All Good Things Podcast: Consulting With a Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Barrett was featured on the All Good Things Podcast with Jason Nash. Jason welcome’s Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and viral Tiktok star Dr. Daniel Barrett to talk about reducing Nivine’s breasts, what Jason should do to look younger and what celebrities people most want to look like (hint: Kylie Jenner.) Plus, getting the Emily Rajakowski treatment, having your kidney stolen in Turkey and Dr. Barrett takes a look at Jason’s friends Todd, Joe, Ilya, Jonah, and David’s and recommends what work they could have done to look their best.

there was a woman who went to this is crazy by the way I don't know if you heard this but she went to uh was it Dominican Republic for a mommy makeover

her tummy tuck it was $3,000 which is great price like normally the lowest price for like a tummy tuck here would

be lowest lowest and that's like this was like 8,000 right so she went there got it for $33,000 she comes back she

wasn't feeling great they took one of her kidneys oh I I saw you saw this they

took one of her kidneys and she didn't find out until later so she just spent $3,000 to get her kidney shrimpy

harvested not going anywhere but hold on but she also did get she got a tummy the

tummy [Music] [Applause]

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do what's up guys we got a great podcast for you today Dr Daniel Barrett is here from Tik Tok but first i'm going to be

on tour this fall I'm going to be in Liberty Township Ohio November 4th and I'll be in Dayton Ohio November 5th also

four California shows coming in November and December November 12th over at the Irvine Improv that's a Sunday show Jonah

will be there with me Susie uh Joe Todd please please come out and come see me November 19th I'll be in San Jose

November 26th I will be in Ontario California I'll be at the Ontario Improv

October 26 and then the last show of the Year December 10th I'll be in Oxnard at levity live that'll be a big show uh and

a lot of my friends will be there they'll probably be at the Ontario one too so please go buy tickets at Jason and come check me out okay we

have a great podcast for you for you today navine is here Dr Daniel Barrett is here it's awesome if you like plastic surgery if you like talking about

celebrities super fun podcast so enjoy guys welcome back to the podcast we're here all good things podcast you know

we're always killing it here you know we're always thinking out of the box navine called me I mean she turned over

in bed and she said to me she goes we got to have this guy on Dr Daniel Barrett welcome here today thank you we

have so much to talk about you have a history with naine you are uh killing it on Tik Tok and most of all you do

incredible plastic surgery making changing people's lives thank you is that what you do just go right up with

the mic right there I know it's uh it feels like you're on the prices right uh come on down and uh we are we're going

to play Plinko in a second um um but no I I I I think what you do is insane like

I I it's incredible amount of pressure right yes and uh a huge responsibility

and you make people feel good you change their lives absolutely it's something I I try to remind myself every single day

I get to kind of um well well first of all people you know uh they they're

they're basically trusting me 100% with their their life right so it's just like I I you know it's is my job I do this

routinely but I never forget right we I go before every surgery I'm like this person is trusting me with their life

and and it's the truth right um and so I I take that very seriously how many of you lost uh none none good okay and

that's why I've chosen plastic surgery and you wouldn't be here if you had lost anyway yeah so like that's why I like I

knew right off when I was in in residency and in medical school like you know cardiothoracic surgery open heart surgery I'm I'm okay I don't I don't

need to do that so kudos to the people that do that so yes um yeah no it's it's great you know the my favorite part of

the day is when my my patients come back in you know six weeks after their surgery and they're just like show me

pictures in their bikini showing me pictures that how much I've changed their life and how they feel so much better about the body it's really me

performing operations on people's bodies to boost their confidence I I really feel like that's what it is because the confidence comes the confidence goes way

up you know and they're able to feel better about themselves and you can call it superficial um but if you can call it

whatever you want a lot of people kind of hate on plastic surgery because you're not being natural or they say you know and it's just like where do you

draw the line where do you draw a line with someone putting on makeup or going to the gym to kind of improve their body

versus getting a little lipos suction or getting a tummy tuck let's say after having five kids um where do you draw

the line and say that that's that's fake and that's that's not being true to your body right and if it makes you feel good what does it really matter you know it's

I agree I think anything now I I let's call up a picture of my face I mean

you're looking at it yeah I guess we don't really need the picture do we it's just more fun to have a picture here I

am this is this is last night we were at dance with the Stars last night Harry JY by the way Advanced the next round I voted seven times yes and so

here's my face right here now Doc I would never ever ever do anything I would never have plastic surgery talk me

into it tell me why I should what I should do what what do you see right off the bat well the good thing about my job

is I don't have to twist anybody's arm they basically come to me and so um you know if you want me to talk you in so

you know it just depends on people's personal goals but I mean in terms of like what we could do cosmetically for you if you're interested and just as

look at that start crying as a case study here

uh we shouldn't start here we should start here yeah so your body's perfect you know a lot of people will start with

like botox so you see those see these Els that you have like right there you know those are they're called el it's

like it's like right here so it's like a one and it's a one right there yeah it's called elens and then you see these

horizontal lines and these are all normal we all have them let's go go close up to my face maybe you can go on you can see me oh no but my actual fit

oh actually that's even better okay great so yeah so you could see the okay and then we have what's called crow's

feet so imagine the feet of a crow sticking off to the side here crow looks like a flock of crows Jesus um actually

I'm really sorry we're doing this now now that I'm looking at myself so those are like those and then we ALS are you I

I feel like he's zooming in on the under eye area um so I feel trying to tell you

something so right yeah come on man T right in so

that that would that you know you're right yeah the per orbital area so people say so when you look at they've

done studies when you look at someone's face there's first thing you notice is skin quality the next thing you notice is like the the area around the eyes

