#35: Breast Implants and Social Media with the Gibson Sisters

Dr. Barrett talks with Natalie and Courtney, known as The Gibson Sisters, about all things breast augmentation: Natalie's experience through the procedure, Courtney's journey as she prepares for hers, and how getting breast implants lead to Natalie gaining 200k new followers.

Dr. Barrett (00:06):

We have a real life before and after here. It is the Gibson sisters and they're here to talk about breast augmentation. So we have Natalie, who's had her surgery here a year ago and we have her sister Courtney who's about to get this breast augmentation surgery. Let's dive in, you guys. Talk to us about... We know why you came here to do this and everything. Tell us the impact it's had on your body and your confidence and your life and then how do you feel about your baby sister going through with this?

Natalie Gibson (00:37):

So for me, I think a big thing was that I was so insecure about putting on bikinis. That was a big thing for me because I was always wearing pad of bras and doing everything to make it look like I had bigger breasts and so actually getting it done completely changed my life and the fact that it's not something I have to stress about all the time. It's not something that I think about all the time and just clothes fit so much better. Everything is just so easy. So I love it. For me, actually, I was the one, because I knew Courtney wanted to do it but it was more of an in theory type situation.

Natalie Gibson (01:09):

She's like, yeah, I want to get it done but and I was like, Court, you should actually do it and you should do it with my doctor because he's so good. He makes the process so easy. I think when I actually suggested it to her was when she was yeah, I'm for sure going to do it. I've been talking about this for so long. I'm actually going to do it. For me I waited so much longer than I really needed to and I wish I would've done it sooner because of how much more confident it made me.

Dr. Barrett (01:36):

Right. It's such a weird thing and you're not alone. I have a lot of my patients they say that, that the confidence boost is almost sometimes overnight, even though they're beat up from surgery and bruises and still swollen, it's just like something clicks and it's so weird how it just fitting into, going to a fitting room they come back, my patients come back in six weeks and they're, I'm so happy. I finally fit into clothes and my life is just so much easier. They always say exactly what you said, two things. I should have done it sooner and it was easier than I thought. There's a reason why it's a number one procedure, plastic surgery procedure in the United States. Natalie, what were some of your hesitancys when you were first... If you could think back to a year ago. I know it seems like forever ago but what were some of your hesitations?

Natalie Gibson (02:17):

I think a big thing for me is I've seen a lot of people get breast augmentations and a lot of them are not very good. So I've seen a lot of that type of work. So for me, I was really, really nervous and I took so much time to pick out the surgeon. I'm so grateful I went with you.

Dr. Barrett (02:32):

Thank you.

Natalie Gibson (02:32):

But that was something that I was really nervous about is, paying all this money and then not liking the result. So, that was my biggest... That was the thing I was most worried about. I wasn't too concerned about it being super painful or anything.

Dr. Barrett (02:46):

Yeah. So we met and you did your research, you stalked me beforehand, which is good. Then when it came to sizing and I remember this, you were really, you did so much research and you had so many photos about exactly what you wanted and I thought that was really important. How did you feel about your size right out after surgery and then how do you feel about it now, a year after your surgery?

Natalie Gibson (03:10):

Okay. So yeah, when we went in, when we had the consultation, we actually talked about going much smaller than we ended up going with. You went in there and I told you, I was hey, you do this all the time. You're the best at it. Whatever you think, you do.

Dr. Barrett (03:24):


Natalie Gibson (03:24):

I had a lot of photos of what I would like it to look like but I know you understand it way more than I do. So when I came out, it ended up being a lot more than I thought it was.

Dr. Barrett (03:33):


Natalie Gibson (03:34):

The first time I looked at them, I was-

Dr. Barrett (03:36):

Can we talk about your size?

Natalie Gibson (03:36):


Dr. Barrett (03:37):

Okay. So we did 370. So when we first did her measurements we thought we were probably going to be 300, 325 range and based on our photos and then we went to surgery, we did on table sizing and we're you know what, 375 just looks better and that's one of the key things I talk about for all my breast augmentations is like trying on shoes. It's like, sometimes you think you're size seven but you go and you try it out. It's no, it's actually, it's like this. So that's why I are on table sizing. Not every surgeon does that but you should do that. So that's what happened and then when you woke up, how did you feel?

