Armpit and Bra-Line Fat Reduction

Armpit and Bra-Line Fat Reduction


Patients can achieve a slimmer, more balanced physique with a liposuction surgery, a popular procedure that removes excess skin and fat around the body. Liposuction breaks up pockets of resistant fat, contouring the area using techniques like liposuction.

Dr. Barrett has extensive experience performing liposuction procedures, and his techniques have led to beautiful cosmetic results with little pain involved. After making several small incisions along the target area, Dr. Barrett will use a tumescent technique involving local anesthesia to expand and the firm the fat so that it can be suctioned out using a cannula device. Due to this minimally invasive approach, the incisions often heal by themselves, making stitches unnecessary. After surgery, patients come out with picture-perfect results!

Armpit and Bra-Line Fat Reduction


Before you consider liposuction, keep in mind that this surgery should not be used as a substitute for weight loss. The ideal patients are those who are in good health but simply want to correct areas of persistent fat deposit – in this case, around the armpit and bra-line areas. You would likely be a good candidate for reduction surgery if you have any of the following:

  • Poor muscle tone, and considerable sagging
  • Excess skin following dramatic weight loss
  • Accessory breast tissue crowding the armpit region, near the milk lines
  • Skin and breast tissue spillage despite wearing a contoured and fitted bra

Armpit and Bra-Line Fat Reduction

Results and Recovery

Common side effects of the procedure include mild swelling, bruising and discomfort in the treated area. Compression garments or elastic bandages can be used to help reduce these symptoms while healing takes place. Patients usually can return to work and regular activities within a few days. Strenuous activities such as exercise should be avoided for a few weeks. Dr. Barrett will give you special instructions on how to care for your treated area and reduce any complications after the procedure. As long as a healthy, active lifestyle is maintained, results of the liposuction surgery can be permanent. If significant weight is gained after this procedure however, the results may be altered. After surgery, patients will experience gradual visible results as healing occurs and as swelling and bruising subside. It could take several months for the complete surgery results to be recognized.

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