#4: Reliable Skin Care That Works

Dr. Barrett stops by the ZO Skin Health Booth at VCS to discuss skin care with Kelly Hutchins, one of the original developers of ZO Skin Health.

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Dr. Barrett: So we are here at the ZO Skin Health booth. We are here with Kelly Hutchins. I have been one of the original adopters of ZO Skin Health when it first came out. I know going to some of the original meetings and presentations by Dr. Obaji…. and getting the skin care on board in our practice. I want to just touch base and this is going out to my viewers and my potential patients. What do you. Kelly, why are you working here? Why? Why ZO Skin Health? How long have you been with the company?

01:07 Why Is ZO Skin Health the best skincare on the market?

Kelly Hutchins: I have been with the company since it actually first came out to the physicians, like seven years ago. And cover the Southwest territory. And we have the newest technologies, packaging, delivery systems.

Dr. Barrett: So that's, incredible that you mentioned that. Delivery systems, you guys. So, not every skincare product is the same. You may see something that says hyaluronic acid. Oh, it feels so great when it goes on my skin. Oh, this is this is retinol. I know that. I need my retinol. Tell us about delivery systems. What is it? What's special about delivery systems?

01:40 Delivery systems

Kelly Hutchins: Well, now that we can put delivery systems in the product, the formulators can actually control the size and the delivery so we get it exactly where we want. So it doesn't just sit on the surface of the skin. So we're getting quicker results.

Dr. Barrett:  Yeah, that's incredible. Because you get… it is not about the chemical and what it… or not even the chemical, it’s not even about, It's not even about the growth factor. But how can you get the growth factor where it needs to get, you know. And so, do you guys do liposomal delivery?

Kelly Hutchins: So, we do a delivery system, but we can control the size of the molecule with the delivery system to release it where we want it to be released so that we do get results and it doesn't sit on the surface of the skin, but it's actually delivering to where we want to start collagen production.

02:28 young skin vs older skin

Dr. Barrett: Awesome. I mean, that's the key, is college in production, right? Because young skin versus older skin. Unless you're using Obaji, young skin is very thick. And then as you get older, you lose that collagen production. And I remember listening to one Dr. Obaji for the very first time when he was talking about ZO Skin Health. And it's basically your skin. If you over moisturize your skin and you don't stimulate, you don’t challenge it. It's like lying in bed all day for your muscles. You know, they get weak. They don't get strong. So, it's like that's what with this whole paradigm shift. He had kind of the most meaningful philosophy with skin health and skin care that he kind of investigated and developed. And that was you have to challenge your skin to make this college and make this elastin.

Kelly Hutchins: Exactly. Like when we were younger. Our skin was more active, the cells were active and it slows down as we age. And so now we can just give it a kick start. And that's why we want to make sure we deliver into the right part of the skin, but also that we do exfoliation and have a result. Get the results we want. It's all about results. And that's what our patients want. That's where our physicians want, is to see results.

03:37 Does it matter what your skincare smells like?

Dr. Barrett: And that's so true because you guys are one of the few skincare companies out there that are doing studies on their products. So, it's easy to go on a Nordstrom, it is easy to go to Neiman Marcus. And you go up the counter and like oh this is the product you need. And they do this whole song and dance where they put it on the back of your hand and you smell it. It smells great, which it shouldn't, by the way. Skin care shouldn't really be, you shouldn't smell it. Right?

Kelly Hutchins: Right.

Dr. Barrett: And it's like, why do we go to these? Why do we go to these department stores and expect that that person behind the counter, that's in hour employee, is going to be able to diagnose what's going on with our skin, recommend product, and then really understand what's in that product, which typically costs about five times as much of what a standard product, an actual skin care company costs.

04:15 Where can you find ZO Skin Health?

Kelly Hutchins: That's exactly true. I mean, it makes you feel good. It'll look good for the day. But we're not trying to get. We're trying to get long term results, change the skin. That's why we only sell it to physicians and medical professionals. They can consult the skin and find the right products for you.

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Kelly Hutchins: You get the benefits and the change that you're looking for.

Dr. Barrett: That is so fundamentally important. Our skin is our largest organ in our body. And why are we going, why are people going online or why are people doing this? Go to a skin care professional. You know, they did a study about what people look at in terms of beauty. The very first thing that enters someone's brain about whether or not someone's beautiful or not, is their skin quality. So, I get people that come in and they want to…they want breast augmentation, because I do a lot of… I'm a head-to-toe plastic surgeon and they have horrible acne. I'm like, your boobs are great, but you have horrible acne and we're not... We need to talk about this, you know. And that's why I care that the whole line is … you know, ZO skin health in my practice, because, you know, we have to address the skin. And it's just, this is something that wherever you are, you should be on some kind of at least basic regimen for your skin. And you're really not…you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't start now.

Kelly Hutchins: Exactly. And that is why we do daily skin care for healthy skin, and then we do repair for anti-aging, a different skin disease, but it is a vision of your health is looking at your skin.