Okay so that's why skincare is really important but then uh per orbital um Rejuvenation is ex they say the eye is

the windows to the soul you know and and I believe that so you know a little there's extra skin here right so we

could we can remove a little bit of extra skin if you want there's almost so much skin coming down like I'm not going to be able to see soon right so like

part of if it gets don't stretch it but if this is part this is partly medical right so a lot of people get this done

for medical reasons like you can't see right so if you can't see like yes

Insurance sometimes covers it and then there's some you know there's there's a loss of volume underneath here you know this comes with this loss of volume in

the lower cheek and yes yes and so you know there's volume you could put

underneath here to kind of fix that area too volume when like you have like because

he had a big weight loss right so oh you did yeah I did wow well 30

amazing yeah how you do it St myself okay like in a man fasting saying or

just like not eating no no no I would I I didn't I didn't stve myself I would do like intermittent

fasting um and uh you know just eating cleaner don't drink okay minimal amount

of carbs yeah um but now I I you know I was eating vegan ice cream at 3 in the morning so I don't know I don't know

where I am with it it was vegan yeah you know it's it's it's all relative I I I actually councel a lot of my patients

because sometimes people are too heavy to have surgery or they just want to know weight loss tips and and my I always try to get people to kind of get

as much goals as possible on their own before we do surgery especially if if it has to do with skin um intermittent

fasting is one of my favorite things because if you think about humans evolved how human if you believe in evolution how how humans evolved over

two to three million years we didn't have three meals a day we didn't have the fridge where you have the ice cream

we definitely didn't have vegan ice cream um and people's bodies aren't used to having three meals a day and so it's

like get you know intermittent fasting is not really starving yourself it's not really a fat diet it's it's actually getting back to what our B's evolved how

we evolved to eat and and that digestive system is not evolved to have food in it 24 hours a day I read this thing too

with intermittent fasting it it cleans out like cancerous cells it can yeah you got to hit a a point called autophagy I

know I'm a plastic yes so have you probably heard of that and that's you can you can you can increase that with

uh you know different types of things but fasting is probably one of the best ways to do how do I get to autophagy you got to go to about 16 hours hours of uh

12 to 16 hours of no calories oh right so you know about this right so not even a coffee you can do a coffee but no

cream or sugar in it so that actually will enhance autophagy as long as it's black coffee so yes so now the real

autophagy the cancer fighting stuff doesn't happen until about three days According to some studies and some people yeah so you have to do so you get

a tiny bit of like 16 hours or 12 to 16 hours but then where you really see the loss of the uh the reduction and the

recy recycling all that stuff kicks in around three days so a lot of people recommend to go to five days to really

kind of do a once a year there's a doctor on internet who recommends to do a once a year fast for about five days

um obviously you got to work up to it and check with your doctor and everything else um and that will clear out 95% of all your pre-cancerous cells

wow that's what he says so I don't know I've done it but and so for my face yes you said volume what what do you mean

what would you put so all right so so you lost 30 PBS and and so what happens is the skin kind of stretches out a

little bit and then we lose we lose that volume back down so I would do a combination of rev volumization and then

skin tightening right so we got to tighten that skin kind of back up so this the SK is that pulling you can do a

facelift right or isn't there even just those lasers exactly So Co I would

probably say just CO2 laser right so something that's kind of you know quick you know easy not such a huge recovery

um and then replacing volume with like say a little bit of fat from somewhere else that you don't want put we can draw

from right so fat transfer so we take it where you don't want it and put it where you do want and then resurface everything so combination of volume and

skin tiing wow and so and you also I have to you

know I hate to bring this up but you were the person that made nain

smaller and uh I don't know how you could do that that was uh can I really

uh wish You' come and ask me before do you give permiss talk about it no no I'm

yeah no yeah n had bigger boots before I met her apparently before you met me but

now it fits my body they're still big yeah which I appreciate because I think

even when I went in I told him that I wanted them really small and like he was just kind of like talking to me about it

and like they get smaller when you lose weight they get bigger when you gain weight cuz it is it's fat right um and

I'm really like thankful I think you did it so perfectly Al so I should be thanking him could have made him smaller

he could have like really listened to my first like thing when I came in I'm like I'm just over having it's like what

there's you know there's a psychological thing when you have you know it's like the The Grass Is Always Greener like if you have very large breast the only

thing you can think of is how large your breasts are and how much problematic like problems you have like you're having like the shoulder the neck pain

right she's much happier now because you know it's a breast reduction is one of my favorite because it's it's functional

in terms of like correcting your posture and it's also cosmetic and so I get people that come in they're just like I

want absolutely nothing and I don't think you were saying that but you you were like really small I was like all right you know proportion wise we still want to keep something right and so I

think we we decided you know on on something kind of middle of the road yeah I think it worked out great for you

um but it's important not to go too far in the other direction out of emotional just like despair of your current

situation is it the same machine that you would suck fat out of someone's gut so the way I do it I do I do an actual

reection of it and then I do combine it with liposuction so that we don't have to make big incisions so it's called a

love lollipop incision versus the anchor scar so like think of a boat anchor right so it's incision around the aerial

and then a boat anchor on the bottom that's kind of old school way of doing it I do lollipop incision so incision around the aial and a line going down so

that's a newer technique but anyway and so you're you're you're you're you're a kid and you said to yourself I want to

go into plastic surgery no you know so I grew up in warron Virginia I don't know if anybody knows where that is we know

Virginia yeah so it's it's kind of outside DC is like an hour and a half outside D you it's beautiful country

there it is is really beautiful PR um and I remember like we had like we had a

TV we actually had to push the buttons on and um I think we finally got cable TV and I I remember watching The

Learning Channel or something like that and there was like U there was like maybe what was it it was like a knee

surgery and I was like I'm like watching this drill go into a knee and I was like I'm I'm okay with this this is cool I

was like all right you know I was like I'm okay with it and then um you know

then then later on uh so was Jeff darmer so I know I know so we had like figure that out right um and so later on more

sad note my dad he smoked his whole life so I remember like you know back in the day people would smoke anywhere smoke on airplanes and stuff like that but um not

that I was flying on airplanes a lot when I was young but um you know he smoked so he got lung cancer and that exposed me to healthare and that's like

what you know it's why I wanted to be a doctor um and nobody in my family were doctors and I was like I just kind of want to go into medicine and help people

you know um and it was cool because it was science like there's science there's helping people you know and then plastic

surgery kind of evolved a a little bit later you know you don't really know what you want to do when you want to go into medicine and you go in and and and

you you kind of feel it out you see what you like to do you see what other people are doing and plastic surgery is really

cool because you can work on any part of the body work on young people you I mean like I'll you know I have friends that

call me up uh or or patients that come in and their kids you know they split their chin and you know so like little

