#37: Sibohan Garcia | From the Runway to the Squad Car

Dr. Barrett and Siobhan Garcia discuss transgender breast augmentation, transitioning, choosing your implant size, and what it’s like being a married trans woman and former model with dreams of being a police officer.

Dr. Barrett (00:01):

On this episode of The Natural Plastic Surgeon.

Siobhan Garcia (00:04): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about implant size

Also why I chose you, just because everything looked natural. And that was my goal in the beginning. Not wanting to go too big. I think at the end, I kept telling you, "Oh, I want to go bigger I think." I was kind of like, "Oh, they're a little small." But honestly, a year or so after I just started just coming into my own. They kind of just felt like me. And I was just like, "You know what? They're perfect. I think I look crazy if I was going any bigger."

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Siobhan Garcia (00:31):

You were right, so I'm glad I listened.

Dr. Barrett (00:39):

Good. So everybody we're here. This is episode 36 of The Natural Plastic Surgeon and we have our beautiful guest Slobhan Garcia.

Siobhan Garcia (00:46):


Dr. Barrett (00:46): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about her getting married

The name changed, you just got married recently.

Siobhan Garcia (00:49):

I did September.

Dr. Barrett (00:50):

That's exciting.

Siobhan Garcia (00:51):


Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk About Trans Breast augmentation

So just to catch you guys up Siobhan is one of our patients that we did a breast augmentation back in 2017. And at that time she was our first trans breast augmentation that we were able to publicly promote. And you can actually see this video on our YouTube that went mega viral. Okay, there's-

Siobhan Garcia (01:12):

I was shocked.

Dr. Barrett (01:12):

... Over a million views on this particular video. And I think it really opened people's eyes in terms of yeah, breast implants are not just for cis women. They're also for true trans women. And at this point you had already transitioned at this point, you had breasts and we're just like, "Hey, let's make them fuller."

Siobhan Garcia (01:29):  

Yeah, I was on the hormones and had breast tissue already. So, that also helped a lot how soft they are. I was really worried about that. About hard boobs, because I've seen a lot of those and yeah. That's definitely something that I didn't want.

Dr. Barrett (01:43):  Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about how she selected him for her surgery.

Yeah, so tell us about that process. Let's rewind the clock 2017. That was five years ago. It was a different office. How did you find me?

Siobhan Garcia (01:53):

I actually found you.. You Were following some nightclub that I was going to. And then I was looking through the followers for unreason and then I noticed a plastic surgeon was following them. I was like, "Oh." I don't know, just clicked on your page. And then I saw you and then I saw your before and after. So I was like, "Oh my God, they're so good." And I was like, "This is the kind of look I'm going for." And then I just gave your office a call one day and... Oh, I thought that was moving on its own. And that's that. And then I had my consultation with you and I think it was like two months after I ended up getting them, so.

Dr. Barrett (02:32):

Yeah, did you have any other consultations? Did you have-

Siobhan Garcia (02:35):

No, I went to nobody. You were the first one and then I liked what I saw and thank God I did because I recommended you to a lot of people and I think a few of my friends have come and gotten them done since me [crosstalk 00:02:45].

Dr. Barrett (02:45): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about trans breast augmentation

... Yes, So I actually do a fair amount, probably one or two trans breasts augmentations every week. It's a very popular procedure that we do in our office and they're similar in some ways to a cis breast augmentation, but they're different in a lot of ways. And so a lot of the techniques that I use for your trans your breast augmentation, I incorporate. And making it look natural. So we went underneath the muscle for you. Yeah, so a lot of times people for-

Siobhan Garcia (03:18):

Do you do a lot of above the muscle?

Dr. Barrett (03:19):

... I don't. And the reason why is because the implant looks very noticeable when you do that. How do you feel about how yours look now?

Siobhan Garcia (03:28):

Oh, I mean I now I guess I've had a few people tell me in my single days like, "Oh, are those real." And I'm just like, "Yea I know there's good doctor, whatever." So everyone always compliments my doctor. And yeah, they've just... I mean the only thing with under the muscle is if you lift yourself up, you can kind of-

Dr. Barrett (03:53):

And that happens with cis. So yes, there's that slight disadvantage and we haven't quite figured out.