Natalie Gibson (04:08):

Oh my gosh. Literally I know I had bruises all over. I actually kept one of the bruises for a little while but-

Dr. Barrett (04:14):

I know I saw it in your post. You were so... I love seeing that comments because I saw on your social media, you're like I'm going to rock the bruise. It's all good, right.

Natalie Gibson (04:21):

Yeah, exactly. For me, literally the second I saw them, I was so happy. I knew I was going to love it and they were a little high in the beginning because it just took a little while for them to drop down but now that they have, they look... I get compliments on them all the time.

Dr. Barrett (04:36):


Natalie Gibson (04:36):

All the time.

Dr. Barrett (04:37):

Well, it shows. I feel like you shared your experience and your followers and everything and that's another thing I want to talk about is you guys are pretty open about this. A lot of people are not and especially celebrities. You guys are celebrities in a way with your social media following, how do you position it in terms of the social media realm and your followers and so forth?

Natalie Gibson (04:59):

So for me that was a really big deal because I didn't want to lie to people. I also think it's really important to understand that I don't look like this naturally. This is something that I went in and I paid to get fixed because I didn't like it about myself. I don't want people to be seeing that on social media and think wow, I wish I could be more like this girl and not know that I paid to get it fixed. You know what I mean?

Dr. Barrett (05:22):


Natalie Gibson (05:22):

So, that was really important to me.

Dr. Barrett (05:24):

I don't think you needed to fix anything but we wanted... You wanted larger breasts.

Natalie Gibson (05:27):


Dr. Barrett (05:27):

And there's a nice and easy way to do that.

Natalie Gibson (05:30):


Dr. Barrett (05:31):

You achieved it and that's okay. Life is short, if you want to go around and bang your head against the wall, that you don't fit into clothing and bras, you can do that for the rest of your life or you can do something about it with the procedure that's very well known, in the right hands, with the right surgeon, turns out really good. So Courtney, you have a younger following perhaps on TikTok and have you thought about this, about sharing this and talking about it?

Cortney Gibson (05:54):

Along the lines of what Natalie said is I want, for me, I know especially since I'm going from nothing to-

Dr. Barrett (06:01):

I wouldn't say nothing. We just did a consultation, you guys, and everything was great and nobody needs breast augmentation surgery.

Cortney Gibson (06:07):


Dr. Barrett (06:07):

You don't. But I see what you're talking about.

Cortney Gibson (06:10):

Yes. It's just always been a really big insecurity of mine. Like you said, I am constantly thinking about when I go out in a bathing suit and how I feel and for me, I just think with my followers, I want to be open and I want to create a community where it's all open to making yourself feel loved and no matter how you do it, I just want to make sure that it's just all happy and good.

Dr. Barrett (06:41):

It's transparent. Obviously transparency is very important to you. It's just like I have a lot of followers and I try to be very transparent and that's why I have a hard time with celebrities. Some, not all of them, but some that just get worked on and they're not transparent about it. I think it misleads people. I think there's some people that I just suck because I don't look like this and I can never look like this because I don't look like this naturally. Well, here's the truth folks. Most people don't look like this naturally. So, previously, before your generation plastic surgery was very taboo. Now it's getting more incorporated. The Kardashians have really helped with that. Where do you think it's going? Where do you think social media is going with cosmetic procedures or injectables or beauty enhancements? Where do you think it's going in the future?

Cortney Gibson (07:26):

Honestly, I for example, like you said, with even breast augmentations, it's very more, it's a lot more common and I feel like it's becoming more and more popular and I think more and more people are going to do it. I know being in LA, I know a lot of people have injections and I feel like you're seeing it more often.

Dr. Barrett (07:45):


Cortney Gibson (07:45):

So I think it's definitely going to grow and become more, even more popular than it already is.

Dr. Barrett (07:49):

Natalie, what do you think?

Natalie Gibson (07:50):

Yeah, I completely agree with that. It's actually funny because when we're out in LA, I'd say there are not many people who don't have their lips done. Almost everybody has their lips done. I think it is just going to keep getting more and more popular because people do see like, oh, I just got this done and I feel so confident and they're going to want to keep doing it.