kids I can I can sew up lacerations and then you know adults and then older people and cancer patients I still do

cancer reconstruction um occasionally burn victims enhancer you know it's like it's like this

broad spectrum of stuff and a lot of the Cosmetic stuff is really cool too because you're taking something that looks completely normal and you're

trying to make it look better right as opposed to like appendicitis you got to get the appendix out there's two ways to do it you know so um it's challenging in

in in an aesthetic and artistic way as well as you kind of have to know the science and all the studies and everything else and the best practices I

tell you as I've gotten older like I I love doctors like I went I went I had to have hip surgery oh and I just had to

have uh Cedars oh cool um and so I go in and

my had one foot was longer than the other my whole life so it just eventually this rode down because I

would run and stuff and I went and saw the guy and I was like really nervous and the guy the guy goes here I want to show you something and he takes me

around his office and he's a sculptor wow and he's like see all these see all these uh beautiful sculptures yeah and I

say yeah he goes I did them all he goes I'm going to do the same on your hip wow like that and now now my like this guy

is just like a rock star like he my hip what's his name his name is um it's I'm

drawing a like with the K uh uh Alex Alex Newman had the same same doctor he

I sent him to the same doctor his name is uh Clapper Clapper okay you know him no but I mean Dr Clapper in Beverly

Hills forgot the name Clapper for that's something I that name I've never heard anyone with the last name Clapper but but this guy

is and I had to wait nine months to see him wow wow and um but sure enough man

yeah it's unreal like I wish like this guy is a rock star so I did he do a scope or did he get in there or did he

actually have to go in there and he went in there and took the thing out and then he put a like a like a metal ball in so

now when I go through the airport so you have a joint replacement yeah wow okay and and anesthesia was insane okay you

did okay I did great but I was just like you know I'm there and I'm like he's like do you feel it I'm like I don't feel anything

I literally was saying I don't feel anything and then I just woke up yeah like it doesn't that's I mean that's another wild thing too is like you talk

about anesthesia is like what's really happening with Consciousness you go asleep and this this this whole

operation happens like I'll do you know all my surgeries like yours are dream your sleep what is that and then and

then you wake up and it's all done you know so it's it's a whole it's a whole other topic and then you wake up with a catheter inside you yeah that's not fun

did you have that yeah I didn't know about that yeah I'm sorry you don't feel it for the 12 hours cuz I'm not feeling

anything anyway so I'm like hey I probably should go pee and they're like oh check your and I was like oh oh

oh why did they keep it in normally they take it out no they didn't want just to freak you out because I guess I couldn't

walk anymore oh oh that's probably why yeah because it's hard to kind of pee if you're in bed yeah yeah yeah so you took

out naveen's boots he made my better so yeah we we yes so we reduced them and we lifted

them and all that and she's very happy so thank you for doing such a great job I'm always showing them off I'm just

than I'm what do you think happened with Kanye's mom um because I love Kanye and I felt

so bad when his mom died yeah so you know there's a there's a there's a certain health screening that has to

happen anytime someone's about to have surgery I see so one of the things you want to uh definitely check is their

cardiac history have they had a heart attack right do they have a heart history okay and I'm not sure all the

details but I believe his his mother had previous hisory of um cardiac arrest and

it might have been too soon so it wasn't that she went out of the country to a crappy doctor she just probably had a health condition well I mean if the

doctor knew about it and was crappy then like he shouldn't have operated he should have stopped right he should have

yeah so that that's my understanding is that she had a cardiac condition and then she she had a heart attack because

it was just too much stress you got to understand when you when your body gets anesthesia your blood vessels relax so

all of the blood pulls down lower so your heart um has sometimes has a tough

time keeping up with that right it starts beating fast because it's like all right I need to compensate for this so that's why you can stimulate a heart

attack if you're not healthy or if you had previous cardiac history and that's why it's very important to make sure that you go to qual qualified places

don't go out of the country for surgery um you know do your research you know I know I know people do it um she's trying

to get me go to Turkey yeah you know believe it or not there's some

qualified places overseas right so but if you if you're you know like turkey is known for rhinoplasty and and hair

restoration right okay fantastic I can give you names of people at like qual

like reputable places but what I'm talking about is like going to you know uh third world countries for uh for just

real budget reasons like there was a woman who went to this is crazy by the way I don't know if you heard this but she went to uh was it Dominican Republic

for a mommy makeover tummy Tu it was $3,000 which is great price like normally the lowest price for like a

tummy tuck here would be lowest lowest and that's like M like 8,000 right so

she went there got it for $3,000 she comes back she wasn't feeling great they took one of her kidneys oh I I saw this

you saw this they took one of her kidneys and she didn't find out until later so she just spent $3,000 to get

her kidney Tri harvested not going anywhere but hold on but she also did

get she got a tummy toong the tummy toong at the price at the at a good

price say your kidney is just extra weight yeah I wouldn't want to give up one of my kidneys though no me neither

yeah because you want both of them yes yeah if you can that's a harrowing story yeah it's horrible yeah so I mean you

know a lot of I get a lot I actually talk about this on my Tik Tok I get a lot of comments about it like there's lots of good doctors overseas and

everything else and I was like yeah but all right how about this if you get a complication right I have patient I I I do a lot of surgeries I occasionally get

complications right where do they go are they going are they going to fly back to you know Dominican Republic with the wound infection no they're going to try

to go to a local doctor they're not going to know what's going to going to be happening so for that reason I I generally say try to avoid it uh there's

there's obviously some great doctors overseas but if you know you just got to be careful and be smart about it if you

are going to do it and I wouldn't go to thir third world countries that don't have the same licensing and regulations that we have in you you're you're in

Beverly Hills yes okay so this is this is the epicenter for people coming in and having plastic surgery it's probably

the it's the plastic surgery capital of the world would you say yeah pretty much yes who we I I know the answer but I'm

going to ask you who do people ask to look like the most I saw a Tik Tok where you were like people bring in photos

just like you would go in and say I want this kind of haircut I want the Rachel people will come in and say Michael

