The Facts About Tubular Breasts

The Facts About Tubular Breasts

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We’ve all been there, the dreaded stage of puberty, and with it, many changes to the body. Some are welcome because for girls, it means becoming a woman, and for boys, masculinity while boosting self-esteem—other changes not so much, like acne, body hair, and changes in the voice. Another unwelcome change is tubular breasts, with the shape of the breasts resembling a tube and underdeveloped. The deformity is more common in women but does happen in men as an irregularity of gynecomastia.

Having tuberous breasts can affect confidence and self-esteem, especially in intimate situations. If you have been considering a permanent solution to wearing double padded bras or a chest compressing bandage to give the appearance of normal breasts, then let’s give you a quick guide exploring your options.

What are tuberous breasts?

“Tuberous breasts,” also called tubular breasts or breast hypoplasia, is a condition defined by skin deficiency of the breast, resulting in the distortion of breast shape and the areola. The breast/ breast abnormality can take several forms to appear wide set, elongated, and pointy, with high breast fold and puffy areola. The asymmetry is more noticeable, particularly when only one breast is affected.

What Are the Causes of tuberous breasts?

The exact causes of tubular breasts aren’t known yet, although it’s assumed to be a congenital condition that can cause insufficient breast tissue development during puberty.

Interesting Fact

According to the National Library of Medicine, “tuberous breast deformity is a relatively rare breast anomaly, manifesting during puberty. Patients usually complain of small breasts, asymmetry, or dissatisfaction with the shape of the breast. Objectively patients present with reduced breast base, displaced inframammary fold, hypoplasia, asymmetry, ptosis, and areola herniation. The surgical options are multiple, and either one- or two-stage procedures can be planned, using expanders, implants, “unfurling,” lipografting or a combination of these. Surgical treatment leads to a high degree of patient satisfaction and low complication rates.”

Do I Have Tubular Breasts?

Tuberous breasts signs and characteristics include:

  • Breast tissue is cylindrical, oval, pointed in shape rather than rounded.
  • Glandular tissue has constriction or collapse at the area surrounding the nipple at the base of the breasts.
  • An elevated lower breast fold causes a droopy appearance of the breast or breasts.
  • An enlargement of the areola from herniation more than natural size.
  • When only one breast is affected, the tubular breast appears underdeveloped as compared to the normal breast. Sometimes both breasts look irregular in shape.

Are You a Good Candidate for Tubular Breast Correction Surgery?

Dr. Daniel Barrett will thoroughly examine your breasts based on the degree of deficiency in the breast glandular volume, the breast skin below the areola, constriction of the breast base, and take the best feasible approach to correct the tubular breast or breasts. Should he recommend correction surgery, you must be in overall good health to be an ideal candidate.

How to Fix Your Tuberous or Tubular Breasts?

Currently, there isn’t a non-surgical or natural option to improve tuberous breasts. It’s best to seek a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your tubular breast correction. If needed, you can combine it with breast augmentation surgery or a circumareolar breast lift, also called a mastopexy. You will discuss available and appropriate options during your initial consultation with Dr. Barrett.

Anesthesia and Tubular Breast Surgery

Keeping you comfortable during surgery requires general anesthesia.

How Long Does a Tubular Breast Correction Surgery Last?

The length of time for tuberous breast correction surgery varies depending on the amount of correction needed.

What to Expect After a Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery?

As with all surgeries, you will experience soreness which will subside gradually, and scars that will only fade in time but never entirely disappear. How they heal will vary based on your genetic makeup, the use of topical silicone scar cream like Skinuva™ Scar will aid in the healing process of incision scars.

Tips for Healthy Healing

You should expect to limit your activities after the tuberous breast corrective surgery as you would with any plastic surgery procedure. It’s advisable to avoid situations that may lead to infections like saunas and swimming pools. Light movements and walking are allowed soon after. Avoiding activities like strenuous exercise for several weeks is advised. Recovery and how fast it will occur depends on how you follow your aftercare plan.

What is the Cost of Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery?

A tuberous breast correction surgery in Beverly Hills is comparable to a breast augmentation procedure, though may vary depending on the amount of correction needed. Additional costs related to the surgery include anesthesia, surgery location personnel, administrative, and after-procedure charges.

Results of Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery

Tuberous breast is a complicated deformity; it’s imperative to select a respected, board-certified plastic surgeon who understands the breasts’ intricacies and can help you obtain your desired aesthetic goals. The tuberous breast corrective surgery can become more complicated when additional procedures are added, like a breast lift or breast implants. Dr. Barrett and the team are very skilled in ensuring you receive natural-looking breasts with long-lasting results while providing the highest standard of excellence.

4 Months Post-Op with Tuberous Breasts

Is it time to take care of yourself and fix your tubular breasts’ deformity? Know that after your procedure, you will look better and feel great emotionally. Barrett Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills is here for you to start your journey to a whole you. Want to watch how this procedure actually goes? CLICK HERE

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