Dr. Barrett (08:06):


Natalie Gibson (08:06):

And the more people that do it and see it, other people are going to do it too.

Dr. Barrett (08:10):

Yeah. That's fantastic. All right. So I think we have just a minute or two left before we go into Q and A. Is there anything you want to tell someone out there who's thinking about maybe getting breast augmentation or maybe think about getting a cosmetic procedure and not quite sure what to do?

Natalie Gibson (08:25):

I saw this quote one time actually and it was, if there's something on you that you look at every day and it makes you sad and uncomfortable, why wouldn't you enhance yourself in that way? For me that's so true and it really did just, it completely changed my life, my own opinion of myself. It's crazy how much it really did boost my confidence.

Dr. Barrett (08:46):

Did your followers go up?

Natalie Gibson (08:47):

Yes. Oh my gosh. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've gained probably 200,000 since.

Dr. Barrett (08:51):

Oh my God.

Natalie Gibson (08:53):

Yeah. And booking jobs, I've got way more jobs too.

Dr. Barrett (08:56):

Okay. So tell us about that. I forgot that you actually do a lot of modeling as well. Okay.

Natalie Gibson (09:00):

I've been booking so many more jobs since I got my breast argumentation because I do a lot of bikini modeling.

Dr. Barrett (09:05):


Natalie Gibson (09:05):

So for me that was huge. I've made so much money off of it too.

Dr. Barrett (09:09):


Natalie Gibson (09:09):

Which is crazy.

Dr. Barrett (09:10):


Natalie Gibson (09:10):


Dr. Barrett (09:11):

It's a good return on investment there.

Natalie Gibson (09:13):


Dr. Barrett (09:14):

Wonderful. And for you, what would you say to someone who's thinking about getting this done. You have the insider scoop, through Natalie, but-

Cortney Gibson (09:25):

Yeah. No. So for me, it's funny because a big reason why I'm making the final decision to go through and do this is because Natalie has been such a help because it's scary to think about doing something on your own or you don't know where to go or how to do it. For me, this is so... Natalie was such a great help in this aspect because she made it so that I wouldn't be scared. She made it so that she gave me such a good doctor because I feel, like she said, a lot of people you see and they don't have the best plastic surgery done however it may be. So this was just awesome because she helped me so much.

Dr. Barrett (10:03):


Cortney Gibson (10:03):


Dr. Barrett (10:03):

Incredible. You're going to do great.

Cortney Gibson (10:05):

Yeah. I'm so excited.

Dr. Barrett (10:06):

I know it is going to be amazing and then we'll have you both back on the podcast. All right. So we're going to dive into some questions, some Q and A. How did you get into social media? I'll start... I guess we could all answer this. I got into social media because I was all about transparency for plastic surgery. I feel like I want people to know exactly what these procedures are all about and so they can decide if that's what they want to do. So I show everything from the surgeries and so forth. So how about you guys?

Natalie Gibson (10:32):

I actually got into it because I was dating a guy at the time. I just saw what a fun job it was. He got to post everywhere and he didn't have to work at nine to five and he was still making great money. So that's really when I decided I wanted to do it and I just started posting every day and for me it was really, it was so much fun to see the community grow and now-

Dr. Barrett (10:54):

That was through Instagram primarily?

Natalie Gibson (10:55):


Dr. Barrett (10:56):


Natalie Gibson (10:56):

Yes. It started with Instagram primarily and then now obviously we do TikTok and we have our sister account that's doing so well now.

Dr. Barrett (11:03):


Natalie Gibson (11:03):

So it's really it's-

Dr. Barrett (11:03):

Oh, the three of you?

Natalie Gibson (11:05):


Dr. Barrett (11:06):

Okay. Tell us where to find it.

Natalie Gibson (11:07):

Okay. So we have, it's called the Gibson Girls.

Dr. Barrett (11:10):

The Gibson Girls. Okay, awesome.

Natalie Gibson (11:12):

Yeah. So that's our-

Dr. Barrett (11:13):

It's like the Gilmore Girls, right?

Natalie Gibson (11:15):

It is. It's cute.

Dr. Barrett (11:16):


Natalie Gibson (11:16):

Yeah. I heard a rumor that apparently it was supposed to be the Gibson Girls and then last minute they changed it to the Gilmore Girls.

