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Barrett Plastic Surgery is now offering a holistic weight management program featuring compounded semaglutide and tirzepatide, two medications on the cutting edge of weight loss. These medications mimic hormones that naturally occur in all of our bodies. Hormones are responsible for ordering and orchestrating the body’s various functions. GLP-1 is one of the hormones necessary for digestion, specifically the one that tells us when we’re full and assists in optimizing insulin. It slows down the digestive process, making us feel full for more extended periods of time, thus functioning as the body’s natural appetite suppressant.

Semaglutide and tirzepatide have amino acid sequencing similar to GLP-1 and can be administered via injection as part of a weight management program. The medications not only make us feel fuller for longer but also assist the GLP-1 receptors in the brain, effectively reducing cravings. The synthetic versions of GLP-1 amplify a natural process already happening within the body, promoting increased weight loss. 

Barrett Weight Management Program allows patients to reap the benefits of this advanced technology.  After a consultation and necessary labs, patients will be paired with an optional weight-management coach and prescribed medication that best fits their individual needs. With their coach, they will log their diet and exercise, creating a healthy lifestyle to maintain the effects of the injections for lasting results.

PROCESS: To begin the program, patients will have an in-person or virtual consultation to discuss their goals and concerns to find out if they are a good candidate. Then, after a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s lab work, and if indicated, the doctor will prescribe one of the injections. Patients can either receive their injections on-site or, if they are California or Utah residents (soon to be Texas), the medication can be shipped directly to their homes. Patients will work with their assigned coach to monitor and improve their diet — the injections deliver the best results when a healthy lifestyle is maintained. The coach will also review any exercise plans that will address the patient’s specific body goals. Once you decide to proceed with the program, you will subscribe to a monthly weight management program online, in-person, or over the phone. If you're not a candidate for these medications, you may be a candidate for other coaching associated with the program. Once you start the program, there are no prorated refunds.

Step 1: Consultation
Patients will have an in-person or virtual consultation to discuss their goals and to find out if they are a good candidate. 

Step 2: Lab Work
Dr. Barrett will require labs before beginning the program to assess each patient's unique needs. 

Step 3: Medication Prescription
Based on the patient’s lab results, the doctor will prescribe either compounded semaglutide or tirzepatide. Patients can either receive their injections on-site or, if they are California or Utah residents, the medication can be shipped directly to their homes for self injection.

Step 4: Lifestyle Changes
To achieve the best results of holistic weight management, patients will be assigned a lifestyle coach to guide them through their new diet and exercise regimens.

Please note, this program is only currently offered to California and Utah residents.


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Upon completing this form, a member of our Patient Care Team will reach out within 1-2 business days to schedule your consultation.


After the consultation to confirm you're a candidate, the Barrett Team will teach you how to give yourself the injection and also give you the first injection if your consultation is in person.

Once per week. Injections are to be administered weekly on the same day.

Either is fine, but labs will be required regardless.

No. The monthly cost will vary depending on your custom tailored treatment plan, which will be paid before receiving your medication each month.

We source our medication from a compounding pharmacy, which is less expensive than a brand-name pharmaceutical drug company that is trying to cover the cost of its development and marketing. Also, their medication comes in a fancy auto-injecting syringe, whereas ours comes in a regular, simple to use syringe.  Our medications are not made by the brand name companies and are not FDA-Approved.

As long as it's beneficial.

- History of any thyroid condition
- Personal or family history of MTC (medullary thyroid cancer)
- Personal or family history of MEN 2 (multiple endocrine neoplasia, type II)
- Prior serious hypersensitivity reaction to semaglutide or any component in the formulation.History of pancreatitisBMI must be greater than 30 (or greater than 27 with one or more weight-related medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, knee pain, etc).

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