Siobhan Garcia (03:59):

... I mean, no one really notices that honestly-

Dr. Barrett (04:01):

Yeah, you can control it too.

Siobhan Garcia (04:03):

.... Am not usually lifting weights anyway, so.

Dr. Barrett (04:05): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about trans breast augmentation under the muscle.

Exactly. Well, that's good to hear because... So, that's one of the things that we do. I almost all the time go underneath the muscle and it's really difficult to do because there's a lot more muscle there as you can imagine. And we also do an extended release to allow more cleavage. We allow space for the implant because if you go underneath the muscle and it's a strong muscle, it can actually push down and you get a lot of bottoming out. So you'll see that sometimes.

Siobhan Garcia (04:25):

Yeah, that's something you mentioned a lot. Also I remember you mentioned you had to kind of cut underneath the muscle here in the chest. So I could go up closer together.

Dr. Barrett (04:36):

Yeah, that's the extent of muscle release that we do. And that's kind of key because it allows you to get your breast closer together and get more of that cleavage, which is always a kind of a struggle with a lot of our trans patients. Not always, but the majority of times to get that cleavage in the middle, especially if you're not wearing a bra, so.

Siobhan Garcia (05:00):


Dr. Barrett (05:00):


Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about trans breast augmentation incisions

The other thing is also incision border, the aerial incision.

Siobhan Garcia (05:04): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about trans breast augmentation scarring

Oh, I loved the aerial incision because a lot of my friends do have the underneath through and you can always basically notice the scar, whatever. And that's something I didn't want. And my scars have healed so good. I think there was a little issue with my left one, but you just shot it up with something and it went away. So-

Dr. Barrett (05:25):

Kind of love that.

Siobhan Garcia (05:25):

... Yeah, I love that.

Dr. Barrett (05:28):

And that happens, yeah got to be careful with it.

Siobhan Garcia (05:29):

Yeah, that worked really Well.

Dr. Barrett (05:31): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about trans breast augmentation implant placement

Yeah so, that's the other thing. And I don't know anybody that does underneath the muscle and Periareolar incisions, which I think is the best way to do a transplant-

Siobhan Garcia (05:39):

And you don't.

Dr. Barrett (05:41):

... Yeah, I think the majority of doctors, they go above the muscle because it's a lot easier. You don't have to deal with the muscle and they do the inframammary incision, which I think is a mistake because that weakens the bottom part of the breast. So the implants start out high and then they drop down.

Siobhan Garcia (05:53):

I've seen a few that also look flat underneath. It makes the boob look kind of flat.

Dr. Barrett (05:58): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about trans breast augmentation scarring

It does, especially if it's scars, right? So you get a little shelf, right? And so that is also super noticeable too. So if you're wearing a bikini and you raise your arms up, it's like, "Oh, okay. You had something there." And maybe they don't know exactly what.

Siobhan Garcia (06:09):  Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about natural-looking trans breast augmentation

Yeah, that's something I didn't want. So that was also why I chose you just because everything looked natural. And that was my goal in the beginning. Not wanting to go too big. I think at the end I kept telling you, "Oh, I want to go bigger I think." I was kind of like, "Oh, they're a little small." But honestly, a year or so after I just started just coming, coming into my own... They kind of just felt like me. And I was just like, "You know what? They're perfect. I think I look crazy if it was going any bigger."

Dr. Barrett (06:39):


Siobhan Garcia (06:40):

You were right. So I'm glad I listened.

Dr. Barrett (06:42):

Good. Yeah I mean, there's a point where it gets too big. And I think a lot of people don't realize that bigger isn't always better. And you're signing yourself up more likely to get revisions if we go too big.

Siobhan Garcia (06:58):

And I didn't want to be too top heavy either. That was a big thing too. I find even when I wear pushup bras, it's too big, so-

Dr. Barrett (07:04):

"Oh really?"

Siobhan Garcia (07:05):

... Yeah, I don't really wear bras that often, so-

Dr. Barrett (07:07):

I'll take credit for that.