Bolton or like yeah make me look like Mich want to look like Rod Stewart when I was younger oh yeah me too back in did

you have long hair no oh you didn't no but I I just I loved his like spiky you

know I worked at a mental institution and there was somebody who told me I look like Rod Stewart's son every single day for an entire summer yeah wow yeah

and I took it as a compliment oh yeah no I mean great yeah he's great looking guy you know okay so who do they who do they

ask for so you know I do a lot of breast and body um I would say for the breast hands down is Emily Rakowski we have a

little pick of em Emily here one of our favorites n and I love her yes

absolutely gorgeous she has great proportions and she's very smart too let's just say that I've heard her on

Howard Stern and she's a Gemini like us she's a Gemini my we saw her once at the at

valet did I ever tell you the story we were at with your dad we were at Val for at Staple Center and she was there at

valet and she looks great and my dad goes he goes oh she goes go boy she's

built for Speed not Comfort that's what he said my dad's a hoot what up B anyways

okay so go ahead I cut you off people want her breasts yes yeah and and so like she has actually nude pictures on

the internet so like you know when I do surgery I actually try to match the patient's breast with uh proportion wise

like naked breast photo I tell people bring me naked breast photos from the front view and they're like well like where do I find these like you know I'm just like my website whatever they're

like oh good they think they have to look like porn images and all this other stuff anyway they like they all un many of them find her photo the nude photo

from the front and she has just great like full C proportions and she does have a skinny body skinny most I haven't

met anybody with her exact body she has this like she has this like superum like abdominal crack in the middle so like if

you find this pictures of her you could see that she's just got incredible stomach is insane yeah exactly it's like

it's AB crack it's the Rakowski AB crack so um I wonder if her parents are really

good-looking it's good research project um she's posted her parents they're just older so like I'm sure when they were

younger are her breasts real you think that's a tough one always go back

and forth back and forth too it's so hard I think they are and but I think

they're they're probably on the smaller side and um smaller yeah we looking at the same so so here's here's no here's

my Jes what you saying the smaller is if you're you're a person with small breasts and you get uh like very no

breath like no breasts and you get an implant it's easy to see it right because the implant it becomes implant dependent right so you can start to do

we have an implant no we don't oh you guys brought implants I think we brought hopefully there's an impct not just

finally having a video version of the podcast pays off yeah for those of you listening on Spotify or iTunes you going

to have to go to the video right now because we have one oh we have you guys have a ton of implants toss like throw

it over here's a baby one yeah oh yeah okay is this that's really is this like a

double D augmentation I love that oh no all right so it depends right so like if you're 6'2 Pro volleyball player that's

going to be like a a b cup if you're 6'2 yeah oh I see yeah if you are uh 4 foot

n that's going to be like a d you know so it just depends on your frame and and Emily Rakowski has a very um very petite

frame but here's my theory so so if you're flat so back to so let me

see I'll say it I gotta say I just do and you know what I hated when people can tell you do like I hated when

everyone was talking about butts for so many years yeah yeah and I was just like what about

the remember when butts became a thing like 10 years ago Mix A Lot yeah yeah I think that's when it really started baby

got back if you really want to go back you know but but yeah totally 10 years ago like with a BBL like you know cardia

and everything else thei so so back to Emily so like if you if you had flat

chested and you put an implant in you'd be implant dependent so you see a lot of the implant right and you could still disguise it underneath the muscle like

dual plane technique and everything else but if if you have good amount of breast tissue to begin with and you just put a little modest siiz implant in there it's

going to be really hard to see and I think that's what's going on I think she has a small little saline or silicone implant in there and the rest of her

natural breast tissue um like kind of like Carro jeel have you ever seen her like um carel yes yes a really great

natur Secret model yeah um I mean I have no idea who she is yes anyone with I

know you know first and last name yeah um she has all like natural breasts and you could tell the difference but like I

think with with her she and this is just my opinion I don't know for sure um she just had a small implant put in um and

just someone did a great job good mix of both yeah interesting now n has said I play with

him all day thank you so much naine has asked me so if have a kid that she's

already asking me for well I want to have my kid and then I I want to be

given a second to myself to be rolled in to Dr Barrett's office yeah to fix my

breasts fix my stomach you mean after you breastfeed you need to fix the breasts um so I think you know there's

been research done that like breastfeeding also I don't know if I can breastfeed until I have a baby yet can

Yes Man manifest that you can because it's very important oh yes yes I can yes

I wish you told me this what well so anytime you do breast surgery it can kind of it can it can make it harder for

you to breastfeed right but the way I do my breast reductions is um I I really keep all of the glandular like structure

intact all we did was just take a little pizzza pie out of it right so pizza pie yeah so you're you have a you had a very

large Factory now you have a mediumsized factory but all of the you left the whole pie as far as I'm concerned

the the assembly line still there right so meaning from the glandular structure all the way to the nipple I didn't mess

with it and that's I always kind of make sure that I preserve that structure when I do breast surgery doesn't guarantee

that there won't be problems but it's it's there for you probably not yeah it's there for you to for you have you

ever cuz I saw um I feel like I got a cool experience

because I got to actually see some of my surgery like uh we video it yeah yeah

which was crazy I know but um that's a big have you ever done one and like just

felt like this is gross or no like you're just like in the zone uh no I've

never I mean back to the me watching have you ever seen like what kind of question is that he's a doctor no I know

but like I don't I'm not grossed out by Blood and stuff but sometimes when I'm watching something I'm like I get a

little bit queasy never no I mean back back to when I was a kid watching the knee getting drilled on I I think that

