinion, to, you know, to not be happy with how you're looking, how you're feeling. And there's some things that you have to do on your end, but there's a lot I can do on my end too, to make that happen. So let's, let's dive into surgery day. All right, so no, actually consultation. Because we haven't talked about the consultation yet. You were there for the consultation, right?

Scott Shedlock: Well.

Ciara Shedlock: He was there.

Scott Shedlock: Well Ster, well Ster, well Sterling was with us. I went to the park, like, right down the street.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. Did you go to Roxbury Park? Yeah. Okay. That's where I take my kids. It's cool.

Scott Shedlock: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Barrett: Different, different age level playground.

Scott Shedlock: Yes. It was a cool park.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. It's great.

Scott Shedlock: But no, I didn't come for the consultation. I dropped her off. But for the surgery, I was here.

Dr. Barrett: Okay. Ciara, tell me about the consultation. What did you think when you came in? Were you, like, still skeptical at this point? Or were you, like, I'm gonna do this.


Ciara Shedlock: Mmm mmm. I was ready.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Ciara Shedlock: Oh, yes. I had done my homework. I'm, like, I follow, I follow you on Instagram. I look forward to your stories every morning. I'm like, ooh, what's he doing today?

Dr. Barrett: Yeah, so, so this was just a mere, kind of, hoop you got to jump through because you already know what you wanted.

Ciara Shedlock: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Dr. Barrett: That's, that's perfect.

Ciara Shedlock: I know exactly what I wanted. And I knew I wanted you to do it.

Dr. Barrett: That went pretty smooth. And then you, you chatted and you're, like, all right, let’s find a date and then let's come in and do it.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: All right.

Scott Shedlock: Yeah. And we were, we were almost not gonna to come to the surgery day because we had some problems at home with one of our dog. You know, Ava was sick.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: And we were worried about, you know, her. And we had a friend watching her.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: It, it did almost get canceled, but...

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: She pulled through. And Ciara was, like, no way, we're going.

Ciara Shedlock: Oh yeah, we’re going!

Scott Shedlock: But it ended up being fine.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: But yeah, we, we were two and a half hours out and, you know, driving down here for anybody that's traveling, I would recommend absolutely staying the night before in a hotel.


Dr. Barrett: Did you guys stay the night before?

Scott Shedlock: We did.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. Okay.

Scott Shedlock: Within, You know, 10 or 15 minutes of here. I would recommend that, especially if it's an early morning.

Dr. Barrett: Hotels are a dime a dozen around here. You can...

Scott Shedlock: Yeah. And they're, they're actually not, they're actually reasonably priced. I was surprised.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: But, yeah stay the night before for sure. I know that we wanted to talk about recovery, a little bit about recovery that...

Dr. Barrett: Because we're, guys, we're, we’re only one week out.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: We are one week out. And you've got a smile on your face. And I beat you up so much.

Ciara Shedlock: You, you really did.

Dr. Barrett: I don't know how you’re doing it. You're,, you’re a strong woman.

Ciara Shedlock: I’m super black and blue.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: All, all three births. All three babies, all natural, no pain medicine. I don't know how she does it? She's...

Ciara Shedlock: Like your wife.

Scott Shedlock: The most, strongest woman I’ve ever met.

Dr. Barrett: It's, it's amazing.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah. This, this, it gave me a run for my money though.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Ciara Shedlock: First, I mean today I feel, like, the best.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: This is the best day...

Ciara Shedlock: Oh yeah.

Scott Shedlock:...since the surgery.

Dr. Barrett:. Okay. What, anything surprise you? What surprised you most?


Ciara Shedlock: After waking up in the morning.

Dr. Barrett: Next day?

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, physically, like, lifting my arms. Like, moving. I was, like, help.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. That's what...

Ciara Shedlock: I can’t move. Because, I've been, I've been laying all night, so...or on my recliner.

Scott Shedlock: Well, that's what I wanted to mention.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: We bought a wedge for her because I know she had to sleep on her back.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: I do not recommend the wedges and she probably won't either.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: I, I would suggest a full recliner.

Dr. Barrett: Okay, like a, like a chair that reclines.

Scott Shedlock: Yes, ‘cause...

Ciara Shedlock: And he went out and bought it for me.

