Gummy Bear Implants vs. Silicone Breast Implants

Gummy Bear Implants vs. Silicone Breast Implants

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Breast implants have come a long way in the last decade. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons names breast enhancement surgery as the US leader in cosmetic surgery procedures. The options for the type of implant are ever-evolving as well. In the past, it was silicone or saline. Today, patients have the luxury and advantages of gel technology for an even more natural feel and look of breasts. The newest is the cohesive silicone gel implant called the “Gummy Bear.”

Let’s look at the differences between the gummy bear and silicone implants and which type is a better fit for you—keeping in mind the size of your natural breast, body, and expectations.

What Are "Gummy Bear" Silicone Breast Implants?

Gummy bear implants have an outer silicone shell and an inner filling of cohesive silicone gel, making it one of the most durable implants with a natural feel. FDA introduced and approved gummy bear implants as an alternative to the traditional implants in the mid-2000s.

What Makes Gummy Bear Implants Different?

Gummy Bear” is the cute nickname given to the gel-based, highly cohesive implants because they hold their shape better than saline or traditional silicone implants. When cut in half, the gummy bear implant keeps its shape like a gummy bear candy. Another benefit, they don’t need to fit around the breast tissue like traditional implants, making their form customized to your body. The best part about gummy bear implants is the volume and realistic, soft-to-touch breasts they produce. These implants are also popular due to their durability. It is doubtful they will wrinkle or fold, and they don’t rupture easily. Because gummy bear implants are so durable, they’re less inclined to rupture or tear, unlike their counterparts. Still, failures in the implant can be challenging to recognize. Like silicone and saline, a “silent rupture” or “silent leakage” can occur, so please keep your regular appointments, and have an MRI examination within 2-3 years after surgery.

Let’s Talk About the Cost of the Gummy Bear vs. Traditional Silicone

In comparison, the gummy bear implant is more expensive than traditional silicone implants. An estimate for the cost of a gummy bear implant is around $6,000. Additional fees include your surgeon, anesthesiologist/ anesthesia, hospital, and a breast augmentation post-operative home care kit you will need following the surgery.
There are multiple benefits to choosing gummy bear implants over saline or silicone.

Pros for the Gummy Bear Implant

 Traditional saline or silicone implants are round. The gummy bear implant design is a teardrop. The shape makes it a good match for those women who want a fuller volume in the upper part of the breast and an overall natural droop in the bottom half.
They do not easily fold or ripple, making them a better choice for patients with less breast tissue.
 They are a form-stable type of implants that retain their shape even if they rupture from the inside.
 It’s doubtful they will rupture or leak.
 Capsular contracture complication is less of a concern.

Cons for the Gummy Bear Implant

While gummy bear implants are the current trend and an overall desirable choice for breast augmentation surgery, there are some downsides.

 As mentioned earlier, they’re more expensive than traditional silicone and saline implants.
One teardrop design must fit all. Unlike other gel implants, gummy bear implants only come in one style.
The incision is larger due to its shape, which doesn’t deform easily.
 They don’t change shape or position within the breast.

The End Result

Breast augmentation offers you the opportunity to achieve the breast shape and volume you want for your body. When choosing the type of implant, making the right decision is imperative. If you think gummy bear implants might be right for you, contact our front desk coordinators to schedule an appointment with Dr. Barrett to learn more about these modern breast implants.

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