I'm I think that's a butt I'm okay with you yes I think there's a but we have the sizing bra new John do we have

oh we didn't bring the isn't that a butt is this a but or boob there's no sizing bra on there that's a boob oh that's a

boob that's a boob Siz so so I actually saw this on your Tik Tok earlier you were talking about the difference

between these two yeah oh you were and then he looks at me and he goes which one does your best friend have the oval

or the circle I was like it's not of from a medical standpoint from a medical standpoint I'm

asking I can learn yo this is crazy yeah that's that's that so that's a sizer but

we do have implants that are sh shape like that teardrop shape you see that good catch that was good this is crazy

yeah I know that's a that's a sizer this simulates what a 590cc implant would

look like so you basically put this on underneath the bra and it kind of like simulates what the breast looks like

damn yeah I know we have other implants like this show you this one let you guess what

that is goes into your butt no how would that go into your butt that was some Dev or

something yeah Dr Barrett brought you a SE device is this a

nipple it's a pretty big nipple okay let me see don't tell me so what would this be for it's something I'd say you play

with daily oh this is when people have testical cancer this is the other ball yes right this is a Lance Armstrong

special right here possibly yes yeah well this is this is listen you don't want one ball down there that's not attractive right that seems like a kind

of a crazy surgery to get well so just put in another gonad yeah but like we do

it for breast all the time so like what's but you see the breast that's different a woman when she has the right breast the outfits look better she feels

more confident maybe the underwear looks better so babe if the no you couldn't be able to see but babe let's say I had to

lose a testicle right yeah you're the only one's going to see it so why would I what if you had an only fans or what

if what if you were a womanizer and what if you were young like so you know uh I

I I had you know I there's men that get you know testicle cancer in their 20s right so um you know and some people

care how that looks feels you know so I could see it yeah this is a nice one that is it's pretty pretty

stout I I don't need to you got to touch it okay here we go it's actually really great whoa that's so it's a firm yeah

it's more firm consistencies do you like with breast implants do you let them feel different ones and they pick one or

is it standard size um you know no I have a couple different companies I use and different options but for that no

that's really I wonder if Shack's balls are like bigger than that well when I saw the no I'm just

kidding I'm just kidding damn what's up Shaq yeah um okay

this is this is incredible let's keep going so they want to look like Emily rikowski yeah so Emily rikowski um for

both breast I've had it for lips occasionally um Al uh I had it for lips

occasionally um abdom like abdominal like stomach yeah stomach appearance yeah so and also I

heard uh Kylie people want to look like Kylie yes right get a picture of Kylie up here she said she didn't get anything

done for the longest time which is insane I know okay first of all she she's gorgeous whatever whatever she's

doing is great yeah know gorgeous now and I've met her she's like the sweetest yes she's the absolute sweetest she gave

me a hug when I met her I couldn't believe it which I thought oh don't get jealous no no no I'm not getting jealous but do

you think she's sitting some were being like Jason Nash gave me a hug one time but she's a big star yeah she doesn't

she didn't have to be nice to me that's true um she's gorgeous I don't know I don't need to get into like what she did

but people need to people want to look like her yeah yeah a lot of people and

what do you say you say yes I can do that or I can take you somewhat there within within reason you know everybody

everybody has um structures that are unique to their body um but in terms of

like things that I can maybe adjust like the actual volume of the lips a little bit of the shape but like mostly just

volume like how big do you want them stuff like that and I I generally always stay on the natural side for anything I'm not there to to do things that are

like unnatural you know I just I don't feel good like there's other people that you can go to see to do that it's just I

don't want be know for that and so when naine has a baby and she wants her boob done are you gonna go to him yeah he's

like the person who gos why do you need your done because you you're going to be breastfeeding well so my around go ahead

like even when like I'm about to get my perod they get really big and so like my boob size is always changing so I know

when I'm pregnant my boob are GNA be huge oh they're going to stretch yeah it's going to stretch and then they're

going to droop and we can't have that CU I'm with a boob guy oh no I don't I'm

getting it for you that's very nice so what would you do in the case of this well so first of all uh it I wouldn't

say it's guaranteed that you're going to have um like a problem so I wouldn't think that now getting pregn I remember

when we had our first child um my wife gained weight obviously because she was pregnant and then I gained weight too

it's like we all went to have like burgers and lasagna and it's just it's just like so so a study just came out it

said that women when they're pregnant they release a hormone that affects the male partner that they're with too and they actually gain weight isn't that

wild that's really yeah so that's partly why I felt like I was out of shape after when I saw my brother that one time so

um anyway so my advice is when people break like the 30 PB threshold of waking

during pregnancy and I'm not trying to judge it's like incredibly hard so if you gain 50 pounds I'm not judging you but I'm just saying in terms of a

plastic surgery standpoint if you can keep it at 30 pounds 35 you won't probably need to have I see I'm I don't

think I'll be someone that is overe eting then you'll be fine well you say that until you get pregnant and then you

just want like like trust me like my wife and she's just like incredible cravings and it's like something out of

this world you know so but also she I've met his wife and is like built like a

super model so I feel oh yeah I saw his wife on it's like crazy beautiful she is

she's tall which helps Pizza upab how tall is she she's 6'1 oh boy yeah so

that's so cool yeah it is cool it's great I think that's so the reason I married her so I don't have to reach up

for the higher cabinets and it saves me so much hassle when I come home I don't have to get anything out of the cabinets

that's amazing I know she can get stuff for me that's perfect oh just kidding mared her she's the perfect women in the

world and then I saw you I saw you talk about Jennifer Lawrence on your Tik Tok yeah and um that one's a tough one you

know because I like I like the way you address your Tik toks you're very kind about everything you're like you're like

honestly I don't know she could have just lost weight right I think she did yeah yeah yeah I think she did she beautiful yeah totally but the eye stuff

still I'm like you know some stuff it just I just not explained um and and and you know it's like there's weird stuff

you do like ponytail when people put their hair in a ponytail it looks like they had a eyebrow left so of like people call it like a little ponytail

left you know and so um there's definitely things that I I'm always still learning like how people get to

these certain looks because you see her in a younger years and she has much more fullness in the upper eye and so maybe

it's combination maybe it's all natural I don't know and then you had the liver King on yeah um and your what was your

bit with liver King well he wanted me to uh see he wanted me to test his abdominal muscles and determine if they

were real or fake and what was the verdict they're real yeah yes so I I you know I had a 80 lb kettle bell in my

office and I had them hold it and you could see the muscles moving you know and I even put a theragon up to it right

because you put a Theon up this is a this is this is what abdominal implants are made this is Cal a calf implant

right so that's crazy is this calf or abdomino that's a calf yeah but it's the same consistency as what an AB implant

right would look like so if you get AB implants it's not going to it's going to be consistently firm like that I know

the wheels are turning and it's yeah going to book an appointment next week right yeah so stay it stays firm right

