Lip Lift

Your lips are one of your most sensual and delicate facial features. Their appearance define how we are perceived and contribute to our communications. Don’t trust them to just any plastic surgeon!

Whether you are born with smaller lips than you want, or you have lost your full pout over time, lip lift surgery is a long-lasting way to restore the youthful and proportionate appearance of the lips. When you treat the lips, it can impact the entire balance of the face. Lip lifts are outpatient procedures that typically take just an hour or two to complete and involve a relatively short recovery process. The results can be both dramatic and long-lasting. Dr. Barrett offers customizable lip rejuvenation at his Beverly Hills office, offering his patients an effective way to refresh their looks and restore their confidence.

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that raises the position of the upper lip. The surgery can also add fullness like a dermal filler or fat transfer, but at the same time, it enhances the actual shape and definition of the lip. As the lip is lifted, the distance between the nose and upper lip is also shortened. This effect can be very aesthetically pleasing for some patients and another advantage of choosing surgery over injectable treatments.

Dr. Barrett offers different techniques for his lip lift, depending on your goals. If you want to enhance your cupid’s bow, the lift will focus on the center portion of the upper lip. If a perpetual frown is your concern, Dr. Barrett can also use this surgery to correct downturned corners of the mouth.

Is a Lip Lift Right for You?

If you are dissatisfied with the way your lips look, or if you have noticed changes to your lips over time, a lip lift might be the right choice for you. Patients tend to benefit from lip lifts most if they have any of the following goals:

  • Increase lip size or add volume and fullness to the lips
  • Hide significant gaps between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip
  • Reduce signs of aging around the lips and mouth
  • Desire a more proportionate smile and balance to the facial features

If you are considering a lip lift, now is the time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Barrett. He will ask you about your issues and goals in detail to determine whether a lip lift will be the best option for you. Dr. Barrett is known throughout Beverly Hills and beyond for taking ample time with his patients so that he can customize your procedure to your unique needs and desired results.

Who is the Best Surgeon for You?

A lip lift may seem like a simple, straightforward procedure that any plastic surgeon can perform. However, to ensure a natural, proportionate result, you want to be sure you work with a surgeon that has extensive experience in lip lift techniques. Dr. Barrett will take the time to understand your precise goals so that he can tailor your procedure to your exact expectations. With ample experience and a variety of techniques to draw from, Dr. Barrett offers the highest standard of care and the best possible results.

Lip Lift Overview

Dr. Barrett performs lip lifts in his office under local anesthesia. He places a tiny incision just under the base of the nose, taking care to position the incision so residual scarring will be minimal. Through this incision, a small section of skin is removed, and the upper lip line is raised to expose a portion of the upper teeth and create a fuller pink part to the lip.

If the goal is to address a downturned mouth, incisions will be placed at each corner. Dr. Barrett removes a narrow wedge of skin while releasing the DAO muscle. These steps prevent the corners from automatically turning down. Most lip lifts take about one to two hours to complete. You will be able to head home shortly after your procedure.

After Your Lift Lip

The sensitive area of the mouth is prone to swelling and possibly bruising after a lip lift. You will be instructed to use ice packs and pain relievers for the first few days to keep you comfortable during the early part of your recovery. It is also helpful to keep your head elevated when sleeping at night to minimize swelling.

Dr. Barrett will meet with you once a week for six weeks. During the first two appointments, he will remove your stitches and replace them with tape. After the taping period, you will use a patented silicone scar gel twice a day for three months to continue the healing process and minimize your postoperative scarring. Dr. Barrett will also provide you with specific instructions for your recovery based on your particular situation.

Fuller Lips Turn Back Time

When your lips are rejuvenated, your entire appearance can be refreshed and enhanced. A lip lift offers long-lasting results with minimal discomfort and downtime involved. The procedure can be customized to your precise needs for a truly natural, beautiful look. To learn more about this surgery or to find out if a lip lift is the right choice for you, contact Barrett Plastic Surgery today at 310-598-2648.

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