Scott Shedlock: Yeah, I, I gave one to a buddy of mine and now I needed one. So I went to, went and got one for her the next day.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: And it was much better for her to sleep in. More comfortable.

Ciara Shedlock: And I mean, he tied a rope around it so I can just easily...

Dr. Barrett: Oh nice.

Ciara Shedlock: Oh yeah, he's...


Dr. Barrett: So I wanted to...Scott. So tell us a little bit yeah...so you're a veteran? Right, you were in the Marines. How long were you in the Marines for?

Scott Shedlock: Five years.

Dr. Barrett: Wow. Thank you for your service. Yeah, I have two half brothers that were in the Marines in then...it's a, it's an amazing branch. All, all armed services are amazing, but the Marines is just, it's hardcore.

Scott Shedlock: Yeah we’re the best.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. Okay. I wasn't gonna say that ‘cause I got, I got lots of army people I get everything else. But. But yeah, and so now, but you still, kind of, work in the military base, right?

Scott Shedlock: Yes.

Dr. Barrett: And you do...you work on airplanes.

Scott Shedlock: I do.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: That's what I did. I was considered a, for all the veterans out there, I'm sure they're listening. I was a winger. So wingers are aviation. And that's what I did in the Marine Corps and I still do that now.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: As a contractor for the government.

Dr. Barrett: Oh nice.

Scott Shedlock: So, you know, what I learned in the military, I did take and use in the civilian world. Which is really, really the best decision I've ever made in my life.

Dr. Barrett: Really?

Scott Shedlock: Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: Joining the military was?

Scott Shedlock: Yes, absolutely.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: Really straightened me out and...

Dr. Barrett: Where did you come from? Where did you grow up?

Scott Shedlock: I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona with, with her.

Dr. Barrett: And you guys, you guys met each other early on, right?

Scott Shedlock: Yeah, we...

Dr. Barrett: That’s a good story. I want to know how you guys met.

Scott Shedlock: Well it is, it is a funny story, because she says that we met when we were 10. In fifth grade, but I don't remember meeting her.

Dr. Barrett: Oh no, you say, yes, I remember. And I fell in love with you then and that was love at first sight.

Scott Shedlock: She, she showed me a picture. She took a picture of me.

Dr. Barrett: Really?

Ciara Shedlock: He didn’t believe me. Mm hmm.

Scott Shedlock: Yeah, she has it. She has the picture still.

Ciara Shedlock: I have, I have a picture of him. He didn't believe me when we reconnected years later.

Scott Shedlock: Yeah and then, you know, she's, like, and we, we, we have the same yearbook photo. So...

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, school picture.


Scott Shedlock: She's in it. I'm in it. She was there. I was there.

Ciara Shedlock: I told you!

Scott Shedlock: I don't remember. But several years later, I went out to eat down the street from my, my house. And it was Windy City Beef & Brew. That was the name of the place.

Dr. Barrett: Nice.

Scott Shedlock: And Ciara was there working. Way too young to be working there.

Ciara Shedlock: I was 14.

Dr. Barrett: Oh cool.

Scott Shedlock: And she was, she was one of our servers. And my, my dad's friend at the time, he has passed. But Andrew was from, from Nova Scotia. He was Canadian. Well, French Canadian, but he was, like, he's, like, I see you looking at that girl. And I’m, like, yeah, she's beautiful. He’s, like, go talk to her. I’m, like, no, I'm not gonna go talk to her. So I did go talk to her and I asked her for her number. But she, she, she recognized me. She knew who I was. I did not recognize her from three years ago. You know, a lot changes from 10 to 13 in a boy.

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Scott Shedlock: So I, I absolutely fell for her the first moment I saw her when I, in that restaurant. And I got her number and we talked. And we dated for, you know, 14-years-old dating, for a week, maybe? It was great. Bu, it, it, it, it was, it was interesting because I was absolutely in love with her at 14-years-old. And then some, some things happened. And she went her separate way and I went my separate way. And a lot, you know, a lot happened between 14 and, and now.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: But we ended up reconnecting about five years ago, five and a half years ago?

Dr.B. Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: And the way we reconnected was, was Facebook.

Dr. Barrett: Oh.

Scott Shedlock: We don't have Facebook anymore.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: But at the time, Facebook. My sister is actually the reason that I refound Ciara.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: She had mentioned, I was in Arizona, and she had mentioned, oh, hey, what was that girl, that girl that you liked when you were younger? And I was like, oh Ciara?

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. Your sister?

Scott Shedlock: My sister.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Ciara Shedlock: His sister, yeah.

Scott Shedlock: And I was like, yeah, Ciara, you know? Well where is she? I'm like, I have no idea. You know?

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: I had no idea. No, I didn't..knew nothing about her.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: And I did look for her on Facebook before and I couldn't find her. Because she didn't have one.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: She told me later.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.


Scott Shedlock: Anyway, so I found her on Facebook. I sent her a message. And she was in a relationship. So I backed off and...

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: Just said hi and, you know. Some things went down with that. And within, I'd say what, three to six months? After that, she was driving out to California to live with me.

Dr. Barrett: Now, where...were you in Scotts...? Where were you?

Scott Shedlock: She was in Arizona.

Ciara Shedlock: I was Arizona.

Scott Shedlock: I was living in Ridgecrest.

Dr. Barrett: Okay, got it. All right, so you came out to…?

Scott Shedlock: Visit my family.

Dr. Barrett: Nice. Wow.

Ciara Shedlock: Big, big leap of faith.

Dr. Barrett: That's amazing. It's like, it's like, it’s like somebody was trying to tell you it was meant to happen from the very beginning. They're just like, ding, ding, ding...

Scott Shedlock: Well, yeah. And I've been attracted to her since she was 13 and I’m not, nothing's changed there. It's unbelievable really.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: That's absolutely...

Ciara Shedlock: Now he gets a whole new wife.

Dr. Barrett: I know. I know. And you get a motorcycle. That's great.

Ciara Shedlock: And, right? I’m like, eh.

Dr. Barrett: I guess I got sidetracked. We went down a rabbit hole. But that was, that was beautiful. But, you know, using your handy skills you fashioned her a recliner that worked for...maybe you should market this. Like a, like a post-surgical recliner, you know, for, for people that have had this procedure that has that extra-long handle and, you know? I think you've got an idea here.

Scott Shedlock: Yeah, it's a, it's absolutely necessary with liposuction and fat transfer.

Ciara Shedlock: Oh yeah.

Scott Shedlock: There's no doubt. A bed, a bed isn't going to work.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Ciara Shedlock: Especially as short as I am. Trying to climb up.

Dr. Barrett: Okay, that's right. Yeah, ‘cause you even had tough time getting on my chairs. And I feel bad about it.

Ciara Shedlock: Yes, I had to climb in your chairs. I’m like, I’m a kid, I gotta climb on your counter...

Dr. Barrett: Yeah, that's why we had those steps, so that, you know, we'll do a better job on that. I was actually looking at shorter chairs, but they just, it's hard.

Ciara Shedlock: It's okay.

Dr. Barrett: Because they, you got to get it...

Ciara Shedlock: Not everybody is this short.

Dr. Barrett: Right. Well, all right so what else did you do in recovery that you could maybe share to people that would be beneficial...to, that is thinking about doing this surgery...to prepare for...


Scott Shedlock: She, she has these, what, the pre-mixed electrolytes? Little...what was that?

Ciara Shedlock: Oh yeah, I don't know. I, I, I've been drinking a lot of electrolytes.

Dr. Barrett: That's, that's huge by the way. With this amount of volume liposuction...I remember I told you guys make sure you drink lots of fluids, lots of fluids.

Ciara Shedlock: Yes, I have been. Lots. Of fluids.

Dr. Barrett: Yes. Huge. Because your body gets dehydrated after this kind of operation and you don't realize that you're dehydrated. And so because of the chemo, or not, I'm sorry not chemo, the anesthesia delays your, your sensation of thirst. It delays your sensation of being dehydrated. So you got to stay on top of it. Otherwise you get dehydrated, you get nauseous, and you can't keep anything down, and then you get hospitalized and you get IVs. So...

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: Well definitely the, the mixed, the premixed little...I can't, what do they call it?

Ciara Shedlock: Drip drop? I don’t know.

Scott Shedlock: Drip drop. It, it, it's basically a, a electrolyte in powdered form. You just mix it with water. She was drinking a ton of that. That's really good. Obviously water. Switching Tylenol to Ibuprofen for pain.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Ciara Shedlock: I was really bad about that. I would be feeling fine with just Ibuprofen. I would take one first thing in the morning, and then I would go all day. And then I, I’d forget to take my...

Scott Shedlock: I told her to set an alarm but she didn’t.

Dr. Barrett: Ibuprofen?

Ciara Shedlock: I didn’t...I'm not a big fan of the narcotics.

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Ciara Shedlock: So...

Dr. Barrett: They don't work well. I prescribe them, but I hate ‘em.

Ciara Shedlock: I, really?

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.


Ciara Shedlock: I found that the Ibuprofen works way better.

Dr. Barrett: It does because...

Ciara Shedlock: For, for my pain.

Dr. Barrett:...because it treats the inflammation.

Ciara Shedlock: Okay.

Dr. Barrett: The inflammation is what causes the pain, right? So you could mask the pain with the opioids, but you're not treating the root cause and that's why the Ibuprofen works better.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, yeah. I, I didn't take them for very long because it doesn't make me feel very good. And I did not want to be throwing up with all that going on. So yeah...

Scott Shedlock: Well also getting up and walking around was helpful for her.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: We did, she did a lot of walking around in the backyard and the house.

Ciara Shedlock: Just around the house.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: I tell you guys three times a day...

Ciara Shedlock: It hurts at first when you first get up. It's just, you're so stiff and you don't want to move but you feel so much better once you, you’re up and about.


Dr. Barrett: You have to. That, you, you gotta get the lymphatics, so the lymphatics are, are, a, are a highway in your body for nutrients to go to your muscles into your, into your tissues. And if you don't move around, it stays stagnant. So you can't heal unless you move around. That's why I tell pe...that's why I told you guys you gotta move around three times a day. At least three times a day.

Ciara Shedlock: Oh, I was up a lot.

Dr. Barrett: Good.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: I mean, that's probably why you're looking so great right now. It's because you...

Ciara Shedlock: Oh, good!

Dr. Barrett:...followed all that advice. Yeah. I get a lot of people that, that take Norcos. They lie in bed all day and they don't do anything. And they don't look anywhere close to how you're looking.

Ciara Shedlock: Okay.

Dr. Barrett: At week one.

Ciara Shedlock: ‘Cause I feel still pretty swollen. So...


Dr. Barrett: Yeah, you are. And that will get better. So I tell people in, in your stage, expect a lot of your swelling to go away by next week.

Ciara Shedlock: Okay.

Dr. Barrett: Okay. Six weeks, you're gonna feel amazing, gonna look amazing. But then final results are about three to six months down the road. Three months for your fat transfer result where you're gonna know what's gonna stay by three months.

Ciara Shedlock: Really?

Dr. Barrett: Yep. And then six months for the lipo to fully tighten up.

Ciara Shedlock: Okay.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah, so it's like a big, it's like a shrink wrap. You ever see a shrink wrap machine? You put a box in there, and you heat it up and it's, like, tightens up. That's what's about to happen for you probably starting...

Ciara Shedlock: Yes!

Dr. Barrett: Yes! Starting at week two, you're gonna see this, like, whoosh, you know? And you're going to see all of the work that we did. So..

Scott Shedlock: Well, she already looks, she already looks much better.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah. He’s like, he’s like, you look a lot skinnier already. I’m, like, I am so swollen and...

Dr. Barrett: Yeah, I know.

Scott Shedlock: It's, it's an amazing change that, it, hopefully will, you know...

Ciara Shedlock: It's already...

Scott Shedlock:...change her life forever.

Ciara Shedlock: It’s already...yeah. Boost of confidence.

Dr. Barrett: Already?

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.


Dr. Barrett: You're amazing. So a couple of things we did today. We did a little Botox for you. As a little bonus. But the red light, we did a light stem therapy for you too. So when you...

Ciara Shedlock: That was really relaxing.

Dr. Barrett: It was. Is, it was only 10 minutes. So I encourage you, because you have a lot of bruising, to get a little sunlight on some of those areas. It has some of the same infrared, deep infrared and UV light will help break down those bruise a little bit. Not, don't get it on any surgical incision, make sure those are covered with a tape. But when you come back for your next appointment, we'll do a little longer session that'll, kind of, really help some capillary ingrowth. And help with the swelling and edema that you have. So that's something that we do for all of our patients for, for lipo. At least, at least a good 10-minute session your first, first visit. And then another session if you liked it.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, yeah, that was, that was great. How long do you want me to be outside? In the sun?

Dr. Barrett: About 15 minutes. Probably all you need. So...it, it'll help boost your, your immunity. It helps all, all the bruising and all of the swelling so...

Ciara Shedlock: Yes, I welcome that.

Dr. Barrett: Good.

Ciara Shedlock: It's...it's pretty bruised.


Dr. Barrett: Yeah, I mean, I'm so thankful that you guys, I couldn't, I couldn't wait to share your story of the both, the couple of you. I know it's only been one week. We're definitely have to probably get you back on in, like, six months. To see, you know, how everything's going. What else, what do you want, I love this opportunity for you to, kind of, connect you to somebody that's thinking about getting this procedure done, thinking about visiting us, right? Because not everybody lives in Los Angeles. You guys live in Ridgecrest, which is where we had some earthquakes recently. Did you feel any of those, by the way?

Scott Shedlock: Well, we were actually in Arizona for the two big ones.

Dr. Barrett: Oh, yeah. Okay.

Scott Shedlock: But we just had a four yesterday.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Ciara Shedlock: We feel a little...

Dr. Barrett: Does it make you a little worried?

Ciara Shedlock: Yep. Mm hmm. Yep. Little bit.

Scott Shedlock: It does. It does. The kids were supposed to go, Ava was supposed to go to Death Valley today...

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock:...for a field trip.

Ciara Shedlock: Mama said no.

Scott Shedlock: But that's right where the epicenter was.

Dr. Barrett: Okay. Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: For the big one. So they came with us today.

Ciara Shedlock: Hard pass.

Dr. Barrett: Do you have a little earthquake kit at home in case, like, water and…?

Scott Shedlock: Oh yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: Okay, good.

Ciara Shedlock: Oh, he's Mr. Prepared.

Dr. Barrett: Nice.

Scott Shedlock: I have a full trailer ready to go.

Dr. Barrett: That's good.

Scott Shedlock: Just in case.

Dr. Barrett: That's awesome. Yeah, ‘cause I mean, you know, I tell everybody, you should have at least, like, a week worth of water or food. Because it's, like, if it, something happens and you lose...

Scott Shedlock: Well especially in a place like this where it’s so compact and everything is so close. The people...

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: We're, we’re, you know, we're out in the sticks.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah, the desert.

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Scott Shedlock: No, the earthquakes up there were pretty scary. We weren't used to that. I found out recently that, that Ridgecrest used to be called Earthquake Central. So, you know, that's not something they tell you when you move there and buy a home. I do have earthquake insurance, believe it or not...

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: Thankfully, we didn't have to use it. As far as going back to people traveling, or thinking about getting the surgery, you know, that's, that's more for, for her to speak on. But as far as helping or supporting her, or supporting your spouse...

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: You know it, it...happy wife, happy life is a saying I like to say.

Dr. Barrett: Happy wife, happy life.

Scott Shedlock: Yes. So...

Dr. Barrett: I’m gonna remember that one.

Scott Shedlock: What makes her happy is gonna, you know, it, it does make everyone happy.

Dr. Barrett: Are you happy?

Ciara Shedlock: I am.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Ciara Shedlock: Even, even all swollen and bruised, I'm, I’m very happy. Soon you won’t even notice I'm mad.

Dr. Barrett: I know. Could be dangerous. She's, she's smiling but she's mad. She just cannot frown ‘cause she got the Botox.

Ciara Shedlock: I’ve still got a voice so.

Scott Shedlock: But I, if, if you're thinking about doing it, you know, just like what you said. Life is short.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: Absolutely just do what makes you happy. I mean, yeah, it's expensive. You know, everyone knows that though. It's, it’s not, you know, it's not cheap. And I think you are probably the best plastic surgeon in probably the entire world.

Dr. Barrett: Wow. Wow. Thank you.

Ciara Shedlock: Yes.

Dr. Barrett: That's incredible compliment.

Scott Shedlock: Absolutely no one else that we would have went with.

Dr. Barrett: Well, thank you.


Scott Shedlock: And your staff is absolutely great.

Dr. Barrett: I, you know, we bring on people that are all, we're all passionate. I think that's the difference that we have here. We actually care. We're really passionate about it. I get excited about you and your results, you know? And, and anybody that comes on here, it's not just a paycheck, you gotta, you know what, this has got to be your motivation. You’re gonna be, you gotta get stoked about our outcomes and how, these are people’s lives, we're dealing with, you know? We get to really transform people's lives and it's really incredible. So...

Ciara Shedlock: I’m very grateful.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah, no, that's fantastic. I’m so happy for you and so happy for you guys. I'm so glad you came here and picked me.

Scott Shedlock: I will admit, if, going back to recovery?

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: If we didn't have a toddler that we have to bring with us everywhere, I would recommend the, I forgot the name of it, but...

Dr. Barrett: Aftercare facility?

Scott Shedlock: Yes.

Dr. Barrett: Okay.

Scott Shedlock: Yeah, forgot the name of it.

Dr. Barrett: Serenity?

Scott Shedlock: Serenity, yeah.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah, that's a good one.

Scott Shedlock: If, if, if we didn't have Sterling? Uh!

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: I would, I would suggest that for several days.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. Just to chill out.

Scott Shedlock: We would have done that for sure. But our circumstances are a little different. We needed to get back...


Ciara Shedlock: Oh, I, I was so prepared though. That's, I'm, I’m Mrs. Overly Prepared.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah.

Scott Shedlock: Everything was sanitized.

Ciara Shedlock: Like my, I’m decorated for Christmas already.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah, I would love to just see your setup. That'd be cool.

Ciara Shedlock: Oh, it's a winter wonderland at my house. I was, like...

Dr. Barrett: Do have Christmas decorations already up?

Ciara Shedlock: Uh huh.

Scott Shedlock: The whole entire house is decorated.

Ciara Shedlock: Yes, I made sure of it. Because I knew I wouldn't, I wasn't gonna be able to.  

Dr. Barrett: Oh okay that's true. That’s true, that's true. Good point.

Ciara Shedlock: I was like I'm on it. I, my ladies clean my house.

Scott Shedlock: That’s just an excuse though. She said that if she didn’t have surgery she would have done it anyway.

Dr. Barrett: Fair enough.

Scott Shedlock: She loves Christmas. Who doesn’t though? They already have Christmas lights up in here!

Dr. Barrett: I know this is Beverly Hills. So they just, they want you to, to come and spend money and I know you guys bought your shirts here already.

Scott Shedlock: I bought, I bought my sweater.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah, I know.

Ciara Shedlock: They get to go shopping.

Dr. Barrett: Yes.


Dr. Barrett: Which is, can be more expensive than me. But I will tell you this. I tell people and, and maybe you appreciate this because you're in aviation. But there's two things you don't bargain shop for. It's parachutes and plastic surgery is what I tell people.

Ciara Shedlock: Absolutely.

Dr. Barrett: So we only get one body, you know? You can have a crappy car. You can have a crappy house. You can always sell it, trade it in, do something. But if, you know, if you mess up your body, you only get one shot, you know? And so you wanna, you wanna do things right.

Ciara Shedlock: And you want to trust the person that you’re going under the knife with.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. Absolutely. Well, thank you for trusting me, guys, and thanks for being on the podcast.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah.

Dr. Barrett: Anything else you want to put out there for the viewers or listeners, watchers?

Scott Shedlock: Do what makes you happy.

Dr. Barrett: Do what makes you happy.

Ciara Shedlock: Yeah. Absolutely.

Dr. Barrett: Wonderful. Well, thank you guys again for being on the show. Can't thank you enough. We're gonna definitely touch base again in six months and, and, and see how you doing and see what you think of the whole process at that point as well. So, okay, all right. Thanks, guys.

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Show Notes:

Ciara’s Fat Removal Stats:

  • Abdomen: 1500cc
  • Right Flank: 1200cc
  • Left Flank: 1200cc
  • Right Arm: 325cc
  • Left Arm: 325cc
  • Total: 4550cc