Say Farewell to Unwanted Moles

Say Farewell to Unwanted Moles

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The words “beauty mark” probably bring to mind images of 1950’s bombshells. But for many people, a mole by any other name is still a mole. Everybody has them, but not all of us feel like we can rock them quite like Marilyn Monroe did.

Most moles are present at birth and aren’t bothersome. For some people, however, a mole may appear suddenly or be located in a conspicuous or undesirable place. Elevated moles can even cause discomfort by rubbing or catching on clothing. Whatever the reason you want your mole removed, Barrett Plastic Surgery delivers quality results.

Dr. Barrett’s mole removal procedure is quick and relatively comfortable, allowing you to eliminate blemishes without significant disruption to your schedule. He customizes every surgery to the individual patient, with his primary goal being to ensure the mole won’t grow back. Dr. Barrett also has extensive experience assessing suspicious moles; if he feels it is warranted, will send a sample of the tissue for a biopsy to verify the spot is benign. In these cases, insurance will sometimes cover a portion of the procedure.

Why is Dr. Barrett’s Process the Best?

Dr. Barrett’s uses direct excision to remove moles and plastic surgery closure techniques for an optimal cosmetic outcome. Dermatologists and primary care providers often perform what are known as shave biopsies–a process by which the mole and a thin layer of skin surrounding it are removed with a small blade. Alternatively, these practitioners might recommend ablations using chemicals, lasers or cryotherapy. Dr. Barrett discourages all of these treatments because they come with a high probability that the mole will return. Precise surgical excision removes the base of the mole and a small area of the surrounding skin so that the mole can’t grow back.

Dr. Barrett usually performs mole excision in his office using a topical anesthetic. The time required varies; because he is meticulous, the procedure may take longer than it would with another physician. Patients universally agree that the outcome is well worth the extra time.

You can resume normal activity immediately after your procedure, but it does take two to three weeks for the wound to heal completely. You are advised to avoid swimming, saunas or hot tubs for the first two weeks to protect the treatment area.

What to Expect After Your Procedure

The use of excision, while much more effective, carries the possibility of scarring. That’s why Dr. Barrett makes use of a precise multi-layer closure to relieve skin tension in the area after the spot is removed. This method, followed by an aggressive scar management process, makes it nearly impossible to tell you had a procedure at all.

Dr. Barrett also does not use absorbable stitches in the dermis because they can cause inflammation when the body tries to break them down. His preferred alternative is to use non-reactive sutures which are removed in-office, one to two weeks after your procedure. The next step is a taping protocol for an additional two weeks to ensure optimal healing and protection from UV rays. Finally, you’ll begin a three-month scar gel treatment regimen to minimize scar formation.

So if your “beauty marks” leave something to be desired, call us at (310) 398-2648 or fill out this virtual consultation form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. We’re excited for you to take this next step!  

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