05:38 Why is Vitamin A is good for your skin?

Dr. Barrett: totally. Kelly, if you had a bit of advice for someone out there that doesn't use anything right now and is thinking about doing something for their skin or they're not happy with their skin. Well, how do you, what would be your advice for them?

Kelly Hutchins: Well, we always have medical professionals consult the skin to see what issues they have. We're always going to, of course, play a sunscreen, a medical sunscreen. And then vitamin A. Anything with vitamin A, retin-a, retinals are going to be one of the biggest changes in your skin.

Dr. Barrett: Absolutely. I mean, this is just this is just one of the major heavy hitters that you actually have double randomized controlled studies on retinol. That's just vitamin A, basically.

Kelly Hutchins: yes

06:16 The delivery of Vitamin C

Dr. Barrett: Also, you guys were the first adopters of the aqueous vitamin C. Tell me about that

Kelly Hutchins: So our vitamin C is actually.. we do it in an anhydrous formula, an airless pump, because vitamin C is not stable. So we put in a delivery system so the vitamin C is not sitting on the surface of the skin. We're actually delivering it where we want to. So that makes a huge difference because you can spend money on vitamin C, but because it's not stable, it doesn't stay active.

Dr. Barrett: I think people don't realize that. They are like, oh, I put vitamin C in my skin all the time…And I'm like, well, you know, is it, is it active? Is probably not, it’s probably already oxidizing by the time it hits your skin. Like, I know when I use the vitamin C product that you guys have, I put it on my skin right after I shave. And I feel, it's work.

Kelly Hutchins: Oh, you feel it. You feel it. You feel it. You feel the delivery system. You know, it's working. That's the difference. And it's the part of our packaging, but also our delivery system. That with the combination, we get a great vitamin C. That stays stable.

07:11 ZO Skin Health market share

Dr. Barrett: Exactly. Kelly, what's on the forefront for ZO right now? What's kind of the latest thing coming down the pipeline that you think people should know about?

Kelly Hutchins: ZO grows with the fastest growing skincare company for medical professionals in the United States. We are the fastest internationally and it's partly our partnership with the physicians. So, you don't actually spend more money going to a physician to be consulted on skin care, but you're actually put on the right products with active ingredients that you can't buy outside of doctor's office.

Dr. Barrett: Right. And I think that is important because when it comes to your skin, like you really… you need to get the guidance of a medical professional. Doesn't cost you more, it might even cost you less of what you get in a department store.

Kelly Hutchins: which is true.

07:54 No online orders

Dr. Barrett: Yeah. And you're going to get something that's tailored for your skin. And it's like, your skin is a direct communication with the rest of her body. Like, you have to be carefully put on your skin. And, you know, I think you guys do honestly, one of the best jobs at that. And you can't get ZO Skin Health on Amazon, right?

Kelly Hutchins: No. We don't allow online sales. And there's a reason for that. We want it to be protocoled by physicians. But also, when you get online, you don't really know what you're getting. So, we guarantee that what's on the label is in the package and we don't allow any online sales of our product. So, they can be prescribed appropriately.

Dr. Barrett: Yeah, exactly. So, you know, once you establish that relationship with a doctor, you can actually reorder products through the online portal through the ZO.

Kelly Hutchins: Correct. So that, you know, you can get it delivered to your home, but it's through the physician's office and we guarantee it. But no one online is allowed to sell. And we diligently... It's very expensive. And we have an anti-diversion department to make sure that the product you get is the product that we say it is.

08:54 How to find ZO Skin Health Providers

Dr. Barrett: Exactly. That is really important because you can get all kinds of knockoffs that are created. You don't know what's in it. And you know, you know, it's actually easier than you think. Go and get your skin consultation. We have an aesthetician in our office and I I see skincare consults as well. Where does someone look to find ZO Skin Health providers? Where can they find someone?

Kelly Hutchins: Well, we have a Web site and all of our physicians are listed. So you can look up by your zip code, the closest physician in your area of where we carry our products and they're familiar with them and they can actually write a protocol that is specifically for you.

Dr. Barrett: That's awesome. So you guys, this is the ZO Skin Health. You can Google it. You can check it out online. You can find me if you want to come see me in Beverly Hills. But if you, if I'm too far for you, you can find someone that's close by and get some. Kelly, thank you so much.

Kelly Hutchins: Thank you. Dr. Barrett

Dr. Barrett: And I love your products. I use it, I use five products every single day. How many do you use? What's your regimen?

Kelly Hutchins: I use about six. I use it every day. It's super easy. It takes a second. It'll change your skin.

Dr. Barrett: Your skin is amazing. All right, Kelly, thank you so much.

Kelly Hutchins: Thanks, Dr. Barrett.

Dr. Barrett: Thank you for listening to this podcast. If you want more information about plastic surgery and our secrets, please visit my website at drdanielbarrett.com.

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