so it's it's you can tell the difference if it's moving or not so that's we were able to test that for him that's wild

that's fun that's a fun video yeah really really fun for you and really good for him yeah he was dispell the

rumors yeah so he's really entertaining he is incredible yeah yeah yeah yeah did you enjoy your time with him I did yeah

yeah I you know I actually started eating more organ Meats because of him you know so oh that's disgusting yeah

but good for you right so but but I mean tell me about do you like it going down or you just kind of force yourself to

eat it I organs is not my thing yeah you know bone marrow can be really good you ever yeah you know that stuff's really

good um the liver it still always has a certain taste to it you know and you have to kind of get used to it but you

know they did a study on rats and they they fed one group liver and they the other group they didn't and the ones

that had liver were able to run on their the wheel like 20 or 30% longer really yeah I mean it's it's it's impactful

some truth behind some of the nutrients in organ meat like if you're going to eat meat based on the research if you

eat muscle meat all the time which is like steak it's high in methionine right that's not good for you so that's why some people say that meat can cause

cancer but if you eat organ Meats with it it's higher in glycine which balances out the methionine which is the kind of

the cancer causing thing right so if you're going my recommendation based on my research is if you're going to eat meat you got to mix it up a little bit

yeah baby go we got to go to the butcher yeah I don't have a problem with liver I mean if you look at all these lots of

people eat liver like Japan they eat it raw what's it taste like gy tastes really good when it's raw and when it's

raw yeah tast I've never had it raw tastes tastes uh it tastes pretty good so especially from like like a beef

Caraco no oh well that's raw yeah was it taste like deer no can't describe it I

can't describe it I we can get you some all right now the big the big question that I wanted to ask

today P implants yeah have you ever that's a thing have you ever done one

and what's the point and how does it help all right so uh there's a so I went

and I watched uh I watched one recently actually it's called the panuma implant and um yeah can I see that yes this is

not a p is a calfe implant but basically uh it's the so when anytime

you deal with like the um genital area typically you want to have a Urology background so penol implants some

plastic surgeons do it some don't because it's kind of a you know difficult so I went I watched one one time and it was a puma implant and the

doctor was very nice and um you watched it live yeah yeah he invited me like I signed consents the patient approved

everything and I got to go observe the surgery sick um and uh and it was It was

kind of an implant kind of looking like this it was kind of like it was more firm and it was like a semic crescent

like this and it went in on like the top you know and you have to basically kind of like delove the put this thing in and

then kind of and then put the skin back on put the skin back on yes and you know what you asked me if I

ever get squeamish on a surgery I I I have to admit that was one I was like oh that was the toughest one I've SE the

first one you saw so I feel like it was but I mean I see all kinds of surgery and like you know that one got me a little bit you got me yeah it's like

putting insoles in kind of like yeah yeah so it's it's static it doesn't it doesn't increase it it

increases the the the length and girth at rest doesn't make like the ere erect

longer so what happens when you get erect though your your erection length stays the same but that thing is in

there that thing's in there yeah so so you probably get more girth more girth and then you get more uh length at

rest so that's that's that particular implant was it somebody with like a tiny tiny

wiener that had it done and this particular person no looked fine looked like you know like a

normal I mean I don't I don't see too many pie on a regular basis but you know it's like if I wanted to if I let's say

I was a a nude model and I wanted to like have a 9 inch P could that be put

on me yes but I don't think you could get nine inches andless you were like eight in the most you could get yeah I

mean I think I think I think it gives you like an inch yeah I think it gives you an inch and but the girth yeah the girth is substantial you know so

people yeah so you know where where you know I think we could do we do a really good job with breast implants I don't

think think we're quite there yet with with have you had anyone come and ask you to do the P yeah yeah people reach

out online yeah so I I I thought about it but again it's just like I looked at the complication profile um there was an

article that just came out on um I can't forget what magazine about this particular impl and I just decided to just kind of hold off right now yeah

yeah yeah you don't need to do it yeah so wow this has been been a fast a lot a

lot to take in a lot to download let's take a breather huh yeah this is crazy um got bread we got got anything else in

there oh so so there's implants for the face too I don't know if you've seen some of these yeah so like I do some

Facial Surgery as well but like you know if you want to get this one this one a

lot of celebrities get and you won't even you won't even realize it um they'll put a little chin implant in and

you'll see a tiny little scar right here or you maybe even won't because they can go from the inside um you'll all of a

sudden you'll see somebody that has just a more defined jaw you're like oh wow they lost weight or something chin implant what else we got okay very cool

yeah so this is a yeah no this is this is a cheek implant so some people get cheek

implants I'd say most people are going away from these because they just go with filler filler is just so great now it's easy yeah so you know get away from

that I I've done cheek filler and I love it you do I love it yeah uh this is a

nose implant so people that that need more projection on their nose you know wow yeah you can put that in boom that's

easy interesting let me see some of these things this is like show and tell we should

pass this my this is me with a nose in plant

yeah I do get celebrities gorgeous in the office and will do these so a lot

the chin one is like so popular chin popular it just really makes people look

GQ yeah that combined with like a little neck liposuction chin in plant no I don't it's like kind goes in yeah but

it's good it's not yeah a little butchin is cool that's a normal thing it is it wasn't when I was 10 you didn't own it it's all about how

you brand yourself sorry like who was that guy yeah who's that guy D and

Dumber I can't even um je all right so we have we have some Jeff Daniel yeah we

have some of my friends here we're going to show their pictures and you're going to say if you know if these are your friends these are my friends my good

friends this is Todd he's obviously beautiful yeah i' say he's about 30 years old mhm

you anything that Todd needs done he has such good skin you know nobody needs anything that's why I love

my job it's just like I can't afford to pay for my Bo job I'm like that's okay you're not going to die I don't feel bad

you know um what does Todd need you know the upper lip we could do

a little bit there you know uh a lot of people we found something

wrong with him what's up Todd there's there's some people that will wear uh uh facial hair because they they don't like

the their their jaw yeah jawline so we it's hard to tell because he has a beard so if we were to shave that off we could

see maybe maybe we need some jaw enhancement or chin implant but I can't really tell tell his jaw is great okay

he has a really good jawline all right it easy gorgeous next person this is

Zayn Zayn has gone through a transformation he's he's actually ripped now so this that's a tough picture babe

because it's like black and white and it's black and white he's making a strong facial expression you know his

eyelids his brows look a little heavy I can't tell maybe that's a little expression maybe he's making um skin

looks good every brows he's yeah he's got a his his nose is is plunging he's got a little plunging tip there you know

um he had a hair reconstruction hair surgery oh looks good yeah looks great yeah um has a little bit ear asymmetry

um that's interesting oh I never noticed that I never noticed that you know most people have you know most people have

tell people this all the time they're like I feel like my face is asymmetrical most people have a big side of their face and a small side that's normal and

you don't actually notice it if you're actually going to do a mirror transposition of one side of your face to the other it's different everybody's

different if it if it actually looked identical it'd be weird so yeah okay let's go to the next person yeah this is