Siobhan Garcia (07:07):

... Yeah, that's good.

Dr. Barrett and Siobhan Talk About Confidence After Trans Breast Augmentation

Dr. Barrett (07:12):  Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about confidence after trans breast augmentation

Good, so tell us about, kind of your confidence and so forth. And after you got the breast augmentation.

Siobhan Garcia (07:18):

I mean, obviously of course I transitioned and I didn't have much there. I had a little bit, maybe a cup maybe. So afterwards just, I think trans women get the breast augmentation to obviously pass a little better. And what it was important for was, it wasn't really cosmetic. It was more of just feeling like myself and how I was supposed to be like. Looking at my sister and my mother who obviously weren't born with breasts and I went off kind of what my sister's size was. She's tinier than me and shorter. So hers are tinier, but I just wanted the size and the boobs that I would have if I was born naturally a woman, basically. So it wasn't really about looking more sexy or anything like that. It was more just what I was supposed to be born with.

Dr. Barrett (08:12):

I, that's really good.

Siobhan Garcia (08:13):

So yeah.

Dr. Barrett (08:14): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about natural-looking trans breast augmentation

What is it that you mentioned? I never knew you, that you actually entered in your thought process. That's news to me. That's actually interesting that you were trying to see, "What would I be if I were to kind of, naturally have, have this." And I think that's really important.

Siobhan Garcia (08:30):


Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about transitioning, family and Trans Breast Augmentation

Did you talk to your family a lot about this prior to getting the procedure? Or did you tell them?

Siobhan Garcia (08:35):

Not really. I was like, "Mom getting my boobs." And she didn't really... She just said, "Okay, cool." So I'm from the country, so I feel they don't even know what that really meant.

Dr. Barrett (08:51):

Right. Much less versus transitioning versus breast augmentation on top of that.

Siobhan Garcia (08:57):

Yeah, I mean, my mom knew I wanted them of course. So she was happy for me with that.

Dr. Barrett (09:04):  Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about her getting married

Amazing. Yeah, all right. Fast forward now. So tell us about... You got married. How long ago was that?

Siobhan Garcia (09:09):

I got married in September.

Dr. Barrett (09:10):

Okay, tell us about-

Siobhan Garcia (09:12):   Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about finding love as a trans woman

Well, I was looking for love in LA, which is really hard, especially for trans women. Especially for us. And I kissed a lot of frogs and it was a process. And then eventually I was just like, "You know what, whatever, I'm just going to have fun with my life and forget about it." And then I found the guy for me.

Dr. Barrett (09:34):

That's the only time it happens.

Siobhan Garcia (09:35):

Yeah, right.

Dr. Barrett (09:35):

When you're not looking for it just shows up.

Siobhan Garcia (09:38):

I stopped and then it just happened. So it was natural, just a Tinder date. And then it just ended up very slow. And then eventually just started gaining into something more. And now we're married a year later.

Dr. Barrett (09:56):   Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about married life

Wow! And how's married life coming out of COVID.

Siobhan Garcia (09:59):

It's good. I mean, yeah, we got married. Well, yeah, the vaccines are out there. But we decided to get married fast because we were scared to get shut down again and have to wait for, who knows how long. So we decided to get married pretty quick and ever since, no regrets, I love being a wife and it's a life adjustment. It's a little I can't really... I mean I used to be a little bit of a partier, but he doesn't drink or anything like that at all. So it's really helped me kind of get a little more healthy and productive and yeah.

Dr. Barrett (10:35):  Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about diet and alcohol

Yeah, I don't drink much anymore either.

Siobhan Garcia (10:38):

No, I know you're keto sugar free I heard.

Dr. Barrett (10:39):

Yeah I really-

Siobhan Garcia (10:40):

I love that.

Dr. Barrett (10:40):

... Yeah I'm-

Siobhan Garcia (10:42):

That's inspiring for me because I want to lose some weight and I need to do the keto.