Dr. Barrett (11:21):

Oh, interesting. Okay.

Natalie Gibson (11:22):

Yeah. Anyways, so-

Cortney Gibson (11:26):

And then for me I was actually the opposite. Natalie got into Instagram a couple years before me or social media a couple years before me and then I came in through TikTok actually.

Natalie Gibson (11:36):


Cortney Gibson (11:36):

I didn't do it professionally. I just was posting funny videos or just playing around with it and then I saw how quickly my page grew and from there I decided I could actually do this as a actual profession.

Natalie Gibson (11:48):


Cortney Gibson (11:49):

I can make money through it and like Natalie said, it's a great way because it's not a nine to five.

Dr. Barrett (11:54):

Well, let's talk about that. How much time you actually put into it because a nine to five is cool in a way because you get to go to work at nine o'clock and then you get to leave at five o'clock, if that exists anymore, which I think it still does for some people, if you want to work at the post office or wherever else but that's not true for social media, right?

Cortney Gibson (12:10):


Dr. Barrett (12:10):

Okay. Because you got to work on the weekend end. You got to work like early morning, got to tell people about your day and then sometimes you have to maybe do things when you're not really comfortable to do stuff.

Cortney Gibson (12:19):

Yeah. That's actually really funny because in this circle we do have to go out and we have to network all the time and sometimes my social meter, I guess you could say, is low so you always have to-

Dr. Barrett (12:31):

Yeah. Are you an introvert?

Cortney Gibson (12:32):

Yes, actually.

Dr. Barrett (12:33):

I can tell you're an introvert.

Cortney Gibson (12:34):


Dr. Barrett (12:36):

It is just like, it takes a lot of energy to go out and network with people.

Cortney Gibson (12:39):

100% and you always have to put on this very outgoing personality, for what you said, I am an introvert. So it takes a lot out of me but it's also cool because some days if let's say I'm sick.

Dr. Barrett (12:50):


Cortney Gibson (12:51):

I don't have to put in the work that day and I can take the time that I need and recovery wise, so that's where it is really great.

Dr. Barrett (12:58):


Natalie Gibson (12:59):

I would say, yeah, it's insane how much time and energy we actually put in, especially the Gibson Girl account.

Dr. Barrett (13:05):


Natalie Gibson (13:05):

We spend hours and hours and hours and hours learning the dances, putting the outfits together, driving down, filming with our videographers, getting it back, talking about things that we want to change on it.

Dr. Barrett (13:15):


Natalie Gibson (13:15):

It takes so much time.

Dr. Barrett (13:17):


Natalie Gibson (13:17):

To make a 15 second video.

Dr. Barrett (13:19):

Can you do the jerk video? The dance, the jerk.

Natalie Gibson (13:21):


Dr. Barrett (13:21):

Okay. So, they surprised me the other day. They're like, can you do the jerk? And I'm like, all right. And they just started filming. I'm like, you got to give me some time so I think it's fun because it's... Yes, it's a lot of work but it's also creative in a way. Right. You get to be involved in that creative process and especially you get to work with your family too. I think that's really cool. Yeah.

Natalie Gibson (13:40):

That definitely presents a lot. It's great but there's also definitely some downsides because sometimes we just, we fight. Sometimes we fight so much when we're making the dances because I am not a dancer by any mean. I dance because-

Dr. Barrett (13:53):

Yeah, okay. It surprises me.

Natalie Gibson (13:54):

Yes and then they've been dancing for years, so-

Dr. Barrett (13:58):


Natalie Gibson (13:58):

It's just, it takes me a little longer to learn it and so between all of us sisters, it can get a little crazy sometimes but it is also awesome too because we get to spend so much time together.

Dr. Barrett (14:08):


Natalie Gibson (14:08):

Which is so fun.

Dr. Barrett (14:09):

Yeah, absolutely. That's just so valuable to spend time with your family is... My brother, he works for Aerospace Engineering. I'm like, I don't even know what to talk about but if I... I don't know, I'd probably get sick of him after a while if I had to do a bunch of dances with him because we're both probably not the best dancers but all right so another question from one of our audiences, what are some of the hardships you deal with as influencers?