Joe he's a only fans model okay good-looking guy anything we could do to

help Joe did he have surgery on his upper eyes he just has really big eyes yeah so

you know we could we could there's there's such thing as called a forehead reduction or I'm not

or um or maybe he just needs some hair on the top I don't know or hair yeah

this um um but uh you know the tip of the nose we can you know it's a

little little you know diffuse and bulbous you know we can always shrink that down if he wants more definition um

again same thing with the facial facial hair lips you know we could always touch that up and then under eyes you're starting to see a crease in the on the

right eye there you can see that there's a little bit of loss of volume so we can we can replace that where right right

here yeah see that yeah that's just going to get worse in about five years and then we can see all these guys these

are all my friends but they're much younger than me so it's great to hear that you know they're headed to the same

place I am okay I'm I'm just being overly critical CU you know cuz we're I know I know you're I would never talk

like this to people I understand we're just having fun they're they all look great actually Todd's in amazing shape Zayn just got in

amazing shape and Joe is in Amazing Joe has his own protein out and his body looks insane and which one's Joe this is

Joe oh yeah he looks incredible that's great so they all they all are in sick shape I I need to catch up this is ilot

this is the guy that got them in shape what you say I was like are they gonna come kick my ass now no they they love

it there's no way out of this room yeah now this is Ilia he owns a fitness company called zela all right very

successful and he got all his friends in shape and that's kind of part of his business model is like getting his friends in shape and then people buy

protein but this is Ilia yeah got anything he could do well you tell me what do you what what strikes you here

well I mean I I guess his forehead yeah yeah that's it's very strong forehead so we could we could calm that down with

you know with a little bit of neurotoxin H Botox or the new one called daxy lasts twice as long which is really cool yeah

it's I'll be in next week um and then there's a little

receding hairline you can you know we can do some things there micro needling probably would be awesome for him because then we can we could just stop

that receding and then um have regrow some hair with micro needling and PRP and exosomes that's kind of a cool thing

now you ever heard of exomes all right so stem cells you've heard of stem cells yeah yeah stem cells are kind of plur

potent they can become any kind of cell in your body well what they produce is what's called exosomes and those are

those tiny little signaling packets that they produce and they they pump it out right so if you just take the exosomes

those little vesicles that those stem cells produce and you inject it into that area it completely rejuvenates like

the hair follicles or even your face or I've even actually self injected into my knee one time because it was it was sore

I I don't recommend to do that but um you C you can you know you can uh you can do that um for hair restoration and

for facial skin Rejuvenation so there's and it just starts to grow again yeah from the stem cell yeah yeah the hair

starts stops the the the hair thinning stops and the hair starts to regrow you're kidding no dead serious all right

send the last one would be David right here it's the guy on the right yeah anything we could

do to David he's a cutie cute guy he's very young great skin he's got excellent

skin he does have great skin and he eats like trash um one of those people yeah um the

you know the lips they you know they look good uh he's got a little bit of a gummy smile you know we could put a little Botox by the nose and it'll bring

that smile down a tiny bit bring the smile down yeah because then it covers your I've I've done so much Botox that I

feel uh informed please it stops this from moving so much so then you don't have as much of a gummy

smile ah what's a gummy smile like you can see your gums oh the gums I see it brings it down just like a little bit

yeah yeah the the the temple area is looking kind of hollow too that's interesting maybe that's just because of his facial expression but uh yeah

they're like recreating a step brother's photo here so maybe that's why not the best photo to pull okay the last one is

Jonah right here absolutely nothing needed

here nothing this is a a handsome man doc I was going to say the same

thing absolutely gorgeous yeah janah did you hear that man oh Jonah please clip

this for your Tik Tok so great that's so funny yeah he's gorgeous he's you know he's beautiful inside too yeah yeah he's

a he's a he's actually a very handsome [ __ ] and he's lost a lot of weight so he's doing really good and then here's one more picture of me and n right

here oh yeah you're like I just wanted to show you guys I just wanted to show you my hot fiance yeah it looks so good

thank you thank you yeah yeah I can't believe I scored her doc yeah it's unreal I I every day I go is this a

prank I go is this I'm waiting or I'm waiting just to come home and there's just a note it's like

hey huh I would write a note you would that's how you there's something like theatrical about it and like almost

romantic even if it's an end what would the notes say dearest Jason here actually I've written it up in my notes

I'm just kidding um all right well is there anything in that book that we need to do

or that we need yeah we have homework no no no I mean like is there anything is there anything else this has been an amazing podcast I heard you were

thinking about getting Botox at some point navine was trying to talk me into it but I just think it's

so where would you get it tell me where and I'll I'll tell you if I'll do it I'll tell you a story one time there was

this man who came in and he was a normal man and he had like like a a blue collar

job and he came in to see me at the insistence of his wife because every

night she used to tape his brow right here with these little silicone tape called frownies have you have you heard

of this the movie stars have used this stuff and and it and it works but you have to put it on every night and he's like I'm so sick and tired of her

putting this tape on my brow every single night so he came in he said how can I fix it and it was just a little

bit of Botox and he's like thank God you know and he he like he's like I don't know he was like some kind of like not a

lumberjack but like some kind of like oil rig worker or something like that you know and um the last person you'd

ever think who care about that and so we did a little Botox there and and it took care of it so you know I I think a good

start is to is to do like a little Botox and see see how it goes away it does it goes away but yeah but it it softens

things right so how long does it stay for three to four months three four months yeah it softens things and you know it's like I mean i' do it i' do it

if I got a video out of it it's just one of those things where yeah it's it won't be a huge difference but you'll notice

every single person will be like you look really good really yeah you look

you'll look refreshed they'll be like he you look refreshed you know here's another cool thing getting Botox in your

frowny frown area your body senses that you're not able to frown as much and then incident depression goes down by