Dr. Barrett (10:45):

Yeah, I was reading these books about, kind of how humans evolved and we didn't really eat all these many carbs all the time. And so I think our bodies can't really handle it, our inflammation goes up. And so it's not so much about calorie counting-

Siobhan Garcia (11:00):

Well I love the anti inflammatory diet. I love those. Because inflammation really affects me-

Dr. Barrett (11:07):

... Which foods in particular?

Siobhan Garcia (11:09):

... Mostly basically pizzas, breads, sugars also.

Dr. Barrett (11:16):  Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about liposuction

Yeah, now we also, we did a little Liposuction as well, right?

Siobhan Garcia (11:18):


Dr. Barrett (11:19):

Okay, How do you like the results of that?

Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about liposuction recovery

Siobhan Garcia (11:22): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about liposuction recovery

They were good for a while and now I'm fat again, but it's because I think what's important is that when you're recovering, which I was told to eat really and light and whatever. But when you're recovering, you want to nourish yourself and it's not really nourishing it's splurging. Yeah, so I didn't really eat the healthiest. I was eating like I was trying to gain the weight after I lost it. I got it sucked out basically. So yeah, I feel if I would've eaten a little healthier during my recovery, I would've had longer results for sure. Might do it again sometime soon.

Dr. Barrett (11:59): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about future plastic surgery procedures

Okay, Well, are there any other procedures that you are thinking about?

Siobhan Garcia (12:05):

No, I think I'm pretty much good. I didn't have too much done, honestly I was lucky. So I just really wanted my boobs and I got my trachea done before I met you. And yeah, that's kind of all I really needed to do, I feel so.

Dr. Barrett (12:22):


Siobhan Garcia (12:23):


Dr. Barrett (12:24):

Well, good. Let's see. How are we doing on time? Do we have?

Speaker 1 (12:29):

13 minutes.

Dr. Barrett (12:30):

13 minutes? Okay, cool.

Speaker 2 (12:30):

You have the cuing questions.

Dr. Barrett (12:31): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about transitioning and judgment

Okay, great. So why don't we dive into just a few more things and then we'll go into Q and A. So if so transitioning is one thing, right? And then undergoing cosmetic surgery is the next step right? To kind of alter your body on the outside to how you feel on the inside. It's the way I look at it, right? And people judge that for not only trans people-

Siobhan Garcia (13:00):

People in General.

Dr. Barrett (13:01):

... Yeah, and it just-

Siobhan Garcia (13:01):

They definitely come for us a little more about it. I feel, I don't know why-

Dr. Barrett (13:05):

... Just because, yeah.

Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about transitioning and feeling like your true self

... Yeah, I mean, it's like, "Oh, you don't need to be a woman if you have boobs." And stuff like that. But yeah. It doesn't really have to be done again. Like I said earlier, it isn't a materialistic way. It was more of just how to be more confident and to look more passable as a woman in a bikini or certain clothing. And just in general, when you're looking in the mirror, when you're naked, you just want to look how you feel in the inside.

Dr. Barrett (13:33):

I totally believe that and I see that and all of my patients, both cis and trans and how much happier my patients are. And that's why I'm a firm believer. And that's why I promote... I do the top surgery, I don't do the bottom surgery and I don't do the majority of the facial surgeries, but it's just like, "As long as it's within reason, do what makes you feel comfortable in your skin?" Who cares what other people think? And so what would you say to someone who's already transitioned and is thinking about getting cosmetic surgery? What would you tell them?

Siobhan Garcia (14:08): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about her advice for  transitioning

I mean, I would just do the research as best as you can, find the right doctor for you. You are the right fit for me. I wouldn't recommend going to Mexico, like a lot of people do.

Dr. Barrett (14:21): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about transgender surgery in Mexico

Have you gone to Mexico for anything?

Siobhan Garcia (14:22):

No, I've never been to Mexico sadly-

Dr. Barrett (14:24):


Siobhan Garcia (14:24):

... But no. Oh hopefully.

Dr. Barrett (14:26):

Okay, It's a good place to visit. I will always say that.

Siobhan Garcia (14:28):

Yeah totally.

