Time to Lose the 'Dad Bod'

Time to Lose the 'Dad Bod'

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We’ve all heard the term ‘Dad Bod.’ It’s the physique Time Magazine calls “a formerly fit athlete [who’s] gone a bit to seed and grown a nice layer of protective fat around his muscular girth….less Muscle & Fitness than he is Ben & Jerry’s.” The irony is that many real dads are the ones trying hardest to avoid the term. As many men age, they find while parts of their bodies still respond to diet and exercise, stubborn areas begin to appear—often in the stomach and chest areas—that nudge them into ‘Dad Bod’ territory. So for Father’s Day, I thought I’d remind all those men out there who aren’t quite ready to embrace the body type of the sitcom fathers we grew up with that I specialize in helping men reach the goals they’ve set for their physique.

Think of it as the male version of the Mommy Makeover: the Dad Overhaul. Often, a small amount of high definition liposuction can reduce the stubborn fat areas such as the ‘love handles’ and chest, as well as sculpt the underlying muscle. In more extreme cases I may utilize abdominoplasty—a procedure that surgically tightens the abdominal muscles that lose their shape as a man ages, and completely removes the excess skin often called the ‘muffin top.’ To learn more about the Dad
Overhaul, contact our office today and schedule your consultation with me. I’d be happy to see you.

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