Nipple Augmentation

Nipple Augmentation

What is Nipple Inversion Repair?

A woman’s confidence in her appearance often revolves around her breasts. The nipples are an essential feature of the breast, and when they are asymmetrical, misshapen or disproportionately small, the look can throw off the entire upper torso. For women that are self-conscious about the look of their nipples, surgical correction is available to improve their appearance, size and shape. Dr. Barrett offers nipple augmentation to women that want to create a more aesthetically pleasing look to their breasts.

From Dr. Barrett

“Small or flat nipples are a common phenomenon that can be easily corrected. There is no need to be insecure about your nipple size or flatness. Many women don’t even realize this procedure exists. The nipple is a very intimate and sensual part of a woman’s breast. Augmenting a flat or small nipple can have a dramatic effect on the overall breast appearance.”

What is Nipple Augmentation?

Nipple augmentation surgery is a corrective procedure that allows you to alter the size and shape of your nipples. It is often recommended for women that have an asymmetrical or disproportionately-sized nipples and areolas. Dr. Barrett’s primary focus is to give his patients natural, well-proportioned breasts while correcting common issues around the nipple region. For this reason, nipple augmentation is often combined with breast augmentation or reduction. Nipple augmentation may also be performed on women that have undergone breast reconstruction, to create the nipple that is no longer on the breast mound. Nipple augmentation may be done as a stand-alone procedure for patients that request this treatment for cosmetic reasons.

Is Nipple Augmentation Right for You?

The size of the nipple is not usually the top reason why women will request nipple augmentation surgery. While Dr. Barrett treats a variety of patients, this surgery is frequently performed on women (or men) that suffer from one or more of the following conditions:

When you come in for your consultation with Dr. Barrett, he will assess your concerns, aesthetic goals and medical history before determining whether nipple augmentation is the right choice for you.

The Right Surgeon for Your Nipple Augmentation

Your choice of plastic surgeon for your nipple augmentation will make a difference in the quality of your experience, the safety of your surgery and the outcome you achieve. You want to work with a surgeon that makes you feel comfortable with your choice and your procedure. You also want to ensure you receive the best possible results from your surgery. When you are searching for the right surgeon for you, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

Every patient is unique, both in their aesthetic goals and their body proportions. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Barrett takes ample time during the pre-operative consultation to learn your specific needs and desires for nipple enhancement surgery. This personalized attention ensures you enjoy a completely customized treatment and an optimal outcome. It is this high level of care that Dr. Barrett offers to each of his patients that makes him a top choice in plastic surgeons in the Beverly Hills area and beyond. Rest assured Dr. Barrett will make you feel comfortable with your decision to undergo surgery and confident as you prepare for your procedure.

Benefits of Nipple Augmentation

Some of the benefits you might enjoy after your nipple augmentation surgery include:

  • Nipples that are symmetrical and proportionate to breast size
  • Nipples that point outward instead of inward
  • Addition of nipples when none are present after breast reconstruction
  • A more aesthetically pleasing look to the breasts overall
  • Greater confidence in your appearance Looking better in clothing

While there are many advantages to undergoing this outpatient procedure, it isn’t the right choice for everyone. Dr. Barrett will help you determine whether nipple augmentation is the right choice for you or of another treatment might meet your needs more effectively.

Nipple Augmentation Overview

When performed alone, nipple augmentation can be done using local anesthesia in our office. A temporary nipple augmentation can be performed with filler such as juvederm that consists of hyaluronic acid and can last up to 12 months.

Permanent augmentations utilize Incisions are placed within the pigmented area surrounding the nipple, called the areola. This placement ensures any scarring after surgery will be barely visible. Through these incisions, Dr. Barrett can make the necessary corrections, which will vary based on the results you want to achieve. Most nipple augmentation procedures take one hour or less to complete, and you can head home shortly after your procedure.

After Your Nipple Augmentation

Side effects after nipple augmentation surgery vary, but the most common ones include temporary numbness around the surgical site, tenderness, mild swelling and bruising around the areola. Dr. Barrett may advise you to wear a specialized surgical bra during the first week or so of your recovery to protect your nipples during the recovery process. He will also recommend that you avoid any strenuous physical exercise for one to two weeks after your procedure to give your nipples ample time to heal.

Dr. Barrett will see you personally during your post-operative visits so that he can answer your questions and address possible concerns. He will also provide specific instructions for your recovery based on your unique situation. Following these instructions carefully will help reduce postoperative complications and speed up your recovery time.

Whether you undergo nipple augmentation alone or in conjunction with another type of breast enhancement or reconstruction, the results of this procedure can be very satisfying. Dr. Barrett’s extensive experience in breast enhancement of all sorts ensures your surgery will be safe and you will enjoy an optimal outcome. To learn more about nipple augmentation or find out if this is the right surgery for you, contact Barrett Plastic Surgery today at 310-598-2648.

The information about nipple augmentation was reviewed by Dr. Daniel Barrett. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.


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Incision: Lollipop lift
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