Breastfeeding & Breast Implants: The Truth

Breastfeeding & Breast Implants: The Truth

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As the most popular cosmetic procedure, it’s not surprising that there’s a wealth of information about breast augmentation. But despite this abundance, plenty of misinformation exists. One of the most common examples has to do with breastfeeding. It’s a false, but unfortunately prevalent myth that you can’t get breast implants if you plan on breastfeeding.

Should you wait to have a breast augmentation until after breastfeeding?

In fact, your breast ducts, (where your breast milk is produced) are likely not even going to be touched during breast implant surgery. When undergoing breast augmentation surgery, one of the decisions you and surgeons will discuss during your consultation are the placement of your breast implants: beneath the chest muscle or above the chest muscle. Beneath the chest muscle, or pectoralis, is known as submuscular placement. With this placement, the breast implant may be placed under just a portion of the muscle or the muscle will be used to completely cover the implant. Above the chest muscle is known as subglandular placement. With this placement, the breast implant is placed underneath your existing breast tissue.

When deciding when to get breast implants, be it pre- or post-children, many women opt to wait until after having

breast implants

they’re done expanding their family, despite there being no impact to their ability to breastfeed. It’s no secret that pregnancy and childbirth can have a major impact on a woman’s body, so many mothers choose to undergo surgical procedures to restore their pre-baby bodies, whether it be a breast augmentation alone for deflated breasts after breastfeeding or as part of a “Mommy Makeover”. Comprising three different procedures, the Mommy Makeover (a breast rejuvenation, a tummy tuck and buttock rejuvenation) is a full-body rejuvenation for those who have had multiple children or drastic weight loss to help get the body in proportion.

If you choose to undergo breast augmentation after breastfeeding, it’s best to wait at least six months after you’re done to give your breasts time to recover and shrink down so that your breast augmentation can be accurately performed.

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