Dr. Barrett (14:29):

Probably, I don't recommend to go there for cosmetic surgery. The reason why there are good plastic surgeons there, but the problem is if you have a complication getting across the border is a big hustle. And so its-

Siobhan Garcia (14:40):

And a lot of people that have ended up in the hospitals there, they just don't get treated well and get infections I've heard. And-

Dr. Barrett (14:46):

... I've heard that too.

Siobhan Garcia (14:48):

... It's kind of scary to me. So I always think the states has the best medicine in the world and just the best doctors. And I love it here for any surgery in general. But yeah, I would just tell them to do their research and listen to your doctor and try not to get too ahead of what other girls are telling you to do. So-

Dr. Barrett (15:12): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about Bitter Betty

So we had bitter Betty on the podcast a couple months ago and she's-

Siobhan Garcia (15:18):

... Sorry, who did you say?

Dr. Barrett (15:21):

... Her Instagram is bitter Betty. And she's on the drag show. Gosh, what is the name of that show?

Siobhan Garcia (15:34):

Drag race?

Dr. Barrett (15:35):

I forget.

Siobhan Garcia (15:35):

Drag race?

Speaker 1 (15:35):


Dr. Barrett (15:35):

Yeah, she was contesting in Drag Race she came on the show. She's not a patient of mine, but she talked about a lot of... She was from Tennessee and she got her lips injected with medical grade silicon-

Siobhan Garcia (15:47):

Silicon home-

Dr. Barrett (15:47):

... Yes.

Siobhan Garcia (15:48):

... My God, yeah.

Dr. Barrett (15:48): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about underground transgender plastic surgery procedures

Have you heard about some of these underground types of things?

Siobhan Garcia (15:51):

I know a lot about them, trust me.

Dr. Barrett (15:53):

Because it really scares me because I there's a lot of trans patients, trans people who don't have the financial resources and this is a major-

Siobhan Garcia (16:01):

It's cheaper for sure. And I think the most popular place is Florida, Miami, to get silicone injections in the butt. And I would watch a documentary. And it's Miami. It’s the capital of that for some reason.

Dr. Barrett (16:16):

... Oh my God, yeah.

Siobhan Garcia (16:17):

But a lot of trans women, yeah. They want the hips, they want the tits and all that. Sorry, if I can say-

Dr. Barrett (16:23):

For a fraction right.

Siobhan Garcia (16:24): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about silicone injections

... Yeah, and they do a lot of silicone injections and I've met a lot of girls that have that. If I know them well enough I'll ask to feel it. Because I'm so curious about what it feels like. I've felt ones that felt literally like cement. It doesn't look like it's weird. It looks fine, and then you touch in, it's like a couch cushion, but a harder cushion. And then some feel like a very thin water wound kind of.

Dr. Barrett (16:55):

Yep So that's the thing it's different for everybody. And that's the problem for some people. And by the way, I'm going on the record, I do not ever recommend injecting raw Silicon body, okay? But for some people it actually works out and it's-

Siobhan Garcia (17:06):

Yeah, I mean, any day it could pop though. I mean, you never really safe-

Dr. Barrett (17:11):

... Or it travels, it gets infected, that's the problem, right?

Siobhan Garcia (17:14):

... It travels. And I've met a lot of people who it goes down to their thighs. And also that's called staining, where it looks like bruises on them. It's staining. It's a thing. The girl called it staining. Which is basically all these purple yellowish marks where it was. And that's a form of rotting, it's kind of really scary. I, obviously as a trans woman, I was tempted to look like that sometimes. And I just never wanted to go down that route because the risk is just not worth it to me at all.

Dr. Barrett (17:49):

You're gambling with your life really? Because when I was in my residency and I've seen a few since then, where if these injections get infected, there's no way to really clean.

Siobhan Garcia (17:58):

And a lot of doctors won't do it. It's just so risky. And then you end up deformed. If you do get it out, it's so-

Dr. Barrett (18:04):

With everything out-

Siobhan Garcia (18:06):

... You're way worse than when you were. So-

Dr. Barrett (18:09):

... I know, it's not worth it.