50% so you're mov no way why do you think I'm so happy why do you think I'm so happy yeah so so there's there like a

mental health reason to get BOTOX in the brow are according to the study yeah I love that well I mean then I'll go do it

yeah that's crazy seem like a pretty happy guy but well it's it's all an act for the podcast yeah he going to go

upstairs and I lovey to shower um vegan and I had my lips done

once you did yeah okay for a video oh cool how was it they injected they made

my lips huge with like filler yeah okay yeah how did that did you like it look like you

love it no no they they look like cartoonish they were like rubber tires

and you just let it did you dissolve it or you just let it go down on its own no

I went back and he dissolved it he did okay wow yeah yeah yeah yeah but it was just for a show just for the show yeah

okay um I mean I wouldn't do that I would I would you know I would just do like a nice area like the brow area and

the size of the eyes kind of lift up the brow there so you could see all right all right yeah I mean that's a that's a good video yeah we will I got Botox Vis

it's a gateway drug yeah yeah yeah yeah it really I'm really just I just love

talkz you really like it huh I love it like I think it's one thing that there's

no reason for someone to be like ah you don't need that cuz anytime someone like lip filler fine okay like anything else

fine but like botox really just makes you look better really yeah and there's

no downside to it nothing it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't come back and it look weird in a few years

go only the only problem is in that 3 four whatever months like when it goes

away and people are like huh I thought you were hot and then you have to run back to the doctor I would say the only

downside is when it goes away but that's just damn life you know all right all right well uh this has been Incredible

Dr Barrett thank you for being here yeah thank you your Tik Tok is popping off we watched all his Tik toks this morning go

watch his Tik toks they're really great they're they're in they're mix of funny informative and you're very funny by the

way thank you I don't I I know I said before I I kind of insulted him before we came cuz I was like it's so great

having a doctor here we usually have Comedians and he was like so you're saying I'm not funny like no you're very

funny and um and um when's the live show when can we see you on stage will you be

doing a live do a live surgery a live surgery you know um it's it's interesting uh I'm all for it but not

everybody wants to see you know um blood and let I would volunteer my body would you all right all right well you know um

wey a show her body we actually have we do some stuff Live on YouTube I think so YouTube yeah YouTube is like the

probably the few like the the only place we can actually show some surgeries and and this is tough like for a while like

uh Tik Tok used to let us show surgeries now we can't even show like people in a bra so um and I get it they they want to

try to cut back on like you know pornographic content or whatever else and so um but what we do is more

educational and we just talk about surgery so people that are interested if you want to know all the details you can you can kind of check it out well that's

like the guy who nared his butt on YouTube the video is still up and it has like 90 million views because it's educational wow yeah we actually we

actually had a video that went viral where we we did a tummy tuck and the person had a tattoo so by the way if

you're thinking about getting a tattoo be you know like an area that could be easily removed if you're a woman um put it right here below your belly button

because later on if you get a tummy talk you can just take it away oh yeah so it's it's it's kind of a revers one of

the few reversible places to get a tattoo otherwise you can get tattoo removal but you know about the lasers and all that stuff takes a while so we

cut this tattoo in half and we were we were looking to see how deep that the pigment went and that that video has

what how many how many is it that's like you have like the 20 million 20 million views just just because people wanted to

see how deep a tattoo went yeah and that's on that's on YouTube but um that's cool because we can actually show that at like Instagram and Tik Tok they

wouldn't let us show like flesh being cut in half even though it was like completely separate and the patient was doing fine it was already woken up and

everything else so that's some some interesting stuff because people like get tattoos all the time yeah it's like

how deep does this go where does it go you know yeah that's really interesting yeah yeah well I I love I love that

you're you know doing Tik Tok and I love that you're like you're putting a lot of good like educational stuff out there

you're educating people you're having fun yeah you know and uh you got any big

surgeries coming up that we can look for uh yeah you know I did I did a great one

today I did a combination this was a male and uh I did a I did a gynecomastia have you heard of gynecomastia it's like

male chest growth yeah so yeah so it's a it's a special technique I design because I actually had that when I was younger I had gomasa it's like male

chest growth right bre breast growth it was on one side and I had a general surgeron cut it out you had going on you

one side which was even worse so I i' rather have both boots right I had them but I was just overweight but go ahead

well that can happen from that but it wasn't so like I like it could happen because overweight or it could just happen for whatever hormonal reason I

don't know um and well I do know but there's no real explanation that we know of so um yeah I just I had glandular

tissue on one side I took my shirt off in the locker room and someone goes he's got chits right yeah it's very um makes

you very insecure you know so but the good news is you could do something about it right so um there there's a

surgery I designed where you just basically I go endoscopically now through two little ports and I reduce the breast tissue and I put some skin

tightening in a little liposuction and boom it's it's flat chest again so yeah I had the old school surgery makes a big

scar and indentation um and and uh so the person I did today flew all the way out from um East Coast because that's

that's kind of what I do and we did the chest reduction and we also did BBL and took fat and you know did a whole the

whole nine yards so you did that this morning this morning yeah and now you're here doing a podast look at you yeah I know God bless you good job I'll call

him check on them later oh yeah yeah what's the YouTube channel um it's Dr Barrett plastic surgery so okay we'll

tag it below the link will be there Dr Barrett plastic surgery on this YouTube video and make sure you go watch watches Tik toks anything else you want to say

no thanks for thanks for having me on you know I just I think uh it's great to when people uh talk more about plastic

surgery it's okay I wish celebrities more admitted to having plastic surgery you know I think it's okay if people get

plastic surgery um and and I appreciate you bringing light to it because it's it should be something that we don't have

taboo anymore so right taboo on yeah all right go check out Dr Barrett we'll see you guys next time nine thanks for being

here of course subject bye guys