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Moles are small marks that often appear on sun-exposed areas of the body like the face, shoulders, chest, arms and legs. They appear in various shapes and sizes and can be present at birth or develop throughout your life. The fact that no two moles are exactly alike can be a source of concern since it can be difficult to determine which moles might potentially be cancerous, and which are not.

Even benign (noncancerous) moles can be a significant cosmetic nuisance or cause discomfort if they rub or catch on clothing. Dr. Barrett offers mole removal at his Beverly Hills office, assuring patients they can eliminate the blemish with a superior cosmetic result.

What is Mole Removal?

Dr. Barrett performs mole excisions for different reasons and treats each mole as a unique procedure, just like any other surgery. Working with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Barrett makes all the difference in how the treated area will look once the mole is removed. Precise excision with multi-layer closure to relieve skin tension is a critical component for reducing visible scarring after treatment. This method, followed by aggressive scar management after the excision, will make it nearly impossible to tell you had a procedure at all.

Is Your Mole Suspicious?

Any mole can raise concern, particularly those that form later in life. While the majority of moles are benign, there are some features you can look for to determine whether yours warrants further assessment. These features are known as the ABCDEs of melanoma:

  • Asymmetry – moles that are not cancerous typically have symmetry between the two halves
  • Border – benign moles typically have a well-defined, even border
  • Color – most benign moles are all a single, uniform color
  • Diameter – the size of the mole is also important, as non-suspicious moles are usually smaller
  • Evolving – moles that change size, shape or color over time should be checked by your doctor

Rest assured that Dr. Barrett has extensive experience in dealing with all types of skin lesions and will make a proper assessment of your mole prior to removing it. If he feels it is warranted, he will send a sample of the tissue for a biopsy to verify whether the mole is benign.

Is Mole Removal Right for You?

You may be an excellent candidate for this procedure if you have a mole you want to remove for cosmetic or medical reasons. While Dr. Barrett is able to remove moles in any area, his experience and expertise make him an excellent choice for more cosmetically sensitive areas like the eyelids, nose, lips, neck, arms, breasts, shoulders, hands and legs. If you are removing a mole that looks suspicious, keep in mind insurance may cover at least a portion of the procedure.

Benefits of Mole Removal

Mole removal at Barrett Plastic Surgery offers a variety of benefits:

  • Better cosmetic results
  • Greater confidence in your appearance
  • No more uncomfortable rubbing on clothing
  • Peace-of-mind in knowing the lesion is gone

The procedure is quick and relatively comfortable, so you can eliminate unsightly moles without significant disruption to your daily schedule. In most cases, the results of the mole removal are permanent.


Mole Removal Overview

The primary goal of mole removal surgery is complete removal of the mole such that it does not grow back. Dermatologists and primary care providers may perform shave biopsies or ablation using chemicals, lasers or cryotherapy to remove a mole quickly. Dr. Barrett discourages these treatments as they rarely leave the best cosmetic result and there is a greater likelihood the mole will return. Precise surgical excision removes the base of the mole so that it does not return and results in a minimally-visible scar.

Dr. Barrett can usually perform mole excision in his office using a topical anesthetic. The time of the procedure will vary based on the size of the lesion. Dr. Barrett is very meticulous in his removal process to ensure the best cosmetic result so the procedure may take a little longer than it would with another physician. However, the outcome will be well worth the additional time. Once the mole is removed, Dr. Barrett will send a portion for biopsy should he feel the additional assessment is required. Incisions are carefully sutured closed using a layered approach that lessens tension on the wound for optimal healing.

After Mole Removal

While there is no downtime after mole removal, it will take some time for the wound to heal completely. While absorbable stitches are popular with other providers, Dr. Barrett does not use them because they can cause inflammation when the body tries to break down the sutures. As a preferred alternative, he uses non-reactive sutures that he will remove in his office one or two weeks after your procedure.

After all the stitches are gone, Dr. Barrett will start you on a taping protocol for an additional two weeks to ensure optimal healing and protection from UV rays. Once taping is completed, patients begin a three-month scar gel treatment regimen to minimize scar formation. Dr. Barrett will advise you to avoid swimming, saunas or hot tubs for the first two weeks after your treatment to protect the treatment area from possible complications.

Peace of Mind, Clearer Skin – Mole Removal Beverly Hills

Don’t let a mole cause you cosmetic embarrassment or unnecessary worry. Contact Barrett Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills today at 310-598-2648 to schedule your consultation and mole removal treatment.

The information about mole removal was reviewed by Dr. Daniel Barrett. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below.

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