Siobhan Garcia (18:09): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about lip filler

Yeah, I definitely never recommend that to people either. Yeah, I'm not really a huge fan of injections anyway anymore. I used to, I got my lips done a couple times I think, but I haven't touched my lips in four years. These are mine.

Dr. Barrett (18:25):

Yes, I know.

Siobhan Garcia (18:26):

I'm thankful that I don't need to get them done, but I feel like I won't probably touch fillers until I'm probably 40, I feel. Because I feel like the younger, you do it kind of stretches you out more or you know what mean.

Dr. Barrett (18:41):

I think you just need to be careful with who you go to and just be very honest with it, but I think you're beautiful. You have great volume. I wouldn't even think about that even if you-

Siobhan Garcia (18:48):

She love that.

Dr. Barrett (18:53):

... A lot of people don't need fillers, so don't get it. And I think the whole Kylie Jenner thing is kind of gone where people kind of get that exaggerated look. I think people are dialing it back to more natural looks.

Siobhan Garcia (19:02):

I think so, yeah.

Dr. Barrett (19:03): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan take questions

Yeah, well, good. Well, so I want to go and do some Q and A with some of the viewers, they had some questions and some of our listeners and some of our audience. So we actually didn't talk about transitioning. Do you want to touch on that really quick and just talk about maybe resources that you found when you were transitioning? I know this was a long time ago.

Siobhan Garcia (19:26):

Yeah, no. I mean-

Dr. Barrett (19:27):

You found were helpful-

Siobhan Garcia (19:29): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about transitioning

... Nowadays, even the four, five years ago, like there were these LGBT clinics basically where you go and if you wanted... Like, I just went and said, I want to transition. And the nurse, basically, I didn't need therapy. I think that's more for smaller states and things like that. But you-

Dr. Barrett (19:47):

... How old were you?

Siobhan Garcia (19:49):

I was 23, 22 maybe I'm 29 this week so-

Dr. Barrett (19:55):

Happy birthday.

Siobhan Garcia (19:56):

... Thank you, but yeah. So about seven years ago now. I don't know what that is, but anyway, I went to the clinic and he just like gave me hormones right then and there and was like, "Yeah,"-

Dr. Barrett (20:06):

That was in California?

Siobhan Garcia (20:07):

... No, that was New York.

Dr. Barrett (20:08):


Siobhan Garcia (20:08):

But they are here all over here and there. So I would just recommend going to your resources as the LGBT center and talking your nurses, doctors, and they'll basically fix you up with whatever you need-

Dr. Barrett (20:18):


Siobhan Garcia (20:19):

... So yeah.

Dr. Barrett (20:19):  Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about insurance coverage for transitioning

I don't know if you know this, but there's a lot of health insurance and there's also companies that are actually covering.

Siobhan Garcia (20:25):

Starbucks is one of them. I've heard, which I worked at Starbucks back in the day and I wish that was a thing back then.

Dr. Barrett (20:31):

They're actually covering breast augmentation surgery.

Siobhan Garcia (20:34):

Yeah, that's kind of wild.

Dr. Barrett (20:35):

Yeah, so we've actually had a fair amount of people from these companies and from these insurance plans come to see us.

Siobhan Garcia (20:41):

That's cool, yeah. I mean, that's amazing. Because I know that a lot of plastic surgeons don't really go through any insurances that.

Dr. Barrett (20:48):

Yes so we're out of network, but it's something we specialize in. There's not a whole lot of plastic surgeons that do trans breasts augmentation. So I think they recognize that and they're still happy to sign up with us out of network.

Siobhan Garcia (21:02):

Yeah, that's great. I think that's amazing. I mean I'm from Canada again and the healthcare there it's covered anywhere.

Dr. Barrett (21:09):

Is it? Okay. So can you get a breast augmentation up there in Canada?

Siobhan Garcia (21:11):

I could if yeah, I wanted to and just say it's for my mental health basically.

Dr. Barrett (21:15):


Siobhan Garcia (21:15):


Dr. Barrett (21:16):

The question is, is there a good breast augmentation?

