Nipple and Areola Reduction

Giving women and men symmetrical nipples and areolas through nipple reduction surgery is a specialized skill of Beverly Hills Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Barrett. The breast is a focal point of the body. It’s safe to assume, most of us only think of an enlargement, reduction, lift, or implant removal when it comes to breast enhancement. When something is disproportionate, like a large areola and nipple, that interferes with the breast’s overall appearance. Placing attention on the nipple and areola can create a more aesthetically pleasing breast.

This part of the body is different for everyone, so the shape, orientation, location, and dimension will vary with each nipple or areola reduction procedure. Usually, the nipple is at the center of the breast, projecting outward with a proportionate areola (the circle of skin with a different pigmentation surrounding it.) Fortunately, nipple and areola reduction are correction procedures for this common occurrence in men and women to fix the distortion and bring back balance to the breast’s appearance.

Dr. Barrett explains, “An enlarged areola or nipple, either from birth or after breastfeeding, can drastically alter the cosmetic appearance and proportion of the breast. The bust size may be average, but if the areola and nipple are too large, it can be distracting from the overall aesthetic.”

Nipple or areola reduction surgery on one or both breasts are a way to give the chest a beautiful presentation. Many factors play a role, including trauma to the body, endorphins, biological makeup, age, self-consciousness about the body, and hormones.

What is Nipple and Areola Reduction?

Dr. Barrett performs a quick, outpatient nipple reduction procedure in Los Angeles to improve disproportionately large, long, or drooping nipples. He also brings balance and symmetry to nipples of different sizes or shapes for everyone. Women may see changes due to the areolas’ size over time due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. In either case, the increased size can cause embarrassment, self-esteem issues and even prevent proper breastfeeding.

Who and What Is Suitable for a Nipple or Areola Reduction?

Healthy men and women wanting to reduce the size of the nipple or areola are good candidates. Women are encouraged to wait until the family unit is complete before scheduling the procedure. Nursing and pregnancy cause drastic body changes, especially to the breasts and nipples. If you are experiencing the following, you should schedule a consultation.

  • Swollen Nipples
  • Misshapen Areolas
  • Nipple Reconstruction
  • Excessively Large Areolas
  • Inverted Nipples

Making Your Choice in Plastic Surgeons

While nipple and areola reduction are a straightforward procedure, there is some skill to creating a natural-looking result. An inexperienced surgeon may cause scar tissue and other potential concerns to develop. Plus, revision nipple surgery is much more complicated than nipple correction surgery. Knowing your doctor is respected as a board-certified plastic surgeon removes the unnecessary worry.

During Your Consultation

During your consultation, be prepared for a complete examination by Dr. Barrett. He will explain the nipple and areola reduction procedure, listen to your expectations and concerns to decide if this operation is the proper process, and discuss your options.

 Preparing for Your Surgery

Nipple and areola reduction may be less invasive than other types of breast enhancement. To ensure a positive experience and have a great outcome before the day of your procedure, have your support team ready to help you once you arrive home as you recover from general anesthesia.

Some of the post-operative instructions Dr. Barrett will provide:

  • Stop smoking at least six weeks before and after surgery to keep healthy blood flow and minimize complications.
  • Do not take medications or supplements before your procedure that could affect bleeding, such as anti-inflammatories, vitamin E, and fish oil.
  • Take the recommended time off work and other activities to give your body sufficient time to heal.
  • Fill prescriptions before your surgery so they are ready for you after your procedure.

 Procedure Overview

Dr. Barrett typically performs nipple and areola reduction in Beverly Hills using local anesthesia to minimize risks. If his focus is nipple reduction, an incision is often made within the nipple to shorten the nipple or create a narrower circumference. The incision will not leave noticeable scarring behind afterward. In some cases, breast tissue is removed from the undersurface to improve the results. Still, it’s achievable through the same incision in most cases.

If the areola is also addressed, Dr. Barrett will create a donut-shaped ring around the areola and remove the skin in between. He can then close this gap by connecting the outer and inner rings via circular incision stitching. By planting the stitches around the areola’s natural border, Dr. Barrett can minimize noticeable scarring after the procedure. Suturing techniques are also used to create a smoother healing process and reduce visible scarring later.

Nipple and Areola Reduction Recovery

Patients return home quickly after surgery. Incisions are covered with gauze and will need to be changed every day to prevent infection. Some minor swelling and bruising will occur and manageable with over-the-counter pain medication. Patients usually resume daily activity within a day or two following their procedure.

Barrett Plastic Surgery recommends frequently walking to avoid blood clots, restricting heavy lifting, and aggressive workouts for the first month following surgery; also, refraining from intimacy until fully healed is suggested.

Surgery Expense

Surgery is costly and includes charges for an experienced surgeon like Dr. Barrett, operating room, anesthesia, medications, procedure, and lab charges, all of which are essential for high-quality care. Also, surgeon fees vary by geographical location, and local reputation─ Barrett Plastic Surgery is found on Wilshire Blvd. in the City of Beverly Hills giving you peace of mind knowing the finest education, certifications, training, and extensive knowledge that comes with the highly sought-after address. Nipple and areola reduction procedures in Beverly Hills are stand-alone or combined with other plastic surgery enhancements such as breast augmentation with implants, a breast lift, or fat transfer to breasts which will add to the final amount.

Nipple and areola reduction are straightforward procedures that can be done in just an hour or two and supply a lifetime of improvement in the breast’s appearance. Dr. Barrett and his team are skilled in every type of breast enhancement technique. To learn more about your nipple and areola reduction options now is the time to schedule your consultation with Dr. Barrett. Contact Barrett Plastic Surgery today at 310-598-2648 or by filling out the form below to decide if this procedure is an excellent choice for you.

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