A labiaplasty (also known as aesthetic vaginal surgery) is a surgical procedure performed to reduce and/or reshape the inner skin (labia minora) covering the female clitoris and vaginal opening. This surgery is a popular option for women with very large labia on one or both sides such that they experience pain during intercourse or embarrassment during daily activities.



There are two different types of people who are eligible for a labiaplasty, and Dr. Barrett will help you understand which category you might fall under:

  • People with a functional problem – These individuals often experience pain during intercourse or in the middle of physical activity (i.e. riding a bike), and they might also have symptoms like chafing.
  • People with an aesthetic issue – These individuals have some cosmetic concern regarding the physical appearance of their vagina (i.e. the lips are uneven, protruding outwards beyond what is comfortable)

Keep in mind that medical insurance plans typically only cover labiaplasty surgery if the surgery is medically beneficial to patient health.


Results and Recovery

The typical recovery period for a labiaplasty is approximately four to six weeks. It is perfectly normal for patient to feel soreness, swelling, and bruising for the first two weeks following surgery (we recommend icing for the first 2-3 days post-surgery). Additionally, we strongly encourage patients to refrain from sexual intercourse, strenuous activity, and tight clothing until these are cleared by Dr. Barrett because unnecessary chafing will compromise the results. Minimizing scar appearance is key in the postoperative period. Dr. Barrett meets with all patients once a week for six weeks to remove stitches week one and two (remember the five layers) and tapes the incisions each time. After the taping period is done, the patient will be prescribed a patented silicone scar gel to apply twice daily for 3 months to continue the healing process. Dr. Barrett will provide specific instructions on how to best care for yourself during the recovery period customized on your condition and surgery.

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