Siobhan Garcia (21:18):

Well, that's the thing sometimes if it's through insurance, you can't really choose your doctor. And also so you kind of are left with whatever they can give you. I haven't seen too many people that have gotten them in Canada, so I can't really tell what the results were, but again I could have gone to Canada, but I chose you because I want to pay for what I get.

Dr. Barrett (21:43):

Yes, so you get what to pay for. Yeah, I would say there's probably a lot of good docs in Canada, but it has to be the right fit.

Siobhan Garcia (21:51):


Dr. Barrett and Siobhan answer questions

You want to do research, so. Okay. And then if you could be on the cover of any magazine, what would it be?

Siobhan Garcia (21:59):

Vogue period, yeah.

Dr. Barrett (22:01):


Siobhan Garcia (22:01):

That's the best one I think, my opinion.

Dr. Barrett (22:04):

I feel like I could see you on the cover.

Siobhan Garcia (22:05):

I don't know.

Dr. Barrett (22:05):

I feel like I could go in the airport and look at the face of Siobhan on the cover of Vogue.

Siobhan Garcia (22:10):

Maybe if I get that fresh lipo.

Dr. Barrett (22:11): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about modeling

There you go. And then, okay. So have we done some modeling?

Siobhan Garcia (22:20):

Oh yeah. I was a full time model back in the day.

Dr. Barrett (22:22): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about being a transgender model

Okay, tell us about that. Tell us some struggles that you went through being a trans model.

Siobhan Garcia (22:28):

Well, definitely a lot of struggles for one, just getting someone to take me seriously as a trans person model, because back then there really weren't many.

Dr. Barrett (22:38):

So you say back then, how many-

Siobhan Garcia (22:39):

Sorry, it seems like a lifetime ago, but it was seven years ago. 2014 is when I got into it and I got signed to Ford models, which is a huge agency. And I just came from a farm to home on a dairy farm. You know what I mean?

Dr. Barrett (22:54):

So where is that in Canada? By the way-

Siobhan Garcia (22:55):

Nova Scotia.

Dr. Barrett (22:56):

... Oh wow. That's really up there.

Siobhan Garcia (23:01):

Down East, very east. So yeah, that was really cool. And a thing that I, just something that no one really comes by from where I'm from. So I just packed my bags and went and whatever. And back then I wasn't really trans yet. I was more androgynous kind of doing like the androgynous modeling, which was a thing then. I like, basically started working right when I started because it was such a hot topic, doing more male modeling and female modeling and could do both jobs in one. So I, the perfect candidate for that. So, that was great. And I had a really good experience going to Europe and Korea and didn't really like Korea too much, but it was great for work and whatever. But then I came to New York and that's when it got hard.

Siobhan Garcia (23:43):

That was the struggle. Because New York is the most competitive city for the fashion industry. So being trans, also having a big foot, being a little too tall sometimes was a struggle. And I got declined a lot of jobs sometimes. And especially when I transitioned, it was harder because I was just a basic female model. I wasn't really doing the pigeon holding stuff of being androgynous is and kind of certain jobs I would get for that. I would just be a female model. So I kind of got looked at as that, which I wanted. But at the end I was kind of like, "Oh shit." Now it's more competition. So yeah.

Dr. Barrett (24:25): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about her family and upbringing

You ever see the movie Zoolander where he goes back to the farm, the mining family. Is your family like Nova Scotia? Do they have, like, a farm and you go back there or not?

Siobhan Garcia (24:36):

Oh yeah. I mean, again,-

Dr. Barrett (24:37):

I just picture you going back-

Siobhan Garcia (24:39):

... It's basically like that. We have cows on my lawn. Well we did, we moved off the farm quite a few years ago, but my family still owns it. So I have cows there that are still alive from when I was like 10. So yeah, we didn't slaughter the cows. We just use them for milk and stuff. Yeah, it's basically like that-

Dr. Barrett (25:00):

What a crazy word this is? Yeah, you start out there and cows in your front yard and...

PART 1 OF 3 ENDS [00:25:04]

Dr. Barrett (25:03):

What a crazy world this is. You start out there and like cows in your front yard and now you're-

Siobhan Garcia (25:03):

Yeah, I never went on a plane before and then just went to Toronto. It's where I started. And then Europe, and that was really fun, and then New York. And then I retired from modeling 2016. And I came here and kind of just hung out.