Natalie Gibson (14:33):

Okay. This one is really an amazing question. I think specifically for our Gibson Girl account, we get compared to each other. If you just look at the comment section-

Dr. Barrett (14:43):

Have they commented about your breasts?

Natalie Gibson (14:44):

Yes. People do talk about it. Yeah.

Dr. Barrett (14:46):

Okay. Is that influencing you at all?

Cortney Gibson (14:48):

I have gotten a lot of comments about that, which is another big factor on why I am doing it. But yeah, no, the comments on the Gibson Girls account, you see it. Some people say, oh the left, oh the right, oh whoever's in the middle is the best.

Dr. Barrett (15:01):

So crude. It's just like you're yeah...

Cortney Gibson (15:03):

Yeah. But that's how we learn that everyone has their preferences and everyone's beautiful no matter who it is. Some people say we look just alike, other people say we don't and that's when you learn that you're beautiful no matter how you split it.

Dr. Barrett (15:15):

Yeah. That is true. Very much so did. Okay. So we've answered that question and then do you guys ever compare yourself? Here's another question. Do you guys ever compare yourself to each other or other people on the internet? We talked about a little bit of that where people comment but do you guys compare yourselves? I mean obviously you talk about their dancing now but what else?

Cortney Gibson (15:37):

Yeah, no, like we were saying on the Gibson Girl account, the comments do compare a lot but for me personally, I don't.

Dr. Barrett (15:43):


Cortney Gibson (15:43):

For me, I always want to build us up no matter. I don't get jealous, we don't do all that. I like building up and I feel like you do the same, but...

Natalie Gibson (15:52):

Yeah. I completely agree. Other people do compare us all the time. They have our whole lives. It's hard not to when you're three sisters, people are going to do it naturally.

Cortney Gibson (16:00):


Natalie Gibson (16:00):

But I think because of that growing up, we just really learned not to compare each other. We all have our own strengths, all have our own weaknesses and we obviously know what they are but we try not to compare them with each others.

Dr. Barrett (16:13):

Yeah. I think that's great. So social media is evolving. What do you think is the... There's two questions. What do you think is the next thing that's going to happen within social media? What do you think, is there a new platform? Is there a new way people are going to do social media? I know TikTok is really taking off a lot of the followers off of Instagram but at the same time, if you have, even if you have 1.8 million followers like I do, my content doesn't go directly to them like it does on Instagram. So it's like, what's the strategy? What's the newest thing?

Natalie Gibson (16:41):

So I would say TikTok really did completely change the social media realm.

Dr. Barrett (16:45):


Natalie Gibson (16:45):

Of how everything works but because of that, actually a lot of positives have come out of it. Whereas Instagram has reels now where they're pushing that out and YouTube, I think has Shorts, I believe they call them.

Dr. Barrett (16:58):


Natalie Gibson (16:59):

They push that as well. It's actually created an environment where there is an ability to grow more easily.

Dr. Barrett (17:05):


Natalie Gibson (17:07):

On any platform because of TikTok.

Dr. Barrett (17:10):

I think so too. I think why social media does so well, is it, back in Instagram, back in the day, the very first infancy of it, you could go viral just like you could on TikTok. They got away with that because I personally feel they got greedy with a lot of you had to pay to play and then along came TikTok and boom, they're like, you know what, you just produced good content. That's all you have to worry about. So I think that competition helped a lot but TikTok is really emerged.

Dr. Barrett (17:35):

You can find out about news, you can find out all kinds of important information. You can find some fake stuff too, stuff that's just not real. So you got to really do your own research on stuff, which I think is, I think is new, is cool. But if there's somebody new coming out into trying to be a social media person, would you recommend it? Then what would you be your advice to them? Someone who's thinking about doing this, someone who's working fast food restaurant and they're you know what? I love to do TikTok dances and I have this plan.

Natalie Gibson (18:05):

Yeah. So one of our really good friends, one of the people lived in a content house with us has a similar story to that. He was-

Dr. Barrett (18:11):

So you lived in a content house?

Natalie Gibson (18:12):


Dr. Barrett (18:12):


Natalie Gibson (18:13):

He has this most amazing story about how he got into social media and he was working all the time, going to school, doing it all and he still found two hours in a day somehow to make TikTok's and now he has millions and millions of followers on TikTok.

