Mole Removal

Mole Removal

When you hear the word mole, unattractive small brown or black skin growths probably come to mind. Most people refer to them as beauty marks and feel having one or several makes them more attractive. Traditionally, the lip, upper eyebrow, or cheek is desirable, as seen on famous faces like Cindy Crawford, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Meghan Markel, Duchess of Sussex. For others, moles appear on a body part like the stomach or all over, making them further attractive. Think Gigi Hadid, Mya Rudolph, and Busy Philips. What we tend to think are freckles are actually flesh moles, and men get them too. Morgan Freeman, President Barack Obama, and Richard Thomas are a few male celebrities with visible moles.

The good thing is they’re mostly benign, making them harmless and nothing to worry about when becoming visible. The not-so-good part is flesh moles aren’t preventable, and the darker your skin, the more likely you will have pigmentation blemishes. Plus, most insurance will not pay it, making you financially responsible.

Characteristics of flesh moles:

  • Vary in shape and size
  • Can appear flat to the skin or raised
  • Some are hairless, while others, unfortunately, produce hair
  • Can be smooth to the touch or rough
  • Varies in color from yellow, brown, or dark
  • Most appear during our youth and become more visible as we age

Barrett Plastic Surgery offers mole removal in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles.

Flesh Mole Removal Procedure

Removing a mole is a simple in-office or medical center procedure by using the surgical shave method or surgical extension. Both techniques require numbing the area before removal. A surgical shave uses a small blade to “shave” off the mole and doesn’t require stitches. It’s best for petite moles. A surgical excision uses a scalpel or circular blade for grander flesh moles and removes the blemish and surrounding skin.

Should I Try to Remove the Mole at Home?

It’s always best to have a certified medical professional remove a mole from your body and not resort to home solutions. It’s unsafe to use glue, wax strips, nail clippers, scissors, or kitchen knives to try and eliminate a mole. Doing so can be potentially harmful to your health with bleeding, infection, or scars.

Is Your Mole Suspicious?

Keep an eye on your moles. We recommend seeking professional medical advice for an assessment should you notice any changes in color or shape. Also, know the ABCDEs of melanoma which can occur whether your skin is exposed or not to the sun:

  • Asymmetry – moles that are not cancerous and typically have symmetry between the two halves
  • Border – benign moles usually having a well-defined, even border
  • Color – most benign moles, are all a single, uniform color
  • Diameter – the size of the mole, is also paramount, as non-suspicious moles are usually smaller
  • Evolving – moles that change size, shape, or color over time

When there is a likely risk, Dr. Barrett will determine to send a tissue sample for a biopsy to verify whether the mole is malignant or not.

Benefits of Mole Removal

Mole treatment in Beverly Hills offers a variety of benefits:

  • You feel better about your appearance
  • Peace of mind knowing your flesh mole is benign, and your skin is healthy
  • No more feeling uncomfortable from raised moles rubbing on clothing
  • Peace-of-mind in knowing the blemish is gone

The procedure is quick and easy, eliminating unsightly moles without significant disruption to your daily schedule. In most cases, the results of the mole removal are permanent.

Peace of Mind, Clearer Skin with Mole Removal in Beverly Hills

We can’t all be fortunate enough to have flesh moles add to our natural beauty. If you feel embarrassed or are merely over your blemishes, the team at Barrett Plastic Surgery is ready to discuss the cosmetic procedures and treatments available by Beverly Hills certified-plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Barrett.

To schedule a consultation, call (310) 598-2648. If you are more comfortable speaking with our team from the comfort of your home, we provide virtual non-surgical consultations or fill out the form below.

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