The Myth Buster: Recovering From Breast Implants

The Myth Buster: Recovering From Breast Implants

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As the most popular cosmetic procedure, it’s not surprising that there’s a wealth of information about breast

augmentation. But despite this abundance, plenty of misinformation exists. So how do you know what’s real and what isn’t? The simplest and easiest way is to consider your source. A board certified plastic surgeon will always be your most accurate resource on breast augmentation surgery, so it’s always a good idea to get your most pressing and important questions answered during your consultation. Your plastic surgeon’s website will also have accurate information and resources on breast implant surgery – or in this case, explain a few common misconceptions.

Breast augmentation surgery is very painful.

Let’s be real; any kind of surgery is no walk in the park. But any pain or discomfort should be easily relieved by taking Tylenol or CBD. Prescription pain medication is also given as a backup, should your pain exceed the relief of Tylenol or CBD. You shouldn’t feel much pain, and most patients describe their breast augmentation surgery recovery as more uncomfortable than painful. Additionally, any nipple numbness, sensitivity or hypersensitivity will start to normalize as you progress in your breast augmentation recovery, though it may take up to six months to do so.

Breast implants feel tight and stretch out your skin.

Any time you make something bigger there’s going to be an adjustment period. This is no different with breast augmentation. The simplest answer here is that it depends on the patient, the size of the implant and the placement. In some patients, tightness is resolved in a few days; for others it may take up to a few months, and if you’re worried about stretch marks, coco butter and vitamin E placed far away from your incisions can help prevent any stretch marks from appearing.

Breast implants always leave a big scar.

Any time an incision is made in your body scarring is possible. One of the most important factors in whether you’re left with noticeable scars is your choice of a plastic surgeon. Dr. Barrett has developed detailed scar management protocols and closure techniques to reduce visible scarring for his patients. Additionally, his curated breast augmentation recovery kit sets his breast augmentation patients up for surgical success with the least amount of down time and discomfort possible. Things like red light or stim light therapy used right after surgery and beyond, can help significantly with swelling, bruising and even with scarring because it penetrates the body at the cellular level with specific wavelengths of light, reducing inflammation and supporting tissue repair and regeneration.

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