Dr. Barrett (18:27):

Just by two hours in a day?

Natalie Gibson (18:29):


Dr. Barrett (18:30):

What did he do? What was his thing?

Natalie Gibson (18:32):

He does skits.

Dr. Barrett (18:32):

Skits, okay.

Natalie Gibson (18:34):

He's a huge influencer. His name's Corey.

Dr. Barrett (18:36):


Natalie Gibson (18:37):

What's his last name? I don't know. I don't know people's last name.

Dr. Barrett (18:40):


Natalie Gibson (18:41):

But yeah, he is-

Dr. Barrett (18:42):

Do you really even need a last name on Instagram or TikTok?

Natalie Gibson (18:45):

Yeah, we don't but yeah and his story is really inspiring. Every time I think it's just so crazy how much social media can change your life and it did. Yeah. So I'd say go for it.

Dr. Barrett (18:56):


Natalie Gibson (18:57):


Cortney Gibson (18:58):

I would definitely say that it has changed my life because with TikTok especially, you I feel like we're seeing celebrities that aren't just movie stars or singers. You're seeing-

Dr. Barrett (19:09):

You're not products of an established system. That's the cool part.

Cortney Gibson (19:12):

Yeah and it's cool because you get to build a community that's not, that's welcoming and friendly and that's why I have enjoyed my platform so much is because I can spread as much positivity and love because this world sometimes it's scary.

Dr. Barrett (19:26):

I know, I know.

Cortney Gibson (19:28):


Dr. Barrett (19:29):

But there's a theory behind that's called open source. So it's, why did Wikipedia do so well? It's because you had a bunch of people that for free would write articles about a bunch of stuff. Prior to that people used to pay for encyclopedias. It's so crazy. But have you ever had a regular job doing anything?

Cortney Gibson (19:43):

Me personally, no.

Dr. Barrett (19:45):


Cortney Gibson (19:45):

I know our other sister, Lauren, she was a host.

Dr. Barrett (19:48):


Cortney Gibson (19:49):

So she did that and then she got into social media and it changed her life.

Dr. Barrett (19:53):

And that's it. Yeah. All right. And how about you?

Natalie Gibson (19:56):

Yeah. I had a few random jobs but nothing really that interesting. Just a few couple little part-time jobs and then I started... Well, because I started doing social media six, seven years ago. Long time ago

Dr. Barrett (20:09):

Oh, wow, okay.

Natalie Gibson (20:10):

Yeah. I've been doing it for a while.

Dr. Barrett (20:12):

That's awesome. I feel like it's a great way for a creative outlet and you get that intrinsic motivation where it's just I don't even care if this does well or not. I feel good making this content, so. All right so that's pretty much it. We have our Q and A, you guys, I think we covered all those questions. Do you have anything else you guys want to share before the end of this podcast?

Natalie Gibson (20:31):

The only thing that I would say is if anyone is thinking about doing their breast aug with you, they need to do it. It's just going to be the best decision ever. I have people ask me all the time, what my doc... Who he is and I always just suggest you so much because you, ugh, you're just so good.

Dr. Barrett (20:45):


Natalie Gibson (20:45):

So, that's what I would say.

Dr. Barrett (20:46):

You guys are wonderful. Thank you for being on. Natalie, did you want to say any... I'm sorry, Courtney.

Cortney Gibson (20:52):

No, just for my final say is yes, this is amazing and Natalie's, she talks about you all the time.

Dr. Barrett (20:58):

Thank you.

Cortney Gibson (20:59):

Dr. Barrett, Dr. Barrett. He's amazing.

Dr. Barrett (21:00):

I'm so grateful.

Cortney Gibson (21:01):

So I'm so excited to finally be able to do that as well and say how well I got mine done too.

Dr. Barrett (21:04):

Well, I'm looking forward to that. I do want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. That means a lot to me. What really lights my fire is when patients come back, week two or week six or I get to see you on social media and how we've been able to positively impact your life. Whether that's through a little bit of Botox, a little bit of filler or a cosmetic surgery, I think it doesn't really matter. Just seeing people out there be their best versions of themselves like you guys have done and you already are but if you want to do more, that's great. Just really lights our fire so thank you.