Dr. Barrett (25:21): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about modeling

No, I mean, I've seen all your photos and they're just amazing. Do you feel like you'll ever get back into modeling, or are you-

Siobhan Garcia (25:27):

I don't think so. No, I kind of lost my passion for it.

Dr. Barrett (25:30):

What are you passionate about now?

Siobhan Garcia (25:32):  Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about the future

Right now, I'm really passionate in politics. And I really love law enforcement, so I plan to be a cop, actually.

Dr. Barrett (25:39):


Siobhan Garcia (25:41):

Yeah, I want to go into cop training.

Dr. Barrett (25:42):

Oh my gosh.

Siobhan Garcia (25:43):

In a couple years.

Dr. Barrett (25:44):

Okay. Well, tell me about that. That's kind of interesting, because there's a lot of things going on with police right now.

Siobhan Garcia (25:50):

I know, yeah, yeah.

Dr. Barrett (25:50):

And people are talking about defunding the police department.

Siobhan Garcia (25:54):


Dr. Barrett (25:54):

What are your thoughts on that?

Siobhan Garcia (25:55): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about law enforcement and being trans

I mean, I definitely love law and order. And as a trans woman myself, I always felt, were really safe having police there and around me. And yes, I have privilege being white of course, but also being a trans woman that's a big disprivilege for me. And I love law and order and I have a big passion for law enforcement, so that's something I really want to get into and become.

Dr. Barrett (26:20):

Yeah. Well, my father was a police officer and two of my brothers were police officers, and it's really tough.

Siobhan Garcia (26:26):

It's hard.

Dr. Barrett (26:27):

Yeah. Not all police officers, but a lot of them, they deal with a certain element of society that is kind of the negative side, right? All the time, and that can kind of get draining at some point.

Siobhan Garcia (26:40):

Yeah, totally.

Dr. Barrett (26:40):

So I feel like you have to be a very strong character to maintain-

Siobhan Garcia (26:43): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about transgender safety

Yeah. And I think I've been through a lot and I've been just threatened in society and just always felt like I'm not safe and whatever, but I think since I've been through all that, I can handle whatever that is going to be, the hard training. And also it's very rewarding because you have to physically get into shape and do all that. And that would also be kind of a rewarding thing to say and do.

Dr. Barrett (27:14):

Absolutely. Well, you should-

Siobhan Garcia (27:16): Dr. Barrett and Siobhan talk about the future

So yeah, that's my future plan.

Dr. Barrett (27:17):

I have a dream of you being a Beverly Hills police officer, coming by the office and-

Siobhan Garcia (27:22):

And cute outfits too.

Dr. Barrett (27:23):

Yeah, yeah. Amazing.

Siobhan Garcia (27:25):

It's cool, like from model to police officer. It's quite interesting.

Dr. Barrett (27:29):

Yeah. From farm to model to-

Siobhan Garcia (27:30):

And I don't think there's ever been a trans police officer ever.

Dr. Barrett (27:30):

Well, there you go, yeah.

Siobhan Garcia (27:33):

I can't say, but I don't think.

Dr. Barrett (27:36):

Well, wonderful, Siobhan. So that's about it for the show in terms of time. Is there anything else you'd like to share with the listeners? Do you want them to follow you on any particular platform, or...

Siobhan Garcia (27:46):  Dr. Barrett and Siobhan share final thoughts

You can follow me at siobhann.garcia. That's my Instagram.

Dr. Barrett (27:51):

All right.

Siobhan Garcia (27:51):

Other than that, I think I'm good though, if you are.

Dr. Barrett (27:54):

Wonderful. Well, thank you so much for being on our show. You were very good and I'm very grateful for you.

Siobhan Garcia (27:57):

Thank you. Thanks for having me here.

Dr. Barrett (27:58):

You're beautiful, and thanks for sharing your story.

Siobhan Garcia (28:00):

Thanks. Thank you.