Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast augmentation revision is a surgical procedure performed to correct or improve the results of previous breast augmentation. Revisions can be used for changes in personal preference, dissatisfaction with the initial outcome, and implant-related complications.

Is Breast Augmentation Revision right for you ?

Pre and Post Operative Instructions

The majority of patients who undergo breast revision surgeries express concerns related to the following:

Poor Cosmetic Results : As personal preferences change, some patients opt to change the size, shape, or type of implant or remove them altogether. Some patients seek a revision to correct complications from a previous augmentation, such as poor scarring, rippling, malposition, bottoming out, or asymmetry.

Capsular Contracture : This condition occurs when the tissue surrounding the implant area tightens and contracts around the implant. This tightening can result in an unnaturally firm, distorted breast shape that is sometimes painful. Correction generally requires implant removal, scar tissue removal, pocket repair, and fat grafting or new implant placement.

Implant Rupture : Implants are incredibly safe but do not last forever. The FDA and implant manufacturers recommend exchanging them every ten years to avoid rupture. Rarely, implants rupture before the 10-year mark and should be removed. Any surrounding free silicone and scar tissue should also be removed when an implant ruptures. At that point, a new implant can usually be placed in the breast pocket if desired.


Enhance the size or shape of the breasts


Treat capsular contracture


Correct implant rippling or malpositioning


Remove a ruptured implant


Reposition an implant that has migrated


Correct asymmetries from an initial augmentation


Before surgery

Breast augmentation revision will differ significantly depending on the concerns and goals of the individual patient. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will listen to your implant history and perform an extensive exam to help determine the correct type of procedure that will be the safest and most effective for you.

When you choose to remove and replace implants, your surgeon will help you select the incision technique and implant typ,e size, and shape that will achieve your aesthetic goals and help to avoid similar problems in the future. Your surgeon will also help you create a detailed preoperative plan for optimal results.

Stop smoking
Fill prescriptions
Stop medications and supplements that exacerbate bleeding
Plan time away from work, childcare, and pet care for recovery
Find a family member or friend to bring you home and assist you after surgery

During surgery

All breast augmentation revisions are different. During the procedure, incisions are placed as discussed during your consultation. The same incisions from the original surgery are used to minimize scarring. Then, the implants are removed, leaving an empty breast pocket or replacing them with new implants in the size and shape you select. If appropriate, scar tissue is removed, and the incisions are closed in a layered approach to reduce tensions during healing and promote better scar formation.

Surgery duration
3 hours

After surgery

It is normal to experience soreness and swelling for the first two weeks following your breast revision. Pain relievers and cold compresses are typically used to ease these side effects during the early phase recovery process. Some revisions require extensive pocket repair that requires a special post-operation bra.

Your surgeon will provide specific instructions for optimal post-operative care, including an advanced scar management protocol after the initial healing period. Your surgical team is always available and will closely monitor your recovery in the weeks and months following surgery.

Immediate Recovery Period
5 days
Final Results
6 months
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