Are You Considering Extreme Weight Loss Surgery?

Are You Considering Extreme Weight Loss Surgery?

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Are you someone who has tried multiple times and many ways to lose a hefty amount of weight with no success? You watch popular TV shows for inspiration – The Biggest Loser, My 600 Pound Life, Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian, and Extreme Weight Loss, hoping you can get the same results on your own? Only to realize you don’t have the money or time for a daily fitness expert to show up at will to encourage your journey. Or a personal nutritionist to develop a daily meal plan and cook it for you, along with a weekly therapist to work you through the emotional baggage that’s caused you to overeat and look like someone you no longer recognize? Plus, genetics, aging, and childbirth don’t help either.

If we just described you, Barrett Plastic Surgery can help guide you through the process of an extensive weight-loss procedure. The most common types are bariatric surgery and the most prominent gastric bypass, lap band, gastric balloon, and sleeve gastrectomy. All will restrict the amount of food you can eat to encourage weight-loss.

Did you know there are other procedures to help you reduce the extra weight you carry on your body, including the lower body, midsection, and breasts?

A breast reduction is a procedure to consider when your chest is abnormally large, with sagging that has you feeling weighed down, causing your body consistent pain in your shoulders, neck, or back. Extreme breasts make it difficult to find clothes to fit, which can affect your self-esteem.

Tummy Tuck Extended (men & women) are for individuals who have achieved an outstanding level of weight-loss and are now coping with excess skin around the gut and a lot of stretch marks. Losing weight around the belly is difficult for both men and women. Removing the unwanted fat and skin will reduce, if not remove all the stretch marks. While tightening the muscles and remaining skin will give you a more fit and firm shape.

If this sounds too familiar, you’re an ideal candidate for extensive weight loss surgery.

  • Are you 100 pounds more than your desired body weight?
  • You don’t smoke or overindulge in alcohol
  • Your breasts are abnormally large, heavy, and droop significantly, causing pain in your back, shoulders, or neck
  • You are self-conscious about unsightly loose skin and have overactive fat deposits
  • Experience skin irritation, infections, and rashes from the numerous folds in your skin
  • Clothing no longer fits, causing you to purchase larger sizes regularly
  • You are no longer outgoing or happy, with low self-esteem
  • You’re still unable to get a handle on your weight despite your best efforts to diet and exercise
It’s not all bad news; people opting for extensive weight loss surgery enjoy many benefits:
  • You look like your old self again, only more fit, and healthy
  • You just added more years to your life and are now more active
  • You’ve provided much-needed self-love changing your outlook on living for the better
  • No more body irritations, infections, or bad smells emitting from the folds in your skin
  • Your clothes fit, and now you’re able to wear what you want
  • You’ve lowered your chances of getting high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, or stroke

Before, During & After Your Extreme Weight Loss Surgery

As with all surgeries, there are risks as well as benefits. Because there are multiple options for bariatric surgery, the side effects and recovery time will vary depending on your procedure, how well your body takes to healing, and the effort you put in. The most reliable way to decide if you are right for an excessive weight-loss procedure is by talking with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Barrett. He will listen to your concerns and answer your questions honestly before developing a realistic surgical and aftercare plan.

Dramatic Results that Last

You’re about to make a profound change to your body that goes well beyond looking good on the outside. It’s a lifestyle commitment to take better care of yourself. Excessive weight loss surgery provides extraordinary long-lasting improvements in your physical appearance, which can improve your mental well-being too.

How Do I Know I Found the Right Plastic Surgeon?

You’re doing your homework to confirm your plastic surgeon’s credentials. It’s your life you’re putting it in the hands of a doctor who can significantly impact your safety and your future quality of life. Dr. Barrett is exceptional with comprehensive experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon in all types of body contouring procedures. Our team is skilled and ready to provide you with the utmost care to accomplish your weight-loss goals.

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