#3: Tools that Cut Deep

Isaac from Black and Black, the leading surgical tool production company, joins the Natural Plastic Surgeon Podcast to dive deep into the tool that make great plastic surgery possible.

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00:30 Are all surgical instruments the same?

Dr. Barrett:  So, the first booth that I am right now is Black and Black surgical. Apologies for background noises going on right now but we are in the middle of the exhibit hall and I have with me, Isaac. In sales and he is one of the people here with Black and Black. Isaac tells us how long you been with Black and Black Surgical.

Isaac Garcia: I've been with Black and Black since 2010. So I started… I am actually currently in the position of Territory Manager in the Southeast so glad to be here in Las Vegas for the cosmetic meeting.

Dr. Barrett:  This is a fantastic meeting and you guys are honestly… that's why I was here first because you guys are the busiest booth. These guys make the best surgical instruments that I've ever used. Honestly. And I am so OCD with the details for all of my surgeries. The instruments really, really matter. Tell us about your instruments and your company.

01:35 History of Black and Black surgical

Isaac Garcia: Yes, our history really goes back several decades actually. The owners of Black and Black surgical are the former owners of Snowden-Pencer. Some more of you experienced doctors that have been in practice for many, many years, definitely know the name of Snowden-Pencer. They made a benchmark in the instrument marketplace and so now the owners of Black and Black Surgical are continuing that innovation with instruments that really make a difference in the practice such as yourself and eventually the end-user the patient right. That is why we are all here. I think as you mentioned, the instruments are obviously a key factor in every practice. So, we really try to provide the best possible precision instruments at a fair price.

Dr. Barrett: That is incredible.

I mean… I've been… I've noticed when I first started, I started with Integra Miltex for my instruments. I just didn't know any better. And then at Cayman, I saw you guys at one of the shows and I was like…wow. I'm just looking at the forceps and the teeth on some of the Gold handled instruments were just so precise and I was like I got to try this out. And I notice a difference literally the first few surgeries I was doing. I was able to like.. and this is a really minor detail. But when it comes to scarring if you can get skin approximation with your suturing, incredibly, if you can get that accurately done with really precision instruments, it makes the difference to the patient.

Isaac Garcia: It really does.

03:10 Where Black and Black makes its surgical instruments

Dr. Barrett:  Tell us about what goes into manufacturing? I mean… I have heard about Snowden-Pencer,  that that's an incredible thing to carry that tradition. That means that's really great industrial knowledge to kind of carry forth the new product. Tell us about what makes the instruments different?

Isaac Garcia: Well, what really sets out instruments apart is not only… all of our instrumentation is made with German steel but they are handcrafted in Germany. And that really does make a difference. And as you mentioned, as you alluded to, when you pick up a pair of our facelift scissors, you know right away. It's very much… I won't… when I'm speaking to the doctors, especially new residents when they're looking for new scissors, new instrumentation as they are starting, once they get the feel of a scissor or forceps, they know the difference. And once you use or instrumentation I think that that's what really sets… the experience, the handling of each instrument really sets us apart from all the other instrumentation that is available.

Dr. Barrett: Once you go Black and Black you can’t go back. That is honestly how I feel

Isaac Garcia: Thank you. Because once I started using your instruments, I couldn't find anything that came close.

04:22 What Black and Black Customized for Dr. Barrett

Isaac Garcia: And that is what we like to hear. We really believe that is the experience and as I mentioned, all our instrumentation, our surgical instruments do come from Germany so they are handcrafted as they were with Snowden-Pencer. So, we really feel like, in order to provide the best possible products we don't cut any corners. And that is the fact that.. you know there is a lot of details that go into making an instrument, making a pair of scissors. But we've seen and I think many doctors such as yourself have experienced this to the point where once they try us, they don't want to compromise. Not only for themselves but also for the care of their patients.

Dr. Barrett: Absolutely. I mean it like, you get what you pay for. And not only your instruments are more precise when I am doing surgeries but they also last. I don't have to buy new instruments every year. And if I do have an issue, if I need to get something refurbished or whatever, I send it back to you guys and you guys take care of it and send it back which is really nice.

Isaac Garcia: I am really glad that you mentioned that. That is what we hope and we really aspire to. Not only do we provide quality products but also quality customer service. And as I mentioned, I am out in territory meeting doctors such as yourself and it is so comforting to know that the back end in our home office, which is located in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. that they will be cared for to the extent that not only are they happy with the instrumentation but any needs that may arise whether that's repairs whether that's just ordering. Everything is facilitated to make it easier for you, the end-user.

06:12 Advancements in surgical equipment

Dr. Barrett:  I actually had you guys customize some stuff or me, which was really awesome because there are certain things that I need a particular design for. And you guys have been really helpful with that.

Isaac Garcia: I appreciate hearing that. That is one thing, our president Bill Black is always open to hearing new ideas and so there's a lot of innovation. That's what I also believe really sets us apart. You know we are a company that really tries to address the needs of all our customers, all the doctor's bearing needs and as much as we are able to, we do lot to make innovation with and possibly a new modification on existing instrument that would open itself to maybe a new procedure that is currently being used.

07:06 Next trend in technological advancements in surgical equipment

Dr. Barrett:  Tell me about it. What is the latest thing that you guys are doing right now?

Isaac Garcia: Well, right now..one thing that kind of is different than our what we had… you know at Snowden-Pencerobviously are liposuction. There's been a lot of innovation in regards to fat grafting. We now do have a power-assisted lipo unit that allows for you to not only harvest the fat that you can also infiltrate the fat back into the patient for BBL, mommy makeover cases. So, right now we're really spearheading that and there's a lot of effort to bring quality cannulas that are needed, hose bearing needs in terms of liposuction. All our liposuction cannulas are made here in the US. And so, that I would say is probably what we have currently within the last year or two have really made big strides. And I think that's something that we try to highlight in each and every meeting and I think Black and Black is now being associated with the liposuction market and not just surgical instruments.

Dr. Barrett: It is the most common procedure in the US, liposuction. And now it’s like, why to throw that fat away, why don’t we use it for something. If you can design the whole system that takes that fat carefully and then gets you to put that back where you wanted, that is awesome.

Isaac Garcia: We do have a full line of liposuction equipment. We have an aspirator, infiltration pump which gives the doctor the ability to infiltrate the fat back into the patient. There are reasonable fat transfer canisters and then obviously a full line of cannulas for aspiration and for reinjection.

Dr.Barrett:  Incredible. I definitely need to check that out because the stuff I am using it’s all scattered. So, I am excited to check that out, Isak. Thank you so much for speaking with us today.

Isaac Garcia: You are most welcome

Dr. Barrett: I look forward to working with your guys.

Isaac Garcia: We appreciate it. Thank you very much

Dr. Barrett: Thanks Isaak

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