Breast Lift: Beware of the Scars!

Breast Lift: Beware of the Scars!

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Last week I consoled a patient of mine who had just recently underwent a breast lift surgery by another plastic surgeon. She has been coming to me for fillers for a while and noticed one of my before and after breast lift photos on my exam room display screens. She was upset! She asked me how it looked so good without having the scars she had for her surgery (anchor type). The surgeon was a family friend of hers who has a reputable practice and is board-certified so she didn’t choose a bad doctor. That doctor performs reliable breast lift surgery, but relies upon older techniques such as the anchor pattern for lifting breasts.

mastopexy patient
Lollipop Lift w/ Implant. No Anchor Scars!

If you are like me, I despise scars. And yes, all plastic surgeons learn how to perform breast lifts with anchor scars because it’s tried, tested, and easy. The problem is there are a lot more scars than needed. It also treats the breast as if it’s only two dimensions and ends up flattening the breast on the chest wall. I even have a Breast Augmentation Scar kit that I developed myself for scar management.

There is a newer way to perform breast lifts that is not well taught in training nor cosmetic fellowships but for those that can master it, they can deliver a more natural-looking breast lift shape without the scars. It’s called a lollipop lift and if you are looking for a breast lift, make sure to ask your surgeon if he or she uses this type of technique. Your breasts will thank you for it later! I can’t tell you how many of my revision patients, just like my filler patient, wish they knew about an alternative to the anchor scars they now have.

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Different